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How to Have a Good and Full Day


How to have a good and full day

How to have a good and full day:

In order to have a good day in which you live life fully it is crucial to understand and know what is a good day. In my view, a good day is when you are present, energetic, and productive, and most importantly, people around you are also happy and productive.

Here are some suggestions on how to have a good day.


This may sound banal but it is powerful and works all the way through. We all find it difficult to stay present in the moment and by being lost in our thoughts we become unhappy. When not present we are thinking about yesterday (thinking about the past), thinking about what someone said to us earlier in the month or what we did or didn’t do earlier in the week, and if we are not brooding about the past we are thinking about the future - we forget that today is all that we have.

We are on the road to a good day when we become present. Living one day at a time allows us to tackle challenges, tasks and people one at a time and it takes the anxiety out of things we are faced it – we also learn that we do not have to live our whole lives at once which leads to unmanageability, stress and anxiety – so it’s super vital to remember that its all one day at a time and we are living just for today.


This may sound like a cliché but fitting in an exercise regime in our day on a daily basis just makes everything literally colorful and alive. Exercise can take any form of physical activity and my suggestion is that you exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes on a daily basis.


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Someone (I really value) shared this powerful wisdom with me that if you want to have a good day start your day by thinking of how you can help someone else in your life around you who may be struggling or how you can help a situation with your input. Your help does not have to be anything big it can be as small as calling someone and asking them about their day.

Try it, and think of how you can help someone – your day will have a different meaning to it. The more you give the more you will receive. You just have to put this suggestion into practice and it will bring you happiness and energy instantly.


It’s simple, we all must learn to keep things simple. Whatever it is we have to do in a day – we must not complicate things. Keeping it simple allows us to take the action and execute on our tasks to our best ability.

Having a good and productive day is all about execution and moving forward (one step at a time) and not judging yourself (which leads to overthinking). Just keep everything simple your productivity will increase and you will find that you will be less distracted by self-created limits and barriers when you keep it simple.


Just sit down and meditate for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes but sit down and sit still and quieten your mind. Do not give yourself excuses for not meditating - the trick is to just do it and keep it simple.

I find that meditating first thing in my day gives me a good start on everything – it helps me immensely in calming my mind and understanding the power of the present moment. It is vital to meditate consistently and not just over the weekends or once a month. Your day will be super productive if you give it meditation.


A good day means you are taking action and not mulling over things. Just go for that run, make that phone call, write that email/article, do that act of kindness or help someone – you will find that when you put in the work by taking the action your mood will instantly change for good- your self-esteem and energy levels will improve significantly.

I hope the above suggestions enable you to have a good day one day at a time. Remember to take steps and actions at your own pace daily by keeping it simple and by being grateful for all that you have in your life. Have a good day and stay connected with the people around you.

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