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Stay Mentally Strong


The purpose of my writing is to raise awareness about mental health in the society and to be aware of maintaining mental health.

Stay Emotionally Strong by Controlling Emotions

Balance is needed everywhere in life. Especially in the world of emotions. It is normal for us to be driven by joy-sadness, laughter-cry, joy-sadness etc. But in a moment, if the mind is filled with inferiority, despair, with a little work, words, oblique remarks or negative discussions, then the balance of emotions is completely reversed. Life is a big difficult place. There is more competition than cooperation, more conflict than compromise, more oppression than sympathy. The expectation that everyone will always keep your mind motivated, inspired, energized with courage and support is not realistic. Rather you need to be prepared for the opposite reality of it. You are not really rejecting your enemy or wanting to make an eternal enemy. Just as others do this to you as a very immediate response, there is no permanent basis for it. But still your mind is a little depressed, frustrated. In any negative words or behavior of others, they suffer from inferiority complex, shame and instability. Not only do you get depressed, you go down, you suffer from inferiority, but these negative emotions surround you for a long time, you can't get rid of them by rubbing them. The joy, the enthusiasm, the whole day is wasted by listening to a little negative behavior or words.

Stay Mentally Strong

Stay Mentally Strong

You Have to Be Mentally Ready to Accept the Reality

It is good to remember that you need to deal with not only the slightest immediate and temporary negative words or behavior but also the real adverse and unfavorable situation in life. Opposing people will want to break your morale for no reason, will want to destroy our morality. By degrading us, by weakening us, by proving us helpless and incompetent, the perverted victory will want to rejoice. This is also an extreme reality in life. People are sometimes such cruel rivals and jealous. So in that case if you get overwhelmed easily, slip away in an instant, become helpless, then those opposing people will be more excited, more fun. Whenever they find out about your weakness, they will hit you again and again. As if every time you become weaker, more humiliated, more contemptible. Now if these opponents are given such an easy opportunity, it will not work anymore. The mind needs to be trained, to give suggestions, to deny all negativity, to ignore negativity.


The less help you can expect from others, the better. If the environmental conditions are favorable; Friendly all the time, if there is more cooperation, only then will the mind be strong, if it is good, then the situation will get worse.

Life Never Stops

Life Never Stops

Promise from Today

Whatever they say, whatever they think, whatever they play, I will not give them a chance to take my mind by storm. This must be the daily suffix.

The Way to Maintain Self-esteem

Avoid trying to present yourself as important, admirable to others. Trying to impress others, attract their attention, or gain their charm, support, and respect often backfires. Do you need any of this at all? The more you feel the need, the smaller and more ridiculous you will become. Leave all this misery in the moment. You are a man with enough self-esteem. So if you need these things, throw them away. The life will be much better without you. Remember that more important is the burden of praise. These cannot be carried for long. One time or another it will continue to decrease. So what is the need to take all the extra burden on your shoulders. The less burden you have, the lighter you will feel, the less irresponsible you will feel. In this way you can maintain self-esteem. Not otherwise.

Stay Mentally Strong

Stay Mentally Strong

Ignore Negative Comments

Must be good from the inside. You have to be energetic, excited and satisfied with what you are. The strength of the mind should not depend on the encouragement of support from outside. It is better to appreciate the support of others. But it should not be necessary. Rather, we need to make sure that the rejection and non-cooperation of the opponent does not weaken our self-confidence, self-esteem, suppresses the mind, shrinks it or makes it smaller. Negative words and behaviors that need to be denied, ignored and despised.

Lastly Remember

You have the right to hate and dislike people who are really behind you. Always use that right. Never dislike and hate yourself on the contrary.

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