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Testing your Visual Acuity and Eyesight Online.


Over usage of computers can lead to a lot of eye complications and defects. So it is wise that you get your eyes checked whenever you can but if you haven't had or don't have the chance to see a doctor, you can test your vision right there on your computer as well.

Obviously, it goes without saying that these on-line eye tests are no substitute for visiting your doctor but if you follow the steps carefully and well enough, you might get a good idea about just how good (or bad) your eyesight is.

Now, before you attempt to self test your eyesight on-line, you need to understand how the eye testing process works.

Eye testing, what you need to know...

There are various methods of eye testing available today but the most common and widely used is the snellen eye chart. I assume most of you are familiar with the Snellen eye test Chart. It is a method of testing eyesight devised by the famous and world re-known ophthalmologist Herman Snellen. It is basically a chart that is made of rows of alphabets of various sizes, the test requires you to read these letters from a distance, and the smallest row that you can recognize accurately indicates whether you have normal vision or not.

Snellen Eye Chart.

Snellen Eye Chart.

Most eye testing tools that are available on-line make use of the same Snellen chart though some have variations to the original chart with pictures in the place of the letters.

Finding a site with proper eye examining tools might prove difficult as there are thousands of websites claiming to offer legitimate on-line eye tests and yet most of them are a sham, created just to earn the owners, who are mostly spammers, money off ads with no real standard eye tests available. No need to worry though, I've scoured the vast depths of the internet and have brought to you, what I think in my opinion, are the most genuine on-line eye testing tools available on-line.

Now that you know a bit or at least have an idea about the eye testing process works both offline and online, you can proceed to the next step and get your eyes tested.

Ready To Test your Eyesight Online? Alright, Let's Go!

As I have already mentioned above, there are countless blogs and phony websites on the internet with false and inaccurate eye testing tools but I believe the following five tools are the most accurate visual acuity gauging systems available online:

  • MD Support Online Eye Exam

This Official MD support eye exam located here; utilizes the same snellen chart I described above. This is the same chart that your doctor uses to determine your visual acuity. The instructions on the page are quite clear, but I'll go through them here quickly. To properly view the chart on your monitor you will need to get the accurate distance to stand at away from the monitor, to do that you must :

-Measure the height of the letter A on the page in millimeters.
-Divide by 88.
-Multiply by 6.

The final number is the distance (in meters) that you should stand from the monitor. For the chart to accurately determine your visual acuity.

  • Buffalo University's IVAC tool

Buffalo University's Interactive Visual Acuity Chart (I.V.A.C) tool also utilizes the snellen chart but unlike the above, as an additive it also features standard H,O,T,V.and picture/hieroglyph eye exams. It can be found on their official website. Simply click the link provided and follow the instructions on the page.

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Note: The test requires a ruler to make a few measurements, i.e to find the correct distance to stand from, so you should have one nearby before attempting it.

  • Oracle Thinkquest project

This simple and surprisingly efficient visual acuity tool was created as part of an oracle thinkquest project, it can be found here, and there is a mirror hosted here in case the project site is down. This tool utilizes the snellen chart as well and enables you to accurately measure your visual acuity. It works best with computer monitors that are either 15”, 17” or 19” in size. Depending on your screen size and calibration, you are required, most of the time, to stand about four feet from the screen with the snellen chart, then follow the on-screen instructions from thereon. When the characters are no longer readable, hit the stop button and it will display your visual acuity.

  • Driver's License Eye test

The Kentucky Government Driver's License online eye exam, is an on-line version of the official eye exam given by most driving license issuing authorities around the world. Like most of the other visual acuity testing tools it uses a standard snellen eye chart. The on-line Snellen Chart on the site will vary in size according to the size of your screen, therefore, the test distance you must stand at, away from it will also change accordingly . Just like the Buffalo University I.V.A.C tool, a ruler is required. You will have to calculate the proper test distance based on the size of the letter "E" at the top of the chart. Use a ruler to measure the Big "E" in inches on your screen and multiply that number by 2.838. This gives you the number of feet you must stand or sit from your screen while taking the test.

  • Zeiss Online Extensive Eye exam

Saving the best for last, my personal favorite is the eye exam tool on Carl Zeiss' website. It lets you examine your eyesight through three effective vision screenings:

-Visual Acuity Check

-Contrast Vision Check

-Color Vision Check

And to top it off, it even reccommends the perfect lenses and eye glasses best suited for you, that is, if you have any eye defects. It's tested and is confirmed to be 97% accurate.

Note to Reader: Please keep in mind that no matter how accurate any of these eye tests may be, they only provide a clue to the state of your eyesight therefore cannot and should not replace your doctor. If you notice any defects or problems in your eyesight, I highly recommend you see go to the nearest eye clinic or hospital available to get your eyes properly examined by a professional.

A lot of energy and research was put into compiling, editing and putting together this article. If you enjoyed this hub, please share and upvote it below. Thanks!

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