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How to Be Noticed, Accepted and Loved

The Truth Behind A Mind Blowing Successful Lifestyle

Life to thousands of people seems:

  • A lot unfair
  • Like luck has to do with how far one goes in life.
  • Like others are to blame for the things that aren’t working in their lives.

The secret to LIFE does not lie in what people think about their circumstances , The Secret to a happy, successful life lies in knowing the universal laws that govern the universe. You must not only know them but also apply them for you to get effective results in very ramification of your life.


How To Empower your world with Unparalleled Powerful Secrets

The definition of the law of cause and effect :

The law of cause and effect is a universal law which specifically states that every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what. ... Human thought creates a movement no matter how minute it is, unless you are deliberately staying still but even then movement will follow.


  • People are ignorant of the universal law of cause and effects as a result they don't know that words are responsible for a harmnoius life or a home that is rife with abuse, anger, quarrels and fights .Being ignorant of what works in our universe does not spare us from the negative effects and consquencies of negativitism and that we nurture towards ourselves and others.
  • Either way, the universal Laws shows no patiality to life. You just have to understand how it all works and how you are linked to the process.

How to Live an Outstanding Staggering Life Through Outstanding Power

Everything that we become or get is a result of what we think , feel , consquently for any person to progress in life they need to :

  • Do a self evalutation
  • Ask yourself a few questions.
  • Examine yourself and really get to know how you feel about yourself.
  • You have to come to a place where you admit what you do feel towards yourself.
  • How you feel is what determines what you attract into your life.
  • Come to a place where you admit self-love or self hate.
  • Understand why you admire another person's body and loathe your own.
  • You have to be honest with how you feel, and then find out why you feel like that way about yourself.

It is important to:

  • understand why you THINK the way you do and why you act the way you do.
  • Understand why you seem to attract selfish man or women in your life.
  • Understand why others seem to get the BREAKS all the time and you Never seem to get any.
  • Understand why you never get reliable friends
  • Understand why your wife or husband is always cheating on you.
  • Understand what the law of vibration is all about



How To uplift , Empower Your Life With Amazing Secrets

Creating is what people are always doing. Sometimes people create the future with thoughts and at times with words. Now that you are aware of the power of thoughts and words you need to be careful of what you do pull into exsistence.

To create a better environment you need to stop:

  • Belittling yourself
  • Comparing yourself with someone else
  • Being critical of your body
  • Speaking negative words about yourself and others

And you need to start:

  • Prasing your body
  • Praising your husband, your children
  • Being thank -ful for what you do have
  • Loving your self
  • Loving your body
  • Loving life
  • living life positively.
  • seeing and apprecating your positive qualities
  • Apreciating others and their efforts in life , no matter how little.
  • Appreciate your environment , there is always good in everything.
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Learn to relate to yourself

  • How well do you like yourself?
  • How well do you love you?
  • You spend an entire lifetime with self so you need to nurture you, postively


  • The first person to look at before you look at any other person is you;
  • find out how you relate to yourself.
  • You have to get to a place where you are comfortable with your self and that means you embrace yourself the way you are and are able to love yourself. It might not happen overnight but the exercise is worthwhile.

The most Effective Powerful Transforming Mind Blowing Secret

When you think little of self you always:

  • Think other people are better than you are
  • Undermine yourself
  • Allow people to dertermine your value
  • Allow people to dictate the pace in your life
  • Think you don't derseve better
  • Allow people to dominate you
  • Think others are superior to you
  • Live life for others and not self
  • Think you owe your life to your employer
  • Cling to an abusive relationship because you think some one has done you great a favour by noticing you
  • Fail to see your own beauty and good qualities

Remarkably Life Transforming Secrets for a Never Heard Lifestyle

  • Find your voice and speak and never let another person decide for you. You are just as free as the next person; never feel inferior to the point of slavery. Many will take you for granted and never realize your real worth except in relation to exploitation.
  • It is your responsibility to get comfortable with yourself and grow confident so that people never gain an advantage over you. The world likes to deal with people who know their worth, people who know what they want. It is not a place for self pity ad low self esteem, no one will ever have the time to sit with you and try to be fair to you, they will grab what they can out of you and all the while making you think you are Godsend.
  • Take that time to analyze yourself and be ready to root out characteristics that don’t serve you well. This will help you never to stay in a toxic relationship and it will also help you to move on in situations that you feel aren’t working well for you. Confidence helps you to do that, but those with a low self-esteem would be so grateful that the thought of leaving is brushed out of their minds. They endure abusive relationships because they feel that all the man out there don’t want them and at least they have a man, so they hang on.
  • You need to get to place where you know that the world is full of man, great man and you can have a pick of any man you want. Never lower yourself in your own estimation and see things that other people aren’t seeing .when you do so they too will start seeing you and evaluating you the way you evaluate yourself. When you see the right things in you and say those things then you will start to hear them repeat the very things you said to yourself. That is the way it works.

