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How to Get Abs, the Easy Way

How to get abs using food



Food strategy for six pack abs

Use food for your six pack:

In a Brazilian meta-analysis of 33 clinical trials, researchers determined that diet controls about 75 percent of weight loss. The upshot: If you aren’t eating the right foods, you’ll only be spinning your wheels in your quest for a six-pack.

The Best Lunches

Cut fat from your meals without realizing it. Whether you brown bag it or order on the go, your midday meal can help make or break your diet. The right choices will help you cut fat and stay fueled, but the wrong choices can stunt your fat burners faster than you can order a side of fries. To help, here's a quick rundown of some lunches:

If you bring your lunch from home ...

  • Sandwich: Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a healthy sandwich—and it includes salami/tuna and mayo.
  • Salad: Slap some grilled chicken on some romaine with self-made dressing or olive oil, flaxseed, Parmesan cheese, and a few of your favorite veggies.
  • Snack: Roll up some low-sodium turkey breast slices with fat-free cheese—string cheese works, too.

If you buy your lunch ...

  • Fast food: You have to hunt, but it's possible to find cheap meals that are good for you—even at restaurants like Burger King and Wendy's.
  • Burrito: Opt for whole-grain rice, black beans, and chicken.
  • Burgers: For burgers, choose a whole-grain bun and spinach or mixed greens over lettuce.

Sabotaging foods

Generic French fries

Generic French fries

Foods That Sabotage
Cut these 3 foods out of your diet—and never look back. Most guys need to reach a body fat level of 5 to 10 percent in order to reveal rock-hard abs. That means if you want to sport a six-pack, you'll need to rid your diet of fat bombs, in addition to sweating through workouts. Eating clean is simple: Stick to the foods above and cut out a few calorie-packed items that make a big difference.

Soda is one beverage filled with empty calories, and cutting the can isn't as hard as you think. Choose one meal that's not the same without it. For everything else, choose iced tea or water with a few slices of lemon for a punch of flavor.

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Scarf baked chips with your sandwich instead of fries. One bag of chips contains about one ounce of spuds. One serving of fries weighs in at about three—and they're soaked in saturated fat from cooking oil.

Finally, forget ranch dressing. Always get a low-fat dressing on the side—and dip your fork in it. Then spear a leaf. If that sounds stupid, consider this: Just four tablespoons can have up to 60 grams of fat. That's a whole day's worth.

Soon you'll have better eating habits without a second thought.

How to get abs using food

Get to the Top of your Performance

Get to the Top of your Performance

Don't Let Your Schedule Weigh You Down
Making ends meet can put a strain on your schedule. How can I stick to my diet with my irregular work hours?

The answer: Eat 6-minute meals.

Whether you work part-time or just have short breaks, eating sporadically can be physically draining. Why? If you don't eat six times a day, your energy rises and plummets.

Power through the day and make these meals in less time than it takes to order takeout:

  • Waffle it: Sandwiches aren't just for lunch. With one box of whole-wheat waffles, you can make a different breakfast sandwich every day of the week. Try a sweet waffle with fruit, or go heartier by adding lean meats.
  • Pack it: Tote around the right snacks. By avoiding the evils of vending machines, you'll shave off hundreds of calories from your diet.
  • Roll it: Buy a pack of whole-wheat tortillas. Now with some other basics—chicken, cheese, hot sauce, veggies like lettuce and onions—you can wrap your lunches and dinners. Or snack on one during your a break, warm or chilled.



Lose Your Lard and Shed Stubborn Fat

Missing a meal doesn’t seem so bad. You don’t need those extra calories anyway, right?

Wrong. When you skip a meal, your body slows down your metabolism to hold on to your existing fuel supply.

Here are three better ways to burn blubber faster:

When you work out, speed up and slow down. You can interval train with any form of cardio, from the elliptical machine to cycling.

Perform a bodyweight routine 12 hours before or after your intense weight-training sessions. A handful of pushups and squats will send your fat burners into overdrive.

Nosh on more protein, one of the hottest-burning food sources out there. Your body uses twice as much energy to break down protein than it does to break down carbs. Translation: Eggs in the morning, string cheese for a snack, salmon for dinner. You’re good to go.

Shed Stubborn Fat
Never feel empty again. Think about the last time you were hungry. Really hungry. Chances are you didn't calm your gurgling stomach with a leafy green salad.

Next time, control hunger pangs and avoid gorging on all things greasy by eating more—and more often. Six times a day, to be specific. Just follow these fat-shaving tips:

Eat fat: That's right. But it has to be good fat, not the kind with the word "trans" before it. Add turkey, chicken, and fish to your favorite sides, and throw on any of a number of sauces. The lavors and combinations you can create are endless.

