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How to Build and Maintain an Orgone Accumulator



The Orgone accumulator is a device invented by the famous psychoanalyst and researcher, Wilhelm Reich, whose theories about the role of sexual health in the human condition played an instrumental role in his treatment of patients.

Orgone energy is a cosmic life energy that Reich discovered was responsible for the libido, and proposed to exist everywhere there is life. He came to the conclusion that the "prana", "ki", and "chi" of many ancient cultures were simply different names for the same phenomenon. In his lifetime, he managed to quantify it, measure it, and utilize it to improve the quality of life for his patients.

Reich discovered that a combination of organic carbon-based materials, alternated against metal layers, created a strongly absorbent "sponge" for the ambient Orgone energy in the environment. He later constructed a human-sized box that was built with alternating layers of wool and iron, and this device was dubbed, "The Orgone Accumulator" (abbreviated: ORAC)

The patient would sit inside the box for 30 minutes to an hour, absorbing the Orgone from the box, and pulsating their own energy field with the accumulator's. This produced beneficial health effects, such as improved circulation, dramatic reduction in depression and mental problems, and even the near-total shrinkage of tumors. (For more details, read: "The Cancer Biopathy", Wilhelm Reich)

Although Reich eventually died in prison and his invention went ignored by the mass media, the building plans for the Orgone accumulator were published before his death, free of charge. With the information on this page, you too can now construct your own Orgone Accumulator and reap the benefits of the vibrant, pulsating energy all around you.

We will not go in-depth on how to cut and place the wood and metal itself; those instructions are freely available through a quick Google search. (search for "orgone accumulator building plans").

Instead, the necessary information will be provided to ensure you build a device that is safe and effective. Reich laid out specific guidelines that you will need to follow.



1) Use Iron as the metal in your accumulator. This, according to Reich, is the only safe metal for use in an accumulator, due to the Iron in our own blood. Iron-based metals such as Stainless Steel are also okay. All other metals produce harmful negative effects. Avoid all orgone devices containing aluminum, as they produce extremely toxic effects.

2) For the organic layers, a general guideline to follow is this: The more natural the material, the more effective your accumulator will be. Organic sheep's wool is the standard organic material that Reich recommended.

3) Everything in your accumulator, even the smallest chemical contaminant, gets potentized by the orgone energy. Thus, you will want to avoid using any toxic materials in the construction of the device. Do not, for any reason, use toxic glues and resins like "Krazy Glue" or "Epoxy", as these contain Benzene and numerous other carcinogenic chemicals. Their toxicity is transferred into the effect of the device, something you absolutely need to avoid.

4) Use an accumulator only in an area that is not strongly contaminated by electromagnetic pollution. Those who live in farmland and the countryside are in luck, while those in the cities are strongly advised against building an ORAC at all. Wireless routers, cell-phones, Bluetooth devices, and generally any other wireless device will contaminate the energy field of your accumulator. Remember that the accumulator only absorbs the energy already present in the environment. If that energy in your area happens to be toxic, the health effect of the accumulator will also be toxic. You could do tremendous harm to your health by using an accumulator directly next to a cellphone tower, for example.

5) One way to help ensure that your accumulator is not contaminated by harmful energy is by keeping it outside, and far from the energy grid. If you have a large back yard, place the accumulator in it, as far away from all buildings as possible. This alone will not guarantee 100% safety, as you can not control the electromagnetic pollution coming from your neighbors, such as from remote control helicopters, phones, etc. But it does allow the fresh air to hit the accumulator, and this allows the energy to slowly drain out of the device with time. Just make sure that you keep the accumulator covered from rain and snow.

6) You will know if the accumulator has been contaminated or not. Enter the device and remain for at least 30 minutes. Headaches and a general worsening of symptoms will indicate whether your accumulator is poisoned by EMFs. Another way to verify this is by observing the behavior of insects and animals around the accumulator. A health orgone accumulator will act like a magnet to all manner of bugs and critters. (You will want to build a lock on the door of the device to stop them from entering.)

Caring for your accumulator

in the event of contamination with toxic energies, you have several routes you can take to correct this problem.

  • Using a damp piece of cloth that has not been washed with toxic detergent or scented bleach, wipe the walls of the accumulator. Water strongly absorbs Orgone energy. When done, leave this damp washcloth outside, away from the accumulator, but in the fresh open air. The fresh air will gradually circulate the toxic energy out of the washcloth,
  • Fill a large bucket with water. Leave it in the accumulator for several days, making sure to throw out the water every night and re-fill it with new water. You may notice that the walls of your accumulator "sweat" while a large body of water is inside it. This is normal, but if it bothers you, it can be mitigated by covering the water bucket as much as possible with an organic material. However, doing this will increase the time that you need to leave the bucket inside for the removal of the toxic energies.


manny on November 27, 2019:

The device is a faraday cage. How could it amplify EMF? This is misinformation

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Andrea on September 04, 2014:

I have an orgone accumulator. To close the door I have used a little (7 mm x 4 mm) neodimium magnet i have inserted in the door with Bostik glue (4-5 drops in the drilled cavity to insert the magnet). Do you think this glue will be toxic ? Thank you.

enat on June 23, 2014:

Orgone energy and orgone energy devices have nothing whatever to do with called. One would do quite well to become educated about orgone biophysics and what orgone energy is and is not in order to avoid this nonsense about orgonite.

Karen Winter on June 12, 2014:

Why try to make Orgone yourself? Better to leave it to the experts who have done the research, developed the technology, and make profound leaps and advances.

lotusconnections on June 01, 2013:

Be aware of Orgonite and old style out of date technology. We get a lot of people tell us that Orgonite makes them feel quite unwell and some people have got so ill they have gone on Disability as they are no longer able to work. To find out more about this, and why Orgonite makes you sick, please read:

sunmanpatu on December 04, 2011:

tell me about orgonite devices.

a fan on October 19, 2011:

Thank you.

vibrantenergy on October 19, 2011:

The article answers your question... It is not correct.

Epoxy is toxic. You have to wear a mask while working with it. It known for containing benzene and other carcinogenic contaminants. Do not use it in your accumulator, unless for some reason, you want to receive the magnified effects of these carcinogenic chemicals.

a fan on October 19, 2011:

A lot of people are using epoxy to make organite, is that correct?

Carolyn from Northamptonshire on August 30, 2011:

The only place Ive heard of this device is in a song by Hawkwind, " I've got an Orgone accumulator, it makes me feel greater, and I'll see you some time later"

Thanks for this hub

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