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How to Calm Your Mind

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Meditation is one of the best ways to calm your mind. The best thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere, You can do it even on your Bed! . It has tons of Benefits, The only thing you need to do is being consistent. So if you want to start meditation first thing you can do is sit in a comfortable place with your spine erect. You have to be in a peaceful place and be relaxed. You can play some white noise or instrumental music if you want. Then you need to close your Eyes and focus only on your breathing. Observe all the breathing and don't try to control it. Observe it in it's natural way. Thoughts will come it is okay just ignore them and continue to focus on your breath. Do it for 10 or 20 minutes. If you are a beginner do it for 5 minutes and increase time daily. You can listen to guided meditation it would really help. Just be consistent. If you do it daily you would find a new benefit every day.




Reading will really help you to stay calm and focused specially during these times. You can read anything you want. But just read. You can read Books, E books and even listen to Books. We can use technology for more useful things like reading. Just download a Bunch of Books and read them. You should read at least 5 to 10 pages daily. There are many sites from which you can download Books and read them. There are so many benefits of reading. One of them is that it stimulates your imagination. You will learn so many things by reading. Even if you are reading this Article it will also count as reading. You don't need to understand everything that is written on the book. You have to Just Read. The bottom line is that you need to read in order to be creative.



Just Write

There are times when you are over thinking. It happens to all of us and trust me it's completely normal. The way we react to it is all that makes a different. There is a famous saying that states : '' Umbrella do not stop rain it just gives us power to stand in rain". Similarly Writing will not stop us from overthinking it will help you to deal with overthinking. As simple as that whenever you feels like you are overthinking Grab a pen and a paper and Just Write. These small things will make a lot of difference. The Bottom line is you have to Just Read

Think positive


Just Think Positive

Thinking Positive would change your life trust me. Whenever you think positive you would attract better and do everything better. Thinking positive would change your life specially during a pandemic. Thinking positive would be better for your immune system too. Whenever you think positive things around you would change drastically. Thinking positive would help you be energetic and motivated. There is a famous saying that states if you strongly believe in something your belief would become a reality. A lie, if repeated would sound like truth. The bottom line is that you have to Just Think Positive.

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Just exercise


Just Exercise

Exercise is probably the best thing you can offer to your body. There are so many benefits of doing exercise. You can transform your body just by doing it even once or twice a week. Exercise along with a healthy diet is the best thing you can do to calm your mind and stay motivated. There are so many benefits of doing exercise that I will discuss one by one :-

1. It will help you control your weight : It doesn't matter if you need to gain weight or lose it exercise will help you in both. Exercise would help you in both ways.

2. It will lower the risk of heart attack : Nowadays when there are so many cases of heart attacks exercise would really help. It will reduce your risk of heart attack if you do it consistently. The key lies on being consistent and you will notice the changes.

3. It will make you feel motivated and energetic : Many people feels energetic all day only because they did exercise during the day. The only thing you need to remember is not to exercise 4-5 hours before sleeping.

4. It would help you balance blood sugar and insulin levels : There is a reason why it is advised for people with Diabetes to do exercise. Exercise would help you control your blood sugar and balance insulin. Remember to do it in the morning for best results.

5. It would add some extra years in your life : There are many studies that proves that exercise will increase your chance to live longer. Since exercise reduce your risk of heart attack and manage your insulin level it is no surprise that it would help you live longer.

6. It will improve your sleep : Exercising will also improve your sleep if you do it in the morning.

BOTTOM LINE : As always the Bottom Line is that you have to just Exercise!

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