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How to Deal With Negative Emotions In Your Mind

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

Our Emotions Are Waves That Can Make Us Sink

The emotions are waves, sometimes calming us sometimes a calamity

The emotions are waves, sometimes calming us sometimes a calamity

Acknowledge That You Are The One That Have Powers Over You

You have to acknowledge that you’re the only person in this planet who have control over you.
No one else does. You first have to understand that you are metaphorically speaking in this
magnificent castle surrounded by servants and guards and guess what, you’re the king or queen of the castle. What people can do is to kill your guards, bribe your servants, violate your castle etcetera and what? They can’t touch you or harm you in any way.

They can do as they please to your surroundings to make you mad or sad but it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re in charge!

If they violate your castle to make you feel mad, always ask yourself, what is the purpose of
them by doing this? if the purpose is to negatively evoke the negative emotions in me, what is the best response to these outsiders who wish to destroy my own happiness? From my own experiences, ladies and gentlemen is you can give

 Ignorance response
 Fix the problem

If you choose to fix the problem, I suggest you confront the person and talk to them about the
way to resolving issues. However, this method only works for certain people as some people are haters. If this issue goes beyond your capability of handling it, talk to a trustworthy person.

At the very least, they can give you some insight on how to deal with the problem you’re facing.

Nevertheless, don’t keep the problem inside your mind until it produces many negative emotions that could ruin your mental health.

Don’t Give Other People, The Power Over You

Ladies and gentlemen, never underestimate the power of ignorance. Other people might say ignorance is a bad thing but it’s not under this circumstance of course. Now, try and do this, whenever a person says bad things about you, perhaps this person twisted your words, put words into your mouth that you’ve never uttered, try to be unbothered because you know you’re right.

The truth is powerful, ladies and gentlemen. The truth is all and always within us.

Then try asking yourself this, why are you so bothered by the opinions of outsiders or maybe your friends or acquaintance if you know what they’re saying is simply untrue or just a plain misunderstanding? Try to not explain yourself out.

When people ask you of your own version of the truth, tell them the truth inside you and never validate the truth from the outsiders. The truth is what makes you powerful like a battery inside your body.

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Keep this mindset in your mind, you are the only person who have the power to let other people affect you. If those people want to evoke the anger emotion inside of you, never give away your power. Never give them what they actually want!

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

My dear readers, if we keep telling ourselves that we must achieved the goal, we must be this perfect human being all the time, there’s a pretty high chance, you will develop pressure. When the pressure is present inside your mind, it will create an unhealthy dynamic between your brain and your organs. The way our organs react to negative feedback sent by the brain is not pleasant.

There is a chance for increase in hair fall, migraine and even in regulating the way we sleep. You have to understand and keep this mindset that setting an achievable goal is a must and continue improving yourself but not to the point where you put pressure on you. My dear readers, we already get pressure on so many people. You name it, parents, friends, teachers and even from a stranger.

The truth is we are constantly being pressured to live to their standard and expectation in every way. We have been pressured by our parents to excel in academics, we have a peer pressure from our friends to be doing what they were doing, we have a pressure from our
teachers when our grades fall so take some time, my readers and ask this about yourselves, when you live in a world where everyone puts their standard on you, why can’t you be this gentle,lenient and kind person who say “hey, it’s okay not to like what they like, we have something better to do” to yourself?

We must be lenient to ourselves and let ourselves live in a beautiful dreams of wonderful world. Remember, nobody is going to put you first, it’s you!

Spend Some Time To Vent Negative Emotions

The emotions can build up sometimes particularly anxiety and stress which is definitely not a good thing so I advise my readers to do meditation. Well actually, any physical activities that can be used to vent your anger, frustration or any hard feelings that weight you down such as running, cycling, yoga, working out and so on. We have a valuable time and we should not waste our time thinking “oh what did I do wrong today? Will they be talking about me behind my back? What if they don’t like me”.

The truth is, my readers, spending your valuable time by thinking what other people think of you will weight you down and make you overwhelmed. Let’s remember one thing, keep this in your mind that you are born not to entertain everybody but rather to be entertained and to be entertaining the people who have entertained you. Keep this healthy mindset in your mind! I would also like to share about how was the way I usually vent my frustration.

I vent my frustration through breaking glasses and plate. I do not recommend this though as breaking glasses will cost you some money to buy a new one. I do recommend my readers to throw breakable rocks.

The satisfaction to break a rock, I must say is immeasurable.However, with that being said, don’t vent your negative emotions toward people.

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