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How to Get a Bigger Butt Fast

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Get a bigger butt

You shouldn't be ashamed of having a smaller petite buttocks but may just want one for your personal reasons. There are many ways to achieve getting a bigger butt rather its through weight gain, exercise, or surgery. These decisions are absolutely yours and only decided by you if its something you feel. Being pressured by friends or society shouldn't be a factor or else you wouldn't be doing it for yourself but others instead. In this informative , explanatory hub you'll learn some ways you can get a bigger booty that you want. Of course you will need additional research and information on everything that is brought up to fit your needs and health. I am not a person in any medical fields or trainer, these are just helpful ways to guide you to the body that you want.

Weight Gain

Diet is everything especially if you're smaller, gaining weight will be essential but in a healthy way. On the other hand if your not looking to gain weight but just want to grow your glutes focus on getting a smaller waist including exercises that targets the abs. Also every diet isn't used to lose weight but can be used to maintain or bulk up. Finding a diet plan to stick with will make things go by much easier so talking to a nutritionist or trainer is recommended.

Healthy fatty foods

  • Fish
  • Avocado
  • Nuts
  • Olive oil
  • Eggs
  • Beans


Tip- Do not indulge into junk food which is empty unhealthy calories go for nutrient dense foods as shown above .



Bigger butt exercises for women

Bulk up and build - Not all exercise will make you skinny , actually some will add muscle and weight gain to your body. For example, strength training and weightlifting will bulk you up added with the right diet .

*Tip -Don'ts

Aerobic exercises


Bigger butt workout plan

Day 1 for beginner

10 deep lunges

15 squats

15 kickbacks (each leg)

10 butt bridges

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As you continue to do this for a few weeks and your body adjusts to it add more reps to each workout. After 30 days you should see results if done correctly your butt should be lifted and round. As for as your quads (thighs) should be bigger as well.

*Precaution - You will be sore the next day but that is good it means muscle is building .

Surgical Route

Fat transfer/ Brazilian butt lift surgery- A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure which uses your own body fat. To get the fat that you have it is usually taken from extra unwanted fat from "love handles" and or a "muffin top" through liposuction. That fat is then place in the buttocks and or hips in an hourglass contoured shape that you desire. This procedure could 4 to 6 hours depending on the patient and doctor.

Brazilian butt lift recovery- Usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Cost of Brazilian butt lift- Average cost is around $5,000 to $6,000 .

Caution - With any medical surgical procedure additional research is highly recommended . Also speaking with your primary doctor for health reasons is essential . Lastly, setting appointments with various plastic surgeons to fit your needs and answer questions is key to doing before just going into surgery with the first doctor you see.

Butt implants- With butt implants going with a semi-solid silicone rubber implant is best because it cannot rupture and or leak. That means it could be dodging various dangers and illnesses that comes along with other unsafe implants.

Butt implants recovery- Usually 2 to 3 weeks .

Cost of butt implants - Costs can range from $6,000 - $12,000 .

Butt and Hip Pads


Cheap butt and hip pads

Temporary fixes

Butt pads - Some underwear can include a silicon or cushion filled area on the buttocks to give the illusion of having a bigger butt when wearing them under clothing. Often called butt pads , they can easily be found in stores and online.

Butt lifter - This pantie is different from butt pads, instead of adding mass to your buttocks it lifts your natural fat in the butt area creating a bigger butt. The key to this is, the part where your cheeks are is cut out holes and the bottom will push the fat upward. This is not permanent as soon as you take it off your booty will return to normal.

How to stay motivated Picking the right doctorHow to gain healthy weight

Make goal board

Set appointments

No empty calories

Workout with friend

Have questions ready

Eat nutrient dense foods

Hire a trainer


Snack on healthy fats


Dot (author) from USA on July 21, 2015:

Exercise does take patient and discipline , but the butt pads are a quick fix! ha-ha. I also read too many stories of girls wanting a bigger butt for a scary cheap price and going to these life threatening lengths , defiantly not worth it.

poetryman6969 on July 21, 2015:

One hopes the exercises would work but the butt pads would do in a pinch!

From what I heard having some fly by night friend of a friend do injections is the worse say to get it done.

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