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How to find True Happiness Within Yourself


I just finished reading the novel-“America” by Shamel Jayakody. It tells the story of a Sri Lankan family who migrated to America in search of happiness. Even after shifting one state to another in US, they could not find the true happiness. Ultimately, they realized that happiness lies within themselves, not anywhere else and one must strive to be simple and enjoy the little moments of life.

As I read this story, I felt that most of the people around us had suffered such a tragedy.

Why people are not happy?

I have understood that majority have a hard time living without problems. They think that if life does not give you problems, there is no point in living.

Many of us become accustomed to being angry with another person or blame someone for them wrongdoing.

They run after big things to find happiness such as buying a bug house or a luxury vehicle, going on a cruise, earning million dollars etc. Incase if they can’t achieve these things they start to get frustrated very soon or even after achieving these big dreams, still they can't find true happiness and as a result, they again get frustrated about life. This happens to most of the people very frequently.

But what they don’t realize is that they can enjoy happiness and contentment through little things like looking at a bloomed flower, enjoy wearing a new
dress, offering a little help to someone who deserves etc.

On the other hand, some people always show anger and jealousy in those who are always happy. But the people who say so, have everything but not the happiness. The main reason for that is, they are spreading negativity all the time.

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One of the questions many people ask me is “How can you always be happy like this?”
It’s true that you can’t always be happy and smiling. However, I have learned and practiced seeing the positive or bright side of every situation and it gives ultimate pleasure and happiness to my life.

The ways you can find Happiness within yourself

  • I try to find happiness within myself. For example, I have the amazing ability to be happy by enjoying little things in life, such as getting a book to read, seeing comments to my notes, keeping my home neat and organized, eating something I like, watching the flowers bloom, gardening, listening to one of my favorite songs, watching a movie etc.
  • Complaining on things is my least favorite. I know that complaining does not bring happiness or anything else.
  • I am aware that nobody will bring happiness to me and that I should find things by myself to be happy. So, don’t wait others to bring happiness to yourself. It says "Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own life."
  • Even if others interfere with my happiness, I don’t care. Because I know that they do not have the happiness they deserve in life and that’s why they interfere in other people’s lives. So don't give access to enter negative people into your life. If they do enter, just ignore them.
  • I am delighted to see someone else is being happy just because of me or because of my kind gesture. So, I make sure to help at least one person per day. It gives me immense pleasure by realizing how blessed I am. On the other hand, by seeing their Smily faces after my gesture, my happiness gets double.

Knowing that you can find comfort in these simple things, I am not eager to find big things to enjoy life. Hence, I have no desire to go to and live in United States of America to find true happiness. But on the other hand, if I get a chance to go there for any reason, I will not hesitate to enjoy the new life in USA too. Because I always believe happiness creates within yourself.

In that way, some may think that my life is too simple. Yes! Of course! Oh gosh! I am enjoying my life to the fullest and I am enjoying every bit of it. (I hope the picture attached reflects it clearly as I am a one of a kind) .

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