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How to Make the Right Decisions (6 Habits to your success)

After years and years of searching for what is right and true, it finally hit me, not as a myth but as a fact we all need to embrace


Make your decisions wisely and precisely

Life is full of surprises, and it does not normally get along easy, make the wrong decisions and you will pretty much find out just how direct and true that statement really is. We may not always get what we want from nature, but we can improve our chances by making the right decisions.

You're gonna have to decide to do one thing or the other, you're gonna have to decide to be someone some day, but the consequences of the result tomorrow will entirely depend on what you decide today.

Just like you have decided to read this article and improve on your mental attitude, tomorrow is more like to shine brighter for you. We all want to relax and have a good time but we also need to grow mentally, this is because nature bends easiest for those that adapt and they always survive.

Am going to share six main habits that you need to improve your risk to reward ratio when it comes to the aspect of decision making. Decisions can turn your whole life around, whether you've made the right or wrong decision. They impact your social, financial, physical and mental aspects of life. Life is just a continuous series of Choices. And I've stated them in order of importance (opinion)

You can change your mind however and whenever you want,

it is your mind

— Jonah Dabe


Is it worth it

  1. Think about why you're making the decisions.

    Does not sound like the ideal thing to do right?, but highly recommend and necessary, you always need to know why you are making the decision in the first place, this will definitely increase the chances that you are going to make a good one.

    It is brilliant habit, it helps you evaluate the magnitude and importance of the decision as a whole, knowing why you are making the decision will help you focus more on the important aspects because the will stand out and be more dominant thus reducing the chances of you basing your decisions on opinions other than the real facts of the situation.

    Decisions based on facts will have less negative results and if they are there, they will be expected, well prepared for and more manageable.

The sun always shines, but it shines brightest to those that need it

— Jonah Dabe


What is the initial plan

  • Remember your goals and values

    Think about your inital targets leading to this decision, it will make your choice easier and more self centered, it takes the choice from what you want, and focuses it on what is good for you(what was your plan).

    Let's say you're choosing between Harvard and the university of cambridge and the course in mind in medicine, your best friend has gone to cambridge but we both know harvard is ranked number one when it comes to medical courses. In such a situation you need to remember that your goal is to have the most credible CV, not to hang out with your friend. This will help you judge the decisions by what matters more rather than what feels better

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The art self discipline

  • Discover who you are and remember who you are not.

For a Choice to be regarded as a good choice, you must be in position to tolerate a great percentage of its outcome and for a very long reasonable period of time. Discovering who you are and remembering who you are not gives you a basis of that tolerance, you should be in position to determine what makes up your character and what is not part of your character.

I therefore charge you with a task of writing all the positives that make up your character and all the negatives that are not or those that you would like to exclude from your character. This will help you rule out influence from colleagues, friends, and family when you are making those decisions that concern you coz its only you that know what and how much of the consequences you can tolerate


What are the odds

  • weigh the positives and negatives outcomes of the alternative choices.

    Every choice has both negative and positive outcomes, the basis of it being termed as positive depends on how much the positives out weigh the negative outcomes. There is no decisions that you can make that is entirely free from consequences

    You need to make decisions that you can live with, because most of the choices we make transcend a life a time and most them can not be altered once make. Don't base your decisions on emotions, because they corrupt judgement but instead do the logical thinking and base them on facts


Think outside the box

  • Look at the decision from a wider perspective

    you always need to look at the situation from a third point of view, do not cling on what you see, look beyond and after the choice has been made assume the outcome, how and what the decision you make could affect with time.

    Picture yourself being what or who you have chosen to be, and if it suits you then go ahead and live by it.

We are who we want to be only because its who we think we are

— Jonah Dabe


Seek experience

  • Talk it out

    some choice need you to here about it from a different point of view, you need to embrace opinions from more experienced people, mostly in line with the decision you need to make. It is ok to need help and its always better to know when you need help and where to find it. Some of us know where and when but still don't know how to accept help when it is offered.

    In this situation y the u need to weight the opinions of other people who have walked down that same path, this help you limit the mistakes, as it always better to learn from other people's mistakes rather than your own.

    Do not look for opinions from people who are initially just good at discouraging you, they will only make your decision harder and more confusing.


See it your way

In conclusion I would like to inform you that whatever choice you make, whether good or bad, make it because it is what you want entirely. Never make your choices out of pressure and fear. Take your time and make the right choice and always remember opinions are not facts always base your decisions on facts

It is never too late to be who you were meant to be

— Jonah Dabe

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