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How to Be Happy and Stay Positive

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"A smile is a curve that sets everything straight"

— Phyllis Diller

Happiness is a state of mind. To be or not to be, to laugh or to cry, to feel bliss, or utterly disappointed, can be modified and altered by an individual. People assume a certain thing or a certain event would make them happy. Wrong! Yes, definitely it has an impact on us. If someone wins a $100000 lottery, they would be ecstatic with joy, but the very next day, they will find lame excuses to sink into disappointment. Life has many necessities and uncertainties, and however cheerful a person is, they can be thrown off track with the turn of time.

Here, I am not talking about the adversities one faces and how to smile when life throws you off-track. What I want to address is in our normal life: how can we remain happy and grateful and not find loop-holes every five minutes and genuinely be at peace in our own skin? The need for more, the insatiable urge to achieve more, certainly should exist; without it, there wouldn't be any aim. At the same time, remember, everything takes time.

Nothing happens at lightning speed. It takes years to grow a tree, and again, it takes years to make a champion. If you want to achieve the greatest success the very next day, what are you going to do the rest of your life?

Maintaining calm is not very easy and whining seems to be more lucrative. Everyone lends their ears to listen to your miseries, your fears, and do a few "oohs" and "aahs" over your problems and anxieties. Again, if that makes you happy, go ahead, do it. If it doesn't, stop right in your tracks. No one is really interested in how bad your morning was, or how much your back hurts.

Life is full of opportunities. Even if your life is monotonous. Love it, because people who have to run here and there for a living are secretly wishing for a routine job and life. If you need to find out a solution to your problem, reach out to a friend or family member, but follow the Rule of Three.

  • Never share your problem with more than three people.
  • Engage yourselves, keep yourself busy, and if you don't have anything to do, try taking up a new hobby.
  • Pop a chocolate, but don't overdo.
  • Have some moments to yourself. Nourish yourself, enjoy a spa, take a bubble bath, or simply meditate (no phones please), or simply sit in a quiet corner and talk to yourself.
  • Going through old photos also triggers adrenalin which, in turn, makes you happy.
  • Make new plans. It always helps to look forward to something in future, be it a vacation with your family or a date with your better half.
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Saswati (author) from India on December 29, 2017:

@Ashok Kumar Dash - Thanks a lot

SaswatiS on December 29, 2017:

@ SK Sahoo- Thanks a lot

Dr sk sahoo on December 23, 2017:

Very nice analysis about healthy life.appreciated

Ashok kumar dash on October 21, 2017:

nice article by saswati. Helpful for understanding the secret of happiness.

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