How to Empower self for mind blowing PowerfulTransformation

The Most Practical Simple ways for Impactful Empowered lifestyle

  • Feelings have a lot to do with the environment you create and because you attract through your thoughts it is always important for you to guard how you think and what you do say to yourself and about yourself. You are not another person’s slave; you are an intelligent person full of creative abilities that are always begging to be expressed. You don’t know all this so you continually wish you had someone else’s life. It is really simple get to work on your self and things will start to change.
  • You have to remember and know that your opinion matters, and that your voice counts and that you matter a lot else no one would have employed you. Also remember to never let another person look down on you and your ability and you have every right to stand up for yourself. Say what you want, voice it and hear your own voice saying it, don’t let others speak for you or decide for you. That’s how you build your confidence.
  • It doesn’t matter who shares your opinion about you or who doesn’t, it isn’t a contest; it is about what you think and what you want. Have a mind of your own and start making your independent decisions. Learn to love you and learn to listen to your heart; it’s very easy to let others rule your life for you and it is also easy for them to walk out on you once their purpose has been accomplished. Never be a doormat, and never allow any men to take advantage of you. This isn’t to say you can’t be kind or charitable it just means that you learn to differentiate between the two and be strong enough to eliminate the ones that are not building you up.

Simple Truths You Need To Know For Incredible Living

  • The person who is confident of self will always attract recognition and respect but the one who doesn’t only receives contempt and exploitation. The voice inside you longs to be heard, it longs to express itself. Let it out and let it say what has been bottled inside for so long, let the voice tell you what it feels and it share with you its joys and desires, let that voice know that it is a voice that does count and that it is worthy to be heard by the whole world starting with your ears. Never silence it that is how those who get things working for them go about it I the world. Never let circumstances still that voice that always seeks self-expression.
  • Many times how you grew up may have contributed to the overall imagine of self-pity and a low self-confidence. Some people decide to be enslaved out of gratitude, never realizing that they are free to do as they please. They remain servants for life because they don’t understand that they are equal to the person who has decided to help them in a situation. Once the help is meted all they need do is honor the person for rendering it and not see that person as a god. There is nothing wrong in being respectful to a person who steps in to lift you up, but it doesn’t mean your life now belongs to that person.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you have wallowed in self pity what does count is that you have the power to come out of that limiting perception. The decision to do so is the first step, many people might object when you walk out of your shell, but don’t mind them. Start living your life the way you were meant to, the way you want and not the way the other person dictates. Never allow yourself to feel guilt along the process, you don’t anyone anything but you do owe yourself the right to live a fulfilled life. Don’t give up; keep onto it until you ooze confidence with every step you take and in your voice. This does not mean that you be rude, it only says you must speak for yourself, that is all. That is the way you get to change your feelings and emotions that are responsible for the events and situations that do come to you. Keep thinking well of yourself.

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Luis G Asuncion from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 29, 2019:

You're welcome Charity.

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Thank you so much Luis. Glad you enjoyed it!

Luis G Asuncion from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 24, 2019:

Wow, a nice article that I've read. Thanks for sharing it. Stay safe always.

charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on November 15, 2019:

Thank you Manatita, will seriously consider the role of motivation , as long as it makes someone get up and get going.

Bless your heart

manatita44 from london on November 15, 2019:

A lot of golden nuggets here. No wonder you are smiling. We need all this info and yes, I like hpow you say that some don't seem to know their worth. Constant reminders are necessary. Part of the struggle, I suppose.

A pretty useful article. It reminded me of life-coaches and motivators. Perhaps you should become one. Hari Om!

charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on November 13, 2019:

Thank you Lynne, i am glad that the article has helped you in some way.

Bless you

Lynne Samuel from Malaysia on November 12, 2019:

Very insightful and highly inspiring. I like reading it, just at this time when I need another boost in self confidence. Thank you for that.

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Hi, Farrah, it is well appreciated. Thank you.

charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on April 11, 2019:

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charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on April 11, 2019:

Hi Miebakagh thank you for passing by, glad you liked the article.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on April 10, 2019:

Hi, Farrah,this is informative and eye opening. Thanks.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on April 10, 2019:

Lots of food for thought in this article. This is the kind of motivation we cannot get too often.

Pleased to see the subtitles. Now for the photos. HP recommends at least three per article. Do you need some help with that? Love your work. Want to see you get the most out of your writing experience here.

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