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How to Transform from Being a Dreamer to Doer

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The life of Elon Musk has been remarkable. Through a pure love for rockets, he was able to self-learn everything he could about rockets and he founded SpaceX. Through SpaceX, he is now launching rockets to space for satellite deployment and cargo transport to the International Space Station.

The race for the space tourism business has just picked up momentum over the last couple of months. Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos just launched themselves to space. These two gentlemen are founders of two amazing companies; Virgin Group Limited and Amazon.

These are examples of individuals who are both dreamers and doers. They are achieving spectacular things. We all want to achieve such great things in our lifetime.

Do you feel that you are doing less than what you are actually capable of? Here are 4 tips that can help you transform from being a dreamer to a doer.

1. Overcome the Curse of Language

Dreamers are burdened with the curse of language. They enjoy sharing their goals with anyone who would listen to them. Believe it or not, the simple act of sharing your goal with someone can make it difficult for you to achieve the goal. Peter Gollwitzer from New York University researched this topic. He concluded that by sharing your goals with other people, you receive premature praise and you will actually find it hard to put in the work to accomplish that goal.

Your life depends on your Word

You need to etch these words into your heart. Whatever you promise, you have to do. So before promising anything, think carefully about whether you can be able to do it. These words will help you greatly in the next step which is the planning phase to achieving your goals.

2. Map Out a Plan to your Goals

Every dreamer has on more than one occasion dreamt about what they need to do and where they should be. The first step is to note down all your goals in a journal. Do a mind dump onto a piece of paper and write down all the ambitions you have.

You should include timelines to these ambitions also. When do you want to realize those goals? Be as reasonable with your goal setting as possible. Of course, setting a goal of launching a manned rocket to Mars in six months is unreasonable; unless you're Elon Musk. Remember, your life depends on your word so pick only what you are sure you can do.

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What do you Actually Want to do?

From your list of goals, pick 3 or 4 goals that you'd like to work on. These are goals that will have a big impact on your life. The "must do's" from your list, so to say. Your list may have had 20 goals but you'll have to put aside the rest for now.

A big problem that plagues most dreamers is they spread themselves out too thin. They want to learn and do everything. They end up doing just a little bit of every project. It would have been beneficial had they only worked on one or two goals.

The Eisenhower matrix can help you easily pick out what goals to work on. Pick the goals that are important and urgent. Other goals, though important, maybe less urgent while others though urgent may be less important. Throw out all the less urgent and less important goals you have.

3. Learn New Skills

The journey from being a dreamer to a doer requires a lot of personal growth. As you look at your goals you will realize that you lack certain skills and expertise to achieve these goals. Perhaps you want to start an online business but you don't know how to create your website. You may want to start your public speaking business but you don't have the confidence to talk to people in public.

The internet is a treasure trove of information. Whatever information you need about any topic, you'll get on the internet. There are lots of courses online on every subject on earth. Be it in marketing, medicine, astronomy, engineering, or agriculture.

To learn these skills you'll have to be dedicated. Too many people start a course and then leave it halfway. Always keep your eye on the prize. Remember why you are doing the course and the goal you hope to achieve.


4. Don't Let Failure Kick you Down

The truth of the matter is the world of doers is fraught with failures. Imagine this, JK Rowling was rejected many times when she gave publishers her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

You should embrace the fact that you will also fail many times but don’t let failure kick you down. Pick yourself up and note down the lessons that you've got from the failure. Reassess your plan to achieve the goal and see what you could do differently to succeed in achieving the goal.

Some goals though may be out of your ability at the moment. Don’t be ashamed of this. Maybe at a future time, you will be ready to tackle that goal but not now. For these goals, it is okay to put them aside and move on to your other goals.

The most important thing in your journey from being a dreamer to a doer is to keep on trying. If you can't achieve your goal in one way, try doing it another way. You will learn so many valuable lessons from failure. Eventually, you will succeed at your goal. Years from now as you look back at all you went through you will just smile.

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