Have a pint: Of berries. Stash some in a small container in your fridge, and you have an instant snack for work tomorrow.

Nosh on clean foods: That means foods produced naturally and without preservatives, extra sweeteners, or other additives. If it comes in a package, it's probably processed—and could mess with your weight and metabolism.



The Best Belly-Busting Foods

Trim down without slimming your wallet.

You’ve got costs. And that means splurging on healthier chow can seem painful. How can I eat without breaking the bank?

The answer: Your budget may be rigid, but your selection isn’t.

Take another look at these foods: Eggs, oatmeal, and most dairy products are some of the most versatile foods. And they come in large quantities. So you’ve got breakfast and your pre- and post-workout portions covered.

Next, the heartier fare. A bag of the ever-versatile chicken breasts will last you weeks—and cost you less than a dinner out on the town. Or save more money and buy the best produce to make the ultimate guy’s salad.

Your only concern? Whey protein. And we understand that. If that dampers your wallet, get your protein elsewhere, like poultry and ricotta cheese. Or go nuts.

Lose Your Gut for Good Law #1: Never think of diet and exercise separately—but not just because you’ll achieve faster results if you hit your gut with a one-two punch. Turns out, on top of burning extra calories, exercise helps your brain stick to a diet.

University of Pittsburgh researchers studied 160 overweight adults for 2 years and found that the participants who didn’t follow a 3-hour a week training plan ate more than their allotted 1,500 calories per day. The reverse was also true—sneaking snacks sabotaged their workouts. The study authors say it’s likely that both actions are a reminder to stay on track, reinforcing your weight-loss goal and drive.



Blast Fat with Junk Foods What do hamburgers, pizza, and burritos all have in common? If you think that they’re all junk foods that you shouldn’t eat, you’re wrong.

Turns out, all of these “bad” foods can actually be part of a healthy diet that will rev up your metabolism and blast fat. Don’t believe us? Consider this: A study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that men who ate twice as many calories in a day as they normally did increased their metabolism by 9 percent in the following 24 hours.
The upshot: It’s your license to eat whatever you want once a week, one of the driving principles of the Abs Diet. Of course, the rest of time, you want make the smart choices that allow you to enjoy the foods you love, but without overloading your body with calories. Here are three ways to just that:

  • Always choose the best burger, no matter where you eat.
  • Thinking about pizza should conjure up images of fresh olive oil and spicy pepperoni—not puddles of grease
  • Eating your favorite south-of-the-border food shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty, get the healthy choices.


Steady Your Scale

You’ve heard it before: Don’t start a crash diet; change your lifestyle instead. That’s not just important for your waistline, but for your health, too. Case in point: A University of Kentucky study found that men who yo-yo diet are 76 percent more likely to develop gallstones than those who maintain a consistent weight. And the more your weight fluctuates, the greater your risk.

Avoid the agony and prevent the scale from bouncing up and down and back up again with these three tips for abs that last:

  • Instead of restricting your food intake (which will most likely lead to a binge), eat more. Follow fat-fighting rules, and you'll tame hunger, avoid an afternoon slump, and send your metabolism soaring.
  • If you don’t eat breakfast start! Research shows that people who eat their first meal of the day within 90 minutes of waking are leaner than those who miss breakfast altogether. A fast and easy solution: Blend up a great-tasting, protein-packed smoothie.
  • Don't let a boring workout become an excuse to skip the gym bust your fitness. Bonus: You'll burn more fat since you'll work new muscles.
Six pack Abs

Six pack Abs

Lose Your Gut the Easy Way

The easiest way to lose your gut may be to drop your drinking habit—and I am not talking about beer. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity reported that people eat up to 20 percent fewer calories a day when they substitute a piece of fruit for fruit juice. Chewing stimulates your satiety hormones, researchers say, and since food takes longer to digest, you won’t feel as hungry later.

Satisfy your hunger pangs and shave calories from your diet with these strategies:

  • When you feel an urge to eat, rate your hunger on a scale of one to 10. If you’re not a 7 or higher, hold off.
  • Time for an afternoon bite? When your only option is the vending machine, you're not doomed—as long as you make the right selections.
  • To avoid the temptation of a Snickers bar, keep filling foods in your desk drawer or office fridge. And whatever you do, avoid the worst healthy snacks like candy bars etc.
  • Slow down and savor your meal. When you focus on the taste and texture, it boosts satiety—and your satisfaction.
  • Can't stave off that hankering for a sweet drink? Make a refreshing smoothie. If you dump in a little extra ice to boost the volume, it'll tide you over longer.

