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Keep The Remote Of Your Feelings In Your Hands

Mitali is a Health and Nutritions Coordinator and a freelance Writer. She's aim is to make human beings physically an mentally strong.

Control your emotions

Control your emotions

Keep The Remote Of Your Feelings In Your Hands?

If ever you look at the language of conversation between people.. then feelings are mentioned in it again and again. Like his words hurt my feelings, people do not understand my feelings, he is a very emotional person, his words touched my heart. All relationships are bound by the strings of feelings. No aspect of our life is untouched by them. In the flowing ocean of the mind, innumerable waves of emotions rise and fall. Some of which give us happiness and comfort, some become a cause of stress and sadness. Whether good or bad, we cannot stop them from coming to our minds. Because it is a simple process but by consciously managing emotions. you can definitely control their effect.

How To Do Emotion Management?

How to handle the myriad conflicting feelings that come to your mind? This is a big problem. The pace of human emotional development is very slow.. in comparison to the speed with which a person's physical development takes place. Some people are not emotionally mature even after entering puberty. That's why they are always worried about their feelings. They feel very tired while carrying this burden of emotions. If such a situation ever comes in our life, then we should throw the bundle of emotions off our shoulders. Instead of deeply analyzing the negative thoughts that come in your mind, try to control them. Some people often say that what should I do, I get angry about everything. I get depressed very quickly. Instead of giving importance to such thoughts that come to your mind, discard them in a jiffy. You can understand this with a small example.

If dark clouds are seen in the sky it does not mean that they are his property. The sky only allows them to pass by. Emotions are like those clouds for us. Which sometimes covers the sky of the mind. Some are pleasant and some are sad. But no matter what the feelings, don't let them dominate your mind. This is the first step towards emotion management.

Don't let someone else take away your smile

Don't let someone else take away your smile

Attachment Is a Big Barrier

All our emotions are related to a person, a person or a situation. Excessive attachment to things, persons or relationships.. is the biggest obstacle in the way of freedom and liberation. Ever honestly think about why small things often break your morale? This is because if ever someone treated you fairly.. just understand that that person was taking out the garbage stored inside his mind and throwing it out. Incidentally you were in front of him and you held the garbage in your hands. Then he kept it in his heart for years. Be sad and angry because of that, then you also start feeling angry. Just imagine that because of someone else's mistake you are doing your own harm. So wake up now and don't let someone else take away your smile.

Always keep the remote of your emotions in your hands, so that you can control them consciously. No one always feels good or bad. All emotions rise and fall like waves. You cannot stop a rising wave. Nor can you lift up a falling stone. Just like waves in the ocean and clouds in the sky. In the same way, emotions also keep coming and going in the mind. But we make it such a big issue that emotions take over our hearts and minds badly. Due to the habit of keeping them constantly.. a lot of useless feelings get accumulated in the mind of the person like garbage. This situation shows emotional weakness, so take care of yourself.

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Emotions can be our best friend as well as our enemy. While negative emotions make us weak.. their positive nature boosts our morale and teaches us to be self-conscious. Subtle and tender feelings take us into deep meditation. But, when emotions are strong, they are fatal to the mind and body of a person. The feeling that makes you soft from within is your friend and the one that hardens you is your enemy. A person without emotion is mentally dead.

Mental Hygiene Is Important

In the present era, awareness is being brought towards keeping the environment clean. But we did not pay attention to the emotional inaccuracies. When we become negative from within, then we encourage such bad feelings. When we do not clean the dirt of our mind with the knowledge, then our corrupted mind spreads more pollution. If a person is angry and disturbed, then his unrest is not limited to him only. It also affects the people who come in contact with that person. In this way, the rays of negative energy collect and create unrest in the whole society. In the present era, there is a need to pay more attention to the human mind. We have to learn to adjust with the surrounding environment. For mental peace and cleanliness, adopt activities like meditation and yoga. You will feel a positive change within you.

Always keep the remote of your emotions in your hand.

Always keep the remote of your emotions in your hand.

Human Nature To Be Like Water

There is an inextricable connection between our thoughts and feelings. Thoughts generate feelings and emotions can also bring thoughts to our mind. Sometimes we feel helpless. And we don't know what to do next? When our energy level is high then there is no problem in our life. Problems come only when our energy level is low. When a person feels himself emotionally weak, then he tries to increase his energy. But by doing this all his sad feelings get stronger.

When you feel sad, instead of running away from the feeling of sadness, get comfortable like water. The nature of water is humility. When you put water in a glass, it takes its shape. Water means acceptance of the present moment. But this acceptance is not associated with fatalism.. but with dynamism and readiness to rise again. How did the ocean become a sea? Because he held the lowest position. From the top of the mountain all the rivers and canals reach the sea below. The sea is full. He who is most humble is the greatest. When you are feeling sad, be humble in that situation. This will make you the richest person on earth.

Have you ever fallen in love with your nostalgic feelings? You have always been fighting them. Close your eyes and get absorbed in that indifference. Sad feelings will not be able to spoil anything for you. No matter how dark and dense the clouds may be, they cannot hide the sun. Thus, whenever there is a cloud of sorrow, do not panic, just go deep. Watch and you will find that many sensations are emerging. Some fear will also emerge. Fear is only a physical level sensation. Amen to that . If you fight these feelings, it will take longer to get them out of you. There is only one way to do this, surrender. If you can't handle your problems, dedicate them to God. With our knowledge, we can make situations positive or negative. Adopting activities like meditation and yoga for cleanliness.. you will feel a positive change within yourself.

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