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Real Rye Bread For The Low Carb And Keto Crowd


I started living the low carb lifestyle back in August and now it is the end of December and I am 35 lbs lighter.


The Motivation.

I have been living the low carb / keto lifestyle now for some time and find myself being accustomed to the foods I can eat and remain in ketosis. Most things I used to love and crave are, not only distant memories to me, but also not things I find myself craving anymore. I know the plates full of spaghetti smothered in homade sauce, while delicious, were also killing me along with the candy bars, pizza and bread. I knew that but, oh, the bread, I did tend to miss that, and found some recipes online, but few were really good. I had already figured out a good recipe for low carb wheat bread and wrote about it here but I was craving something else. Wheat bread was good but I wanted rye bread, I found a few recipes and tried them but none were real rye bread. I was now on a mission to find a recipe for low carb rye bread. Not just rye tasting bread, real rye bread that was low carb as well.

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The Work

I found a few recipes, tried them, and came to the conclusion these people had never loved rye bread like I do and had no real idea what it tasted like. I began with a couple of their recipes and removed what didn't make sense and kept the things that worked, then I went to work on my first draft of my own recipe.

One idea that I found on a video for rye bread chaffles by Steve at Serious Keto was using real rye flour in the recipe. What about the carbs? Well, he had an ingenious idea for those, he made a rye sourdough starter, which has natural yeast in it which eats up some of the carbs plus helps intensify the flavor. I tried that, but living in Florida, all I made was mold. His idea did inspire me to create one of my own, using a little yeast to make an overnight starter with the rye flour to do the same thing.

I tried just using rye flour without doing anything to it the first time because I did not realize I made mold until I was in the middle of making my first test batch and it worked well but I wanted to lower the carbs some by using the yeast and intensify the flavor at the same time, so I tried again. I cannot find any information on how much making a starter lowers the carbs but it has to lower them some, yet in my macros I use the full amount of carbs from the rye flour to be fair.

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The Conclusion

Several more test batches later and I think I have it right. I must say, it makes a great hot ham and swiss on rye and has a bold flavor that is unmistakably rye, because it is real rye bread, not an imitation.

Please check out the video for a few tips on getting it just right, make some yourself, then let me know what you think of it. Yes, now you can have real rye bread, even on a low carb diet!

The Video

The Recipe

The Dark Rye Flour I Use

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