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How to identify your true potential?

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I thought of writing this because I didn’t know my true potential after working for 35 years in the finance industry, constantly concentrating on the facts and figures. Still, when I lost the job in 2014, I started to look for other areas that would help me make money from that. So, I went into internet marketing in 2015 began writing eBooks, online courses, and then promoting other people’s products by writing reviews.

I spent most of my time writing every day, and I became passionate about writing, so I wrote and published 105 eBooks and six books on Kindle. I like Kindle; they do a good job and excellently help the authors to motivate them. Created 40 online courses published all of them on Udemy, and I am a level three instructor now at Udemy. Therefore, my reason for writing this article is that I did not find out my potential much earlier than this, so as there might be many others like me, this article will help them find out their potential.

What is potential?

You are capable of doing things but not in existence, hidden or underdeveloped. To find out that, you have to listen to your inner voice, positive thoughts; if you are a mature person, think about what you have done in the past and your achievements, but you cannot do it now. Why?

The reason for not bringing it out?

The main reason could be a lack of confidence, fear, and not wanting to come out of my comfort zone. You have to understand the step towards success is to listen to yourself. The people you meet might tell you that you are naturally gifted but do not take that seriously and use that for your success. Maybe you know your potential keep thinking about it want to do what nobody else is doing who are close to you, but you stop at that point.

What is the reason behind not taking any action?

Because you do not believe in yourself and the society around you, do not think you have to try regardless of your situation, money, age, or environment without expecting that you will succeed overnight. Why do you want to waste your potential? Why not make some plans and try for yourself while setting your goal and planning your final destination?

You have to trust people out there to help you, but you too have to make an effort once you have set your final destination.

Keep trying until you see success, never give up, accept failures but celebrate your wins.


How to achieve your potential?

Start with finding the goodness in you, do not ever doubt yourself. Remember, life is too short of paralyzing yourself with doubts.

When you have issues with trusting yourself, one of the best ways to read self-help books one after the other, keep reading till you find the answers, for what you need to know about building your confidence

For more, you still have doubts, start to mix around with like-minded people, and the central place to meet them is seminars, never give up till you find your answers for your doubts.

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Then start to try small things like taking a baby step in something that you like to do, and then once you think that you can make that move on the next step; likewise, you keep moving up until you are in a position to set a goal to achieve.

There is another to become confident; keep reminding yourself about your past accomplishments. I talk about myself; I run a business but have not seen enough success for hard work, so it rarely makes me doubt myself. So, I ask myself whether I am doing the right thing to become successful? It quickly takes me to the past and reminds me of my past achievements, which I did without any help or advice.

That gives me confidence, and I start to believe in myself again, but I constantly analyze the reasons for not seeing success, and I conclude about the reasons. Say if someone starts a business, they need money, and if they run out of money and could not find money from anywhere due to personal reasons to put into the business, everything becomes so difficult.

That said, I will never give up even in a worse situation; you have to continue to work towards your issues; there will be a time you will find the solution. That is how you achieve the fullest potential in yourself. Never worry about the failures also, do not ever think that anything is impossible.


Refresh yourself regularly

Do not forget to refresh yourself after hard work all day without taking any break if you want to achieve your fullest potential.

You have to re-energize for the next day, which means you need to revitalize your body, mind, and soul using different methods to relax. I work all day, and at the end of the day, I watch some exciting films on YouTube only for an hour or maybe less than an hour just to forget my work.

Say you are having some problems with your work, and you become fed-up and move away from it and decide to go for a walk; you know a sudden new idea will come to your mind to find a solution for the problem. Therefore, a break from what you do is essential. It will not be possible to reach your fullest potential if you do not manage your time correctly with a reasonable interval to recharge your body and mind.

Have a plan what makes me feel refreshed, maybe spending time with your loved ones or going out for a walk in the park. So, you have to do something that will make you happy and completely recharge yourself with no distraction.

Why do you think understanding the potential is essential?

Your true potential is that you can do an activity with minimal effort. It reminds me of a past colleague of mine and his potential; even I was shocked to see his potential, but I did not understand these things at that time. But now I can understand why he did not make the best use of his potential. One of the reasons for it he did not discover his maximum potential.

I was the accounting staff at that time, and he was working in the bar, and he used to submit his bills to me, so when I needed the total, he used to look at the bills and gave me the totals straightaway. Then when I checked that on the computer, it was perfect, having that potential that man spent his life working in the bars without making use of it to the best of his advantage.

Anyone can make mistakes; therefore, we need to understand our potential and use that to progress in our life. So personal potential is our mental strength. It is anything you wish to be, even if anyone says that you cannot do it, so it depends on your willpower and the intention to achieve a better life.


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Final words

It is essential to know your potential, which helps you develop yourself more to progress in life. But some, even if they know their potential, never take any actions to bring that out and make the best use of it. You might think, what is my mental strength? Do not forget that is your potential, so maintain your willpower to have a better life.

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