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How to Stay Young (Longer)

Val isn't playing life coach by sharing some useful ideas gathered over 7 decades of life experience and hundreds of books on human nature.

It takes inner beauty to manifest itself outside.

It takes inner beauty to manifest itself outside.

If you can change your mind, you can change your life.

-- William James

A Denial or Not -- Who Cares

Around last Christmas I turned 77, and the year is 2022 -- for those who may read this some years from now.

Now, before you start empathizing, with a vision of an old fart with half a dozen diagnoses on him -- please don't; and if you decide to stay with me for the rest of this post, you are bound to find out, why.

You see, while the most of those of my age are busy refreshing their celestial connections, so that their name doesn't end up on the list of those destined for "that very hot place down there" -- my only concern in the years to come is how to respond to accusations about my "living in a denial".

For, here I am with this peculiar and shameless attitude about aging, the one that relies almost on nothing else but a powerful placebo effect involving my notorious rosy disposition with a positivistic mental discipline, and what I am calling "personal sovereignty".

This last ingredient meaning that I am not letting anyone else think for me, or instill anything into my belief system that is not life-promoting.

Mind is so incredibly powerful when it comes to our state of overall health and the level of vitality, that it's almost scary.

Before you start slapping me with that old-dated biology book in a protest of anything said so far and especially what's coming -- let me remind you that the process of rejuvenation is only opposite from those instances where some people turned grey and wrinkled overnight due to some enormous emotional trauma.

Never heard of such cases? Now you did.

Indeed, our body is incredibly responsive to our emotional states, especially those prolonged ones, also meaning those that have been dragging along for the most of our life so far.

Allow me to remind you about the simple biological fact that those very first tissues in human embryo to start developing are -- guess what -- brain and skin tissues. Already in embryo, they like keeping each other company, before any other tissues join them. That's how close they stay for the rest of our lives.

Thus, when you look in the mirror, you are facing the emotional inventory of your entire past. The good news is that, by a sound stress management with a brighter outlook on life, you can remove some of those lines, as the new emotional model will become your biology.

Many times supplements only work as much as we expect them to work.

Many times supplements only work as much as we expect them to work.

No food will ever hurt you as much as an unhealthy mind.

-- Brittany Burgunder

About Nutrition, Supplements and Exercise

What about exercise and diet, you may ask.

As for the exercise, with your new mood you will automatically want to move around more, and I for one, don't do any particular workouts other than walking.

As far as eating habits are concerned, do what your common sense is telling you, not what those contradictory nutritional books are confusing you with. Personally, I am sticking to 18 to 20 hour intermittent fasting, with one meal, a smoothie and a handful of nuts or seeds, and lots of filtered water during the day.

Let me remind you how those folks in so called "Blue zone" on earth, that are known for many centenarians in their community, don't have any health food stores with all kind of supplements and smart asses to preach to them about a "balanced diet".

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Furthermore, if that highly recommended balanced diet was so crucial for keeping us alive, then Eskimo (Inuit folks, as they like calling themselves) would have gone extinct by now, with no fruits and fresh veggies growing around.

You see, sometimes we just have to think a little with an open mind to drop so much burden from our belief system that's crammed with some dogmatic information.

I made up this, somewhat humorous, metaphor, when it's about vitamins -- which you don't have to adopt, like anything else in this post, if it sounds too odd to you. It goes like this:

Our nature has an inner chemist that watches how we feel on a regular basis -- and then according to what it sees, it may turn vitamin into crap, or crap into vitamin.

I don't know about you, but I still have to see someone in those health food stores -- including the sales persons there -- who look really vibrantly healthy. I am not frequenting there for a long time, but there was such time when I became a little encyclopedia of ""supplements' benefits".

(O.K,. I may get a little tired repeating how you don't have to believe a word here -- so I put that official disclaimer at the end of this post -- don't miss it).

Indeed, folks, all those buyers in health food stores look pretty much unwell, to say the least.

I remember a best selling book that I bought on nutrition long time ago, and I got shocked by two full pages of recommended supplements -- just "essential to keep me well".

Supplements industry is a multi-billion dollar business, ever since they got this smart idea to badmouth the medico-pharmaceutical establishment and its chemical-based meds with their side effects.

Not that I am blaming them for that. Actually our body has an ingenious natural pharmacy of its own, and for any medication to work, there has to be a cellular receptor -- one that's ready to receive body's own "prescription".

Then we come to that magic word: placebo.

Namely, whether you are taking a pharmaceutical or supplemental stuff, as long as you firmly expect it to work for you -- it's bound to work. Period.

On most of those little bottles there should be one added instruction: "Take it with a megadose of trust".

Trusting in positive outcomes may lead to results bordering with miraculous -- no matter how dangerous a situation may appear.

Trusting in positive outcomes may lead to results bordering with miraculous -- no matter how dangerous a situation may appear.

You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden.

-- Astrid Alauda

What We Believe Shows on Us

We have to see the seriousness of that gamut of negative suggestions about aging that have compiled over some decades in our belief system.

We have been subjected to these misleading "facts of life", along with so many others which have not really worked for our benefit in any way.

Even as little kids, we noticed that grandma's face didn't look as smooth as mama's, but were too young as to wonder why -- just got impressed, like it was normal at that highly impressionable age.

Up to the age of 7, our brain is said to be in a continuous hypnagogic theta frequency, which is to say that we don't have yet developed discriminatory abilities, but are sponging everything as a "fact".

Then years are following with the same conviction that "people of certain chronological age have to look a corresponding way".

With the knowledge that our cellular intelligence follows our beliefs, what do you think how it is arranging our own biological clock as the time goes by?

You may have heard or read about that experiment done with a group of old-timers in their late 70s and early 80s, as they were kept secluded in a monastery in a prearranged ambient to be a replica of the one from their youth.

For the whole duration of the experiment, they were not allowed to communicate about their health complaints, but instead reminisce about their young times. Moreover, they were dressed the way they used to in those times, they listened to the music of those times -- all in all, they were mentally immersed into those young years.

After only one week, when the scientists conducting the experiment measured their markers of vitality, they were amazed. Their biological clock reversed for 22 years!

Any more proofs needed for the enormous power of mind, especially emotions, over our state of health?

Again I'll say it -- it's almost scary what our mind can do either for, or against us.

For another, even more dramatic example, somewhere in the state of West Virginia there is this 100-year old ritual of "handling poisonous snakes". Congregations gather to practice this deadly -- but miraculously safe for them -- act, which from time to time ends up with someone getting bitten, but doesn't get sick at all.

What's even more insane, their priest drinks strychnine, a known deadly poison, and stays alive and well.

Why? Because their faith is so strong that their bodies convert poison into an innocent substance.

Or, for the last example, think of those firewalkers. A young Canadian woman made it into the Guinness book of records for walking barefoot along a 200 feet long hot coal bed, without getting burned.

Do we still doubt about our mind being in charge of our health, our age, even our longevity?

Well, no one should attempt any of just mentioned feats -- they are for those with 100% unwavering trust, not for some naive hopefuls who would think they could produce such intense state of mind overnight.

With all this said, let me end my story about prolonging our youthfulness. I hope I have impressed you enough to start reprogramming your mind -- but not enough to fire your doctor if you are having any health issues.

Remember, only practice makes perfect, and even after all these years, I am not quite there yet. But only time will tell.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

© 2022 Val Karas

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