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How to Get Pregnant Quickly: Tips for Future Parents

How to get pregnant quickly: tips for future parents

How to get pregnant quickly: tips for future parents

How to get pregnant quickly: tips for future parents

The normal period for the onset of the desired pregnancy with regular sex without contraception is 6-12 months. It is very rare to conceive a child the first time. To bring the moment of conception and childbirth closer, a couple should adhere to several recommendations.

For those who are looking for ways to quickly get pregnant if it does not work out, doctors advise :

1. Examine health. Both a woman and a man should pass a general blood test (it can show anemia or the presence of inflammatory processes in the body), undergo a study for infections (hepatitis, HIV, TORCH infections). Chronic diseases must be treated so that they do not interfere with conception and successful gestation.

2. Get a doctor's advice. A woman should be tested and examined by a gynecologist. A man may appear to a urologist or andrologist. Both spouses should consult a fertility specialist to find out how to change their lifestyle, whether to undergo treatment or which ART should be used to finally get pregnant.

3. Give up bad habits. If a couple plans to become parents and cares about the health of the unborn child, then both the woman and the man need to quit smoking, not use drugs and give up alcohol.

4. Normalize weight. It is desirable that the BMI was not less than 18.5 and not more than 25. It is worth giving up restrictive diets and eating well, choosing healthy foods.

5. Monitor your menstrual cycle. The chance of getting pregnant is greatest during ovulation. With an average cycle length of 28 days, it occurs around day 14. Measurement of the basal temperature (at the time of ovulation, it rises by 0.2-0.4 degrees) helps to more accurately calculate the "time X". You can also use a special ovulation test available at pharmacies.

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6. Take care of sperm quality. A man should avoid overheating the body (limit visits to saunas, baths), do not wear tight underwear, refuse to carry a mobile phone on his belt or in his pants pocket. Besides, a couple shouldn't use lubricants during intimacy, as they can cause sperm death.

7. Don't overdo it. With too frequent ejaculations, the fertilizing ability of a man's sperm decreases. Doctors recommend at least 3 unprotected sex per week. But even during ovulation, you should not have sex more than 1 time per day.

8. Take time to exercise. Typically, couples are advised to follow a healthy lifestyle and not skip exercise in the gym to get pregnant. Moderation is also important in this matter. You do not need to exhaust yourself with exercises for 45-60 minutes a day, a half-hour aerobics or walking is enough.

9. Eat right. For a successful conception, all the necessary vitamins and minerals must be present in the body of the expectant mother and the future couple. Nutritionists advise eating a variety of foods, giving preference to healthy foods. You can consult with your fertility doctor about the need for taking vitamin complexes and food supplements.

10. Maintain a positive attitude. The psycho-emotional state of a couple affects how quickly a woman can get pregnant. Try to avoid stress, excessive emotional stress, master meditation, find time for hobbies and activities that bring you joy.

Not everyone succeeds in conceiving a child the first time. Don't be discouraged - stay optimistic and you will succeed! By following these tips, you will increase your chances of getting pregnant and having a baby.

You can undergo an examination and get advice from obstetricians-gynecologists, urologists, reproductive specialists of the IVimed clinic. Experts will help you prepare for pregnancy and give advice on how to bring the moment of your family happiness closer.

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