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How to be Taller? Gain Height Naturally or Artificially


The Importance of being Taller

Height affects our personality. A midget does loss his/her confidence much only because of not having a good height. There is a psychological factor too. If you have to look from below to the other person’s face you shall feel an inferiority complex, which is natural. That is why the kings placed their thrones on a high place. The memory of being a small child cuts an impression inside our mind that the taller person’s are grown up or elder than yourself or more matured. So, you need to be taller. But is it possible?

Is it Possible to be taller after a Certain Age?

Usually the rate of being taller becomes very slow at the age of 18. After the age of 22 to 24 the natural growth of your body ceases. So, if you are not a teen ager or small child how can you be taller?

To answer this question we shall have to know the factors which determine our height growth.

Bio Xishun - the world's tallest man ( 7 ft 9 inches) with his wife

Bio Xishun - the world's tallest man ( 7 ft 9 inches) with his wife

How did We Grow Tall?

It is programmed in our gene that how much taller we shall be. That does not mean though you shall be tall if your parents were both of good height. Parents with less height can gave birth to a very tall son or daughter. It is because all the traits of each and every gene never show in a single generation.

Hormones also have very important role in increasing hormone. Growth hormones like STH plays major role in making us tall. Other things that can effect on your height is illness, malnutrition, over work, drugs etc.

So How can I be Tall?

You can increase your height a few inches if you are below 30 years of age. Yes, it is possible. You are pre-programmed in your gene about your height but because of other factors we often cannot get that height. By following some routine about exercise and food we can still get some extra height growth.

Some Artificial Ways of Gaining Height

You can take Growth hormone injections which can give you a bit of extra height easily. But this can be dangerous and it is illegal in many countries. Because of the taboo it will cost a big amount of money

Niacin Tablets are not so dangerous. It will do the process indirectly. Niacin intake can increase the production of growth hormones inside our body.

Melatonin is also can be taken from outside pills. Melatonin has a big role in the production of growth hormones.

Height Gaining Drug - Melatonin

Melatonin is actually produced in animal and vegetable bodies. Our body also produces Melatonin. It is believed that there is a relationship between the growth hormone and melatonin. If your body does not have the sufficient amount of melatonin then you shall have a short height. In that case taking melatonin may help you to gain a few inches. But remember melatonin is a very strong drug which will have some side effects. It would be better to seek advice from a medical practitioner before using it.


Exercises that help

Weightlifting is beneficial in increasing one’s height. Daily lift some weight or do some light exercises using dumbbells or barbells. Weight lifting increases the flow of blood in every muscle and tissue which helps.

Running and jogging is also beneficial in height growth.

Height Gaining Drug - Niacin

Niacin is actually a vitamin, vitamin B3. It is an essential human nutrient. This vitamin is linked with the human growth hormone. Intake of niacin tablets can stimulate the growth hormons and in this way it can help you to gain some height.

To get best benefits from niacin one should have to take it with empty stomach. Fatty acid or glucose will prevent its action.

Taking of Niacin is relatively safe. Niacin is also very good at lowering cholesterol levels. Excessive use of niacin may cause the flushing of the skin with itching. But this not very serious side effect.

Drinking Milk for Gaining Height

Various case studies revealed the effect of milk on the height of children during puberty. Experiments also justified this fact. Milk has a strong effect on height during the time of puberty and also on small children. The high amount of calcium and other nutrients stimulate our body to be taller.

You Need Good Food

By good food what I want to say food with nutritional values. Eat some vitamin D rich food. Vitamin D helps to grow the bones without the bone growth you shall not be tall. Fish and Mushrooms are two great source of this growth vitamin.

Eat plenty of green vegetables, milk and fruits for calcium. Calcium is the main ingredient of our bones. Fresh fruits and fishes also supply phosphorus, another main building material of human bone.

It is reported that Zinc can have some beneficial effect on human growth. Lack of zinc can slow down the growth. The source of zincs are plenty like peanuts, oysters etc.

You need to eat much protein based foods like meat and fishes.


Plenty of sleep is said to be needed for maintaining the natural growth of your body. No sleep no growth. The process of height gain takes place within our body when we are asleep.

Mental Health

Mental health is also essential for growth of our body. Yoga postures keep our brain calm and mentally focused. If you are full of anxiety then it may harm your health and it will also prevent your natural height gain process.

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