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How to increase your height naturally after 18 years? Add 2-4 inches to your height naturally through exercises and diet

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What determines one's natural height?

Every individual’s height is determined by various factors. A person’s physical traits are determined by the genes and height is also predetermined at birth. If either or both of an individual’s parents are tall, there are good chances that the individual may also be tall. However, in rare cases, the individual’s height could also be determined by the grandparents’ height. In such cases, a child could grow tall even if its parents are short. Apart from genetic factor, secretion of human Growth hormone (HGH)/Somatotropin plays a major role. Some individuals end up as dwarfs due to inadequate secretion of HGH in their bodies. On the other hand, increased secretion leads to Gigantism and a disease called Acromegaly. Apart from these two, diet and exercise play a major role. It’s through these two factors that one can maximize his/her height. Even natural secretion of HGH can be boosted through exercises.

Can you grow after 18 years of age?

One will continue to grow as long as the long bones in his/her body are not fused. The epiphyseal plate (growth plate) that lies in the mid section (metaphysis) of the bone will continue to grow in length and contribute to the height of the body as long as the bones are not fused. The metaphysis lies between the rounded portion (epiphysis) and the diaphysis (long shaft) of the bone. HGH will act on the growth plates and lead to their growth. Once the bones are fused, there won’t be any further vertical growth. Fusion of long bones ideally happens around 18-22 years for most men and between 15-18 years for most women. Height growth will be at its peak just after Puberty when secondary sex characters of an individual develop. Therefore, one must try the best to maximize his/her height within this period and height growth after this period if any, would be negligible.

However, it's possible to increase height after 18 years of age and there are good chances of adding a few more inches to your height between 18 and 22. There is scientific evidence to this fact. There are individuals who have increased their height after the age of 22 but this happens only to a few people. Hence if you are willing to work hard, you can definitely increase your height


Exercises for height increase

Exercises and Diet for height increase

Exercises: Exercises lead to height increase in three ways. Doing exercises in high intensity will increase the HGH (Human growth hormone) secretion in your body and lead to growth. For example, swimming, skipping, athletics or playing basketball. Basketball players are generally taller than others. Secondly, exercises will increase your bone density and strength. People involved in physical activities will generally have strong bones and joints. Thirdly exercises improve overall metabolism. Increased metabolism means better absorption of nutrients from diet

Stretching exercises are useful for increasing height. Yoga and Pilates are example of stretching exercises

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Below are some very effective exercises that can increase your height naturally

Diet for Height increase

A diet rich in proteins is essential for height growth. Proteins contain amino acids which are the building blocks of life. Proteins can be loaded naturally or through supplements. Complete proteins like Whey protein are available in supplement form. Simultaneously, one should reduce intake of carbohydrates and fats. A leaner muscle mass will enable better secretion and absorption of HGH.

Food should also be taken at the right times. Protein must be loaded immediately after workouts and there should be adequate time between dinner and sleep.

Natural foods that are rich in protein include meat, Fish, egg, Cheese and pulses. It's always better to choose lean meat and low-fat milk as they contain little fat. Soy(Soy bean) tops the vegetarian foods that are rich in protein



A proper posture is essential for growth. People with vertebral abnormalities may appear an inch or two shorter because of improper posture. Sometimes even shorter people may look a bit taller as a result of upright posture. There are also cartilaginous discs within your vertebrae and these are like shock absorber pads for your vertebrae. Proper posture is essential to maintain them



Proper sleep is as essential as the above factors. A minimum of 7 hours sleep is needed for the body to recover from exercise and maintain proper metabolism.


Drink plenty of water. Water replenishes the body and ensures smooth functioning of the kidney. It enables proper digestion and assimilation of food. Water also maintains optimal pH level and helps in flushing toxins out from the body

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