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How make your hips wider and toned

Solution to the curvless

Wide hips are very attractive on a women, it can accentuate curves on your body. It’s also a sign of femininity in a woman. You may want to complete that hourglass figure and hips may be to small. You want hips that are round and firm (hold the fat please). It’s also very big in the entertainment industry. The problem is that some people are born with small hips ( you have your parents to blame for that). This means that you can't get a wider hip bone, you can add muscle around your hip area making them appear wide, giving you the curves you desire. For volume you need to have enough fat to cover up your muscles. With proper diet and workout you can widen your hips. Be warned, that if done wrong you can end up with some unwanted results, so if you’re looking to widen your hips you need to commit yourself.


Improving your posture is the easiest step to making your hips wider. Your posture is very important. Some people are not aware of their posture and how poor it is. Improving your posture will make you look tall and slim and will make you bust look bigger. Throw your shoulders back and arch your lower back. You don't want poor posture, it says a lot about your personality.

Tone upper body

Some women are born with an apple shape body or “top heavy”; is means that you have a lot of shoulder and upper back. This type of figure makes your hips appear to be a lot smaller. To negate this effect try doing some weightless arm exercises and pull-ups making your hips appear wider and your butt bigger

Smaller waist

Developing a smaller waist will do the trick as well; which means watch your calorie intake as well as increase your metabolism rate. You should consume the healthy fats (cold water fish, plant oils, nuts and seeds). and belly fat burning exercises or activities (running, walking, sports, and swimming).

A diet for your hips

Focus on eating healthy, natural, wholesome foods considering your body requirement and levels of activity. Lean meat, poultry, eggs, sees, fish, vegetables, fruits, and limited dairy and whole grains will certainly help you gain widened and toned hips. Also, make sure to consume grains or fruits just after your workouts. This will help you utilize carbohydrates as energy rather than being accumulated as fat. Furthermore, drink plenty of water every day and consume protein-rich food to keep yourself toned and fit.

Tips for Hips

For those with small hips, you need to know that there some exercises you need to do, and foods to eat.

  • Use weight that is challenging, but overdo it; I'm assuming you want feminine hips not muscular ones right?
  • Always keep a nice amount of fat to put some meat on your hips and butt, which means you need to decrease on the amount of cardio. Try doing no more than 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week.
  • Yoga teaches you poses that can help widen your hip as well help hip exercises much easier. It will also make you more flexible.
  • You can give creams hip enhancement cream a try. These are supposed to repair lost collagen and elastic, which will help the muscle generate around the hips. It also gives your backside a youthful appearance.

Hip work outs


To work your hips you need to concentrate on your hip abduction, flexors and extensions.

· Abduction is when you move your thighs in a lateral motion.

· Flexors are when you move your thighs towards your stomach.

· Extensions are moving your thighs backwards.

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OK that's the technical stuff out the way. You can start off with these exercises:

  • Squats- If you going to do barbell squat don't overdo it so you want have muscular shoulders. There are different types of squats, like the squat kick, bench squats, jump squats, split squat jump, wall squats, single wall squats, etc.
    Lunges- This exercise is much tougher than squats because it has a bit of an uncomfortable split stance that challenges you to balance. It also works the lower part of your body. Just like squats lunges also has a variety to pick from. You the reverse lunge (which is when you step back instead of forward), walking lunges, you can add some weight for some resistance.
  • Straight legs- To perform this move lie on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and your arms by your side. Flex your toes, pull your stomach in and raise your right leg as high as it can go. For more resistance add ankle weights.
    Stability ball- This can help your strengthen your hip, glutes,and core. It can help strengthen your whole body, but we're going to focus on the hips, glutes, and core. To work these muscles try performing the glute press.


Are you looking forward to achieve a Kim Kardashian look? Do you want to achieve it without sweating it out? Then, be ready to go under the knife to accomplish your look. One of the best to fill out a flat of saggy posterior is through a Brazilian butt lift. This method provides double benefits- a surgeon removes unwanted fat from elsewhere and in the body and this fat is further used to smooth, shape and elevate the hips. To get the more curvaceous appearance, you can also get the hip implants in which "slices" of silicone are placed under the skin and substructure.

Home remedies

There are several home remedies to widen and tone your hips. However, their effectiveness is dependent on number of physiological factors- muscular structure and rate of metabolism of your body.

  • Hot oil massage: This is highly effective in building muscles. Massaging your hips regularly with coconut oil, olive oil and/or mustard oil regularly can help you gain toned and widened hips. Take a adequate quantity of the oil and heat in a pan lightly. Massage hot oil on your hips for at least 20-30 minutes following it with hot water compress for 20 minutes. Hot lil is believe to penetrate into skin more easily while producing the best results.
  • Sea salt and hot bath: Sea salts are rich in minerals. They help in reducing fat and sculpting the muscles. All you need to do is mix a cup of sea salt to half bucket of hot water. Dip a thick cotton towel and place the it on the hip muscles and compress it. Continue the process for at least 20 minutes to achieve the desired hip size.

Lets go dancing tonight

Some days you don't feel like exercising ( it happens to the best of us), but you want to get that hip workout in, so why not go dancing. You will lose yourself on the dance floor as you wiggle your hip dancing to the beat. Keep in mind that this going to take time to develop nice wide hips and that rushing thing may give you unwanted results, so be patient and you will get the figure you've be dreaming of.


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