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How to have a Stress Free Life? Tips for Living Stress-free

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Stress in Daily Life

As we grow more with modern technology and products, we are getting away with some natural ways we or our ancients were enjoying. For example, many small kids cannot see the stars in the night sky nowadays and adults cannot get away from their daily busy life. This leads to stress. At the modern time, we are so busy in our day to day life that we forget to have fun. With such a hectic lifestyle, stress is inevitable. We carry lots of tension and stress on our shoulders for many small things. We get annoyed by the traffic and from the slow pedestrian just in front of us, we get stress in school, work, family and even when we are alone. This is because we let stress overcome us. I wrote an article earlier on what is stress and how can we get rid of stress in some easy ways. You can get stress from a quiet, boring time also. So as you know, it seems like stress is unavoidable in our life, but we can change our lifestyle and follow some good habits to get rid of the stress.

So how can we be stress-free? Some people seem stress-free naturally and look always happy. How can they all be so stress-free? What is their secret? How can they keep control of everything, including their emotions? The answer is their habits. Some habits are considered stress busters. For example, laughing, spending quality time with someone who you love, time with kids, yoga, exercise, etc. This is something we all can learn and live stress-free. Here I am going to point out some great stress busters and some lifestyle habits to fight stress. Hope this will help you!

10 Tips to Stay Stress-free

  1. Be Positive
  2. Don't Give Up
  3. View from Different Angle
  4. Exercise
  5. Meditation
  6. Yoga
  7. Be Prepared
  8. Sleep
  9. Happy Time
  10. Treat Yourself Well

1. Be Positive, Stay Positive

We all have a natural tendency to think about what could go wrong and how we can avoid it. It is always good to think about it and have some precaution if something bad happens. While we think about that, let's not forgot what can go right and how can we have fun with it. Sometimes we have to forget about pitfalls to enjoy what we did right and what we achieved. Being positive is very important to be stress-free. You can not always have a perfect picture but you can definitely be positive and make it perfect. Don't let the negative vibes take over you, be positive and be happy.

2. Don't Give Up- Keep Fighting

Totally love John Cena from WWE's famous lines "Never Give Up". We all face certain time when it seems everything is going against us and at some point, you almost give up. I read somewhere-Winners never quit and Quitters never win. If you quit, you lose and this will give you an enormous amount of stress. If you fight with the situation, it will not only help you to get out of the situation but will keep you stress-free. Believe me, you will be a winner at the end no matter what. Keep fighting and be stress-free.


3. View from a Different Angle

Whenever you come across an issue, think twice, thrice and more till you can see a different angle or view for that issue. Sometimes what you can think or view is not true. In that case, take help from your family member, your friends, someone who can give you non-biased view. Usually, when we have a problem, we forgot some possible options because we get too concentrated on the problem itself. Sometimes you just have to sideline the problem and focus on something else until a day or two. This will give you a fresh perspective to think about it.

Be Prepared: It Will Save You


4. Be Prepared for Situations

Being prepared is the best way or best precaution to make sure you not get caught in a stress full situation. We all know, Knowledge is the power. Be knowledgeable in your work area, read some good books and be aware of the situations around you. With this, also be prepared for stressful situation because it can come anytime. If you are prepared to fight it, you will be in a better situation.In addition, be prepared for the worst and unexpected. Sometime, some problems come unexpectedly and your preparation will not be able to save you. You need to have a cool mind and understanding to cope with such situation.

5. Happy Time

Happy time means your time. We forget to give ourselves some quiet time in day to day life. Try to spend some time where you can be with yourself without thinking about anyone else. A relaxing time can recharge your mind and soul and take you away from stress.

7. Stop Beating Yourself

Stop treating yourself in an inferior way. You deserve your best acknowledgment. Stop thinking negative about yourself. Fill out yourself with positive energy. This will give you a positive kick and motivation to fight. You do not want to blame yourself thinking you are wrong all the time. We all have those bad moments and time. Do not worry too much about your own mistakes, It happens to everyone.

6. Sleep, Exercise, Meditation

Sleep, Exercise, and meditation are three basics without it you cannot be stress-free. Sleep is important for your body and mind. Without enough sleep, you cannot think properly and it adversely affects your emotions. Sleep and meditation are important to be in self-control, attention, keeping the mind calm and good memory. Exercise keeps your body healthy as well to keep you motivated mentally. Yoga and Exercise teach you how to breathe properly and in a good way. Breathing considered a good stress buster.

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In a nutshell, keep yourself calm, keep yourself prepared and don't over think. Everything will be fine. Enjoy what you have achieved and done well, rather than worrying about what can possibly go wrong. Life is short, make every minute count.

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M. Toni from Central NY on October 18, 2014:

Thanks for your comment, ktnptl! Glad you pointed me in this direction :)

It is really scary the potential harm stress can have on an individual. I always used to underestimate it. I also didn't understand what stress was- so I wasn't sure if I was stressed out, or acting dumb in my head. It can really shape you as an individual, and makes you start identifying yourself as just a stressful and anxious type of person.

This is great- changing your viewpoint and being prepared are great tips, especially when you realize stress is just apart of life. You have to accept it, and manage it so it doesn't slowly become the death of you. I voted exercise on the poll because this has certainly helped to distract me from times of stress.

And of course, I voted up. Good read! Great tips!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on September 02, 2014:

Very helpful and practical suggestions!

Stress is obvious in today's life, but we must follow these tips to keep ourselves stress free.

Voted up!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on September 01, 2014:

Great tips here I try all that you have mentioned here to be stress free and it works well for me.

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