Get your mind off negative emotions

Get your mind off negative emotions

Burn Off Anxiety and Your Belly

The economy is unpredictable, but your weight doesn't have to be. Here's a two-for-one deal that's perfect for recession-related stress: Spend a little time in the gym, and you can make your flab—and your worries—disappear. In a Stony Brook University study, people with the lowest-body fat percentages remained the calmest when they were dropped into stressful situations.

Send stress packing with these tips:

  • Stress can make you physically weak, according to a University of Texas study. Forget about your problems and boost your strength gains with these tips from my other hub:
  • Choose weights instead of the treadmill; pumping iron is more effective than cardio at blasting fat. Build big power with two dumbbells.
  • When your body produces cortisol so you have energy to fight or flee, that extra burst of sugar in your blood often gets stored in your belly as fat.
  • 30 more tips can be found in my other hub at:

30 tips on how to get your mind off negative emotions

  • How to keep your mind off negative emotions
    I used to be good at keeping my mind off of bad stuff. As stress relievers, I could just conjure up some strategy game on the internet with some friends, win some battles and all the worries would go away. But...

How to get abs by intelligent work out



Work Out Like a Pro
Train like an athlete for better performance. To pack on muscle like an athlete, you have to work out like one. And that means taking your regular gym routine up a notch. Here are three ways you can get accelerate your muscle gains:

  • Prepare: Don't work out cold. Before you start working out, do a couple of simple exercises. A few extra minutes can boost production by 20 percent.
  • Balance: Test yourself for muscle imbalances—and fix them. Your body may look symmetrical, but your workout may be increasing your risk of injury. Plus, you'll get all-over strength and improve your game.
  • Recharge: Use a foam roll. Train hard, but take a few days off to let your muscle grow. When you roll your most important areas, you'll feel your blood flowing so your muscles can recover more quickly.
Complete six pack abs

Complete six pack abs

Complete Your 6-Pack

When it comes to working out your core, your lower half is easily the most overlooked. So, how can I target my lower abs?

The answer: A few simple floor moves.

You might neglect those crucial muscles that live under your belly because you usually draw your midsection toward your legs—not the other way around.

To pimp your workout, pretend you're balancing a cup just below your belly button. Before you bring up your legs for these exercises, imagine tilting the cup toward your legs first. This will help emphasize your lower section.

Round out your core-challenging exercises with these moves:

If you're a beginner, get on the ground for knee raises or a raised knee-in. Keep your back pressed against the floor.

Ready for the next level? Try a figure-8 crunch. And for an advanced move, the momentum-free hanging leg raise will complete your six-pack.

Shed fat

Shed fat

Turn Stubborn Fat into Muscle

Bust through a plateau with new exercises. You feel a burst of satisfaction when you put your weights down. But for some reason, your scale isn’t budging. What do I do when I hit a wall?

The answer: Switch it up.

You have abs. But when you do the same plan over and over, your body can adapt, making your stubborn flab refuse to budge. Instead of getting discouraged, surprise your muscles with some new tricks.

You know that in order to you reveal a cover-model stomach, you need to burn fat with lifting and occasional cardio. But you should condition your midsection at the same time. Swap out some of your abs exercises for intermediate and advanced moves that work several areas of your middle at the same time.

Or switch to heavier weights—just follow these dumbbell smarts. Then you'll have hundreds of new abs-sculpting options.

A strong back

A strong back

Build a Stronger Back

Stand taller, look leaner, and knock pain out for good.

Your poor back. It helps you lift heavy things and carry your kids, but it probably feels a little inferior due to your quest for a six-pack.

Since it works so hard, chances are you’re in the 80 percent of men who suffer from back pain. Here are just a few ways to carve your back into the coveted V—and never feel pain again:

Shred your upper back—a body part women love—with a pair of dumbbells. Lie facedown on a bench for this simple bat-wing exercise.

When you're finished, don’t drop those weights: A few rows will boost your endurance down to your hips. The extra stamina you build will show during your run or when you rock climb.

The best solution: Prevent lower-back issues with your abs workout. Weak abs cause your glutes and the backs of your legs to work harder to keep your spine stable.


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Another good exercise for getting lower abs is the bicycle crunch. A great abdominal exercise in general, because it works the obliques as well as the rectus abdominis, the bicycle crunch can really help to whip your abs into shape quickly. For increased emphasis on the lower fibers of your abs muscles, really focus on extending each of your legs as far as possible as you crunch.

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