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How to Avoid Anxiety in Times of Covid-19?

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Tips to avoid "anxiety" in times of COVID-19 crises!

With the widespread of novel coronavirus/COVID-19 crises globally, people got more prone to psychological symptoms as well. Especially, People who already had a history of mental illness may get their symptoms worse with the current chaotic situation all over the world.

Undoubtedly, times are hard for all of us but the major contributors that could affect mental health are:

  • Uncertainty about the treatment of the novel coronavirus.
  • High consumption of social media/news channels.
  • or unnecessarily exposure to unauthenticated sources regarding the disease.
  • fear of getting sick or fear of death/thanatophobia.

It really is necessary to take care of your mental health as well as of your family and friends.

What does anxiety mean?

Anxiety, according to the American Psychiatric Association, "is a consistent feeling of apprehension, worry or nervousness that may cause physical changes like sweating, palpitations, shivering, etc.

Here, we are discussing the anxiety that has started to hit individuals due to COVID-19/coronavirus crises and what could be the possible ways to cope with it.

Following are a few of the tips that you can consider to avoid "anxiety" or distressed/worrisome feelings & emotions due to COVID-19 crises:

Take a Time-Out from Social Media

To keep yourself mentally healthy & sane it is important to take a "time-out" from social media or emergency news regarding coronavirus for a while. Because keeping yourself exposed to the emergency news regarding corona crises all the time may trigger threatening feelings of fears which could result in anxiety. Or keeping an eye on the death tolls due to the disease may also cause "fear of death", also known as thanatophobia, in some individuals. Moreover, it may take the form of a panic attack if gets worse.

Choose authentic sources to get informed

Another important point to consider is that you need to choose authentic sources for yourself to get information for the new COVID-19/corona virus. Because to keep yourself calm you would definitely need to believe the real true facts of the disease instead of following or believing some false news from some unauthentic source. As the times are already chaotic and you don't want any fake news to make it any worse for you! To deteriorate your mental health or make a panic situation for you!

Spend Quality Time with your loved ones

Since the world is in crisis due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus & as a matter of fact, people need to remain socially distant to avoid the spread of the disease. Yet, you have your family around you, nothing is as peaceful as your "home", count it as your blessing and try spending quality time with your family members at home. And making the most of it!

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Don't let hope slip away!

Losing hope? Feeling frustrated already? No, Not yet! This is necessary to remain hopeful in this chaotic situation of COVID-19 crises. You can get hope for the fact, that people are recovering too from this deadly virus which means there is still hope & soon we will definitely be out of this crisis. But, to stay patient is the key! It may seem the hardest thing to do with the current situation & it is normal that we all get feelings of distress when we see the world around us is suffering! Yet we also need to understand the fact that "there is still hope", and times will change in a positive way!

Talking to your children

Another important thing at this time to remember is "not to forget to talk to your children". Give them the necessary details & keep a check on their exposure to social media. Children are sensitive and they are looking at their parents for everything. It is important not to talk about anything negative about the disease in front of them, they are looking for cues. And may behave the same way as their parents do!

Essentially, set a routine for them, managing their online classes & make sure you indulge them in positive games at home. So, they find time for recreation and avoid any distress during these crucial times of COVID-19 crises.

Take Necessary Preventive Measures

As the COVID-19/coronavirus is highly contagious, it is important to take all the preventive measures. We all need to take responsibility for taking care of ourselves as well as others. We need to give proper guidelines to others, helping them to fight this battle against deadly coronavirus. Additionally, people living with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) may have their symptoms triggered too, so make sure you keep the sensitivity of their disorder in mind while guiding them about the prevention measures.



In short, you may get overwhelmed by the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak but we all need to tell ourselves to keep our minds at peace and never lose hope of better days. Because, Yes, Better days are coming!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Zura Rubab Khan


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