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5 Ways to Keep Fit While Traveling

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It can be difficult to stay on top of your exercise routine when you're traveling. You've got a routine that you've worked hard to maintain, and you don't want to give it up when you go out of town.

While you may not have access to all the fancy exercise equipment you have at home or at the gym, you can still get a full-body workout away from home, even in your hotel room. All you need is a little creativity, will power, a high level of motivation, and discipline. Here is how to get your workout in while you're on the road.

1. Pack Light-Weight Exercise Equipment

Taking your beloved dumbbells on your travels may not be possible, but there are many light workout items you can carry around.

  • A jump rope does not take much space in your travel bag. Bring it along for a great on-the-road cardio workout.
  • Throw in some resistance bands. You can use these anywhere to do strength-building exercises.
  • Hand towels are handy replacements for sliders.
  • Don't forget to pack empty water bottles! Filled up, they make handy hand weights.

With these items, you can do many of the things you would do with dumbbells and other fancy gym equipment. Use the furniture in your hotel room and your bodyweight for resistance.


2. Stretch After Your Flight

During a long flight, your muscles tend to tighten. So many hours sitting down compresses your spine. Don't wait to check into your hotel to work out. Once you land, find a corner in the airport and do some stretches to get your circulation flowing again.

  • Bend at the hips.
  • Fall forward and hug your knees.
  • Rock from side to side.
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Once you get into your hotel room, reset your body and mind with two yoga poses:

  • Child’s pose
  • Downward dog

3. Look for a Gym Nearby

Cardiovascular workouts are often the easiest to maintain while traveling, but it does take some motivation and discipline. Luckily, most hotels have fitness centers equipped with basic equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills, and steppers.

If the hotel you are staying in does not have a fitness center, ask if there is a local gym they are affiliated with. Some hotels opt to team up with a local gym instead of setting up their own fitness centers.

4. Go for a Run

If the hotel does not have a fitness center and is not affiliated with a local gym, look out for a recreational area close to the hotel. Perhaps there is a high school with a track or even a park with trails for walking or jogging. As long as the area is safe, an urban sidewalk can work just fine. Walking or jogging in the park first thing in the morning will get your endorphins going and keep you pumped up for the day’s activities.

5. Work Out in Your Room

This workout doesn't require any equipment or even an outdoor space.

1. Warm up with 3 minutes of jumping jacks.

2. Do one set (10 to 50 reps) of dips, push-ups, alternating lunges, sit-ups, or crunches.

3. Repeat this circuit several times, depending on your fitness level.

Keep Up Your Momentum!

The above are some basic exercises you can engage in even when you are out-of-town. These tips show that staying fit is not confined to the four walls of a fitness center, but it does require some creativity and innovation. Don't miss out on your fitness routine because you have a great trip planned, or have to travel for work! Adapt your workout to different circumstances, so you can maintain your hard-earned momentum.

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