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How to Find a Balance Between Overwhelming Positivity & Skull-Crushing Negativity?

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Today's world is invaded by extravagant reward systems. Oh yeah! you read right. There are many options on the table. You have to make many choices. Even the thickness has options, for instance, extra thin....! You know what I mean. A stout little guy carrying coffee for you has many options - printed cups, cups with quotes, cartoon cups, and such.

Never before the advertisements and news affected human emotions so much. On the sunny side - you get a variety of things to choose from. The dark side - You are becoming less decisive, confused, and anxious.

Instagram - One of the most used social media platforms.

Instagram - One of the most used social media platforms.

Let's target the main area that affects our minds these days. Yeah, the news and social media. If you seek a positive quote, your Instagram will present a plethora of positive quotes. That's good. However, the reels and stories can be way too positive. The platform is built in such a way that your finger moves to the vibrant reels automatically (in most cases).

The happy people shaking their curvy parts may seem fun for you, but sometimes it's overwhelming. When? The moment you start comparing your fucked up life (if it is) with theirs.

Even I fell prey to such shiny but fishy positivity a long way back. Since then, this good'ol quote below has been my companion.

"Don't let the internet rush you. No one is posting their failures"

Oh yeah! Doctor Google! The above sentence is plagiarised!

You know nobody is posting their failures. Now what? you lower your IG time and switch to news. You then get overwhelmed with a multitude of disappointing news - Wars, Weird acts of revenge, corruption, poverty, and especially, the indolent government!

So, even in times like never before, you are on the fence between IG/FB/Snapchat and Local/International News. Everything in this world is within our reach with 4G and 5G internet. A celebrity burps and you get to know it. Your so-called friend flaunts on social media and your finger double taps her photo. It's that easy these days.

However, the media is so designed that it hurls you down the trench of sadness or up the summit of happiness. Either way, it's overwhelming. How to be balanced amidst such extravagances of life?

Reading a toxic newspaper

Reading a toxic newspaper

Balance: From Pessimism to Optimism

News, they disappoint. It has been such an equation that the synonym of Negativity has become News. No matter how many news channels you flick, you will end up feeling hopeless by the wars, acts of revenge, crimes, and abuse.

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Only 10% of the news is about something really awesome. The best way to escape News is by switching to Social Media. But it overwhelms you with a superficial luster of positivity like said before.

After all, how can the world either go way too insane or way too terrific? There's help around the corner. If you cherry-pick the right things on social media and in fact on the whole digital realm, you are better off than surrendering yourself to unwanted news.

You can't stop using screens completely. Why not utilize your screen time in doing something that helps you? Go for Ted Talks which address numerous self-development topics under the sun. Subscribe to things that do good to you. Learn a course or get entertained only by what interests you.

Tune in to news channels that show the sunny side of the world. One way is to watch people related to your occupation who are doing really well. Not only does this shifts your mind from negativity, but you can also find the motivation you really need to stop watching unwanted news and get back to what matters in the long run.

From Overwhelming Optimism to Downright Optimism

These days, social media apps are teeming with a lot of festive reels, posts, and stories. People change their hairstyles, hike up the mountain, eat pizza and sip coffee, dance in the club, skydive, snorkel, and ride a horse like they used to do a few years ago. But today, they want to show everything they do on their social media handles. They share some precious memories. However, their audience, at least some of them, lose the track of reality and compare their fucked-up life with the reel-makers. That's when the overwhelming positivity becomes a negative experience.

You can't ban social media users. Mark ain't your brother! Either you can stop feeling jealous or escape if you can't! Apart from some settings out there to limit the usage or see only the things you should see, there is another surefire way to bring back a balance! Of course not news again. A real life.

Switch off from overly positive social media and hyper-negative news. Delve into the real world around you. Go and see that friend whom you haven't seen in a while. Take note of the problems and delights of the people that really matter to you. Be compassionate about the cries of the world. Do what you can to help the needy. However, your inner peace lies in spending more time with your inner circles.

If a celebrity is reading this post, he/she might know that no matter how many fans they have on social media and in real life, they are not going to sit and talk with them most of the time. They will be busy and when they are a little free, they will reach out to their inner circles. So, why not escape social media and get back to those who listen to you and want you to listen to them as well?

Leaving behind all your sorrows at the doorstep, you step out to listen to the cries of the world. At some point in the conversation, the talking world and the listening you start laughing. Then you return back happily to your doorstep to find the sorrows fade away.

— Niks

I talked about the smallest guy, the atom, in one of my articles. This guy includes protons, electrons, and neutrons. A balance is essential in life to endure tough pain and focus on who you are and what matters in the long run.

Overeating, over-dieting, over-smartness, over-confidence, and over-positivity spoil life's atom. So does a lack of eating, dieting, smartness, confidence, and positivity. Now we have neutrons to neutralize - Neutrons of interesting Discoveries, Ted Talks, Fun shows, and real-life connections. These neutrons will Keep you away from an overdose of news and social media.

After all, a horse made for a long haul is calm and content. He doesn't get overjoyed by the serene meadows or agitated by the challenging rodeos. He does possess the neutrons to Balance every emotional drama going on within him. So does a good mare!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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