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How to Stay Productive This Summer

Randol is a college student that understands the importance of staying productive.

How to Start

Productivity isn't just doing a school assignment or working at a job. Productivity is anything that you produce that is beneficial to you. This could be anything from doing laundry, cleaning your room, reading a book, or even creating an art piece. Here are a few general things to get productive:

  • Create goals. It's easier to be productive when you have a goal to work towards. Could be anything from reaching a new fitness level or organizing a room in your home.
  • Break up your goals into separate pieces. For example, if your goal is to clean your house, don't leave it just as to clean the whole house as that can be overwhelming. Instead, have your goal be to clean one room at a time, slowing checking each part off until you've reached your ultimate goal.
  • Figure out what could prevent you from being productive and eliminate it.
  • Make your own list of things you want to get done and slowly work through it.
  • Write down why you want to stay productive and how it will benefit you. Whenever you feel unmotivated, go back to that list.

How to Stay Productive This Summer


The Ultimate Productivity List

This is a list of things to do when you feel unmotivated or simply just don't know where to start. Doing just a few small things can make a big difference.

  • Make your bed. It shouldn't take long and it will get you moving.
  • Pick up a few things off your floor. A clean room is always nice and helps you to have a clear mind.
  • Do a small cleaning project. For example, you could organize a drawer in your desk or wash all your makeup brushes. After you do that one, do another one until your whole house is clean.
  • Do a load of laundry. There's nothing better than clean clothes and a full dresser.
  • Go through your closet and get rid of old clothes you don't wear or shop online to buy new pieces to complete your look.
  • Organize your pantry or your spice cabinet.
  • Get rid of old pens or art supplies.
  • Listen to a podcast or Ted Talk
  • Create a new playlist that fits your mood.
  • Do an art project. Could be a realistic portrait, an abstract painting, or even a coloring sheet you printed off the internet. Creating an art piece is not only fun to do, but it is also something to look at to remind you to keep creating and to keep moving.
  • Go outside. Go for a walk with your dog of family member or set up a hammock.
  • Read something. Could be a book, a magazine, or an article online.
  • Do a puzzle whether its a physical puzzle or a puzzle game online.
  • Write a letter to a distant friend or family member you haven't seen in a long time.
  • Call someone you haven't talked to in a while.
  • Watch a documentary or something else that can teach you something new.
  • Watch a youtube video to teach you how to do something.
  • Try a new workout. Normally do cardio? Find a strength-building exercise that is different than what you normally do.
  • Cook or bake something. Try a new recipe!
  • Practice a new hobby. Could be art, cooking, yoga, whatever you want!
  • Clean out your car.
  • Water your plants. Don't have any? Go get some!
  • Update your resume. This will get you closer to your dream job.
  • Clean out your email inbox.
  • Rearrange your furniture. A new layout can give you a new look on life.
  • Go through your photos. Put them in files or delete ones you don't need.
  • Listen to an audiobook. You can listen while you relax or while you clean and organize. Places like Audible have thousands of audiobooks of all genres, and it's not very expensive.
  • Update your social media.
  • Plant some herbs to use when you cook.
  • Propagate your plants to get new ones.
  • Organize the apps on your phone and delete old ones.
  • Flip an old clothing piece and turn it into something new.
  • Start a journal. Already have one? Write in it!

Benefits of Staying Productive

There are many benefits to staying productive. Staying busy helps you lessen anxiety and depression when you're moving, getting things done, and not giving yourself too much extra time to overthink. Staying productive also helps you have a better grip on your life. When your house is clean and your mind is growing from learning new things, you will feel better motivated to work harder and live life more enthusiastically. Come August when you start back at school or when life is getting busier, you won't have to make many adjustments as you will already be used to staying busy and getting things done. So get off the internet and go clean your room. You'll thank yourself later.

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Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on May 23, 2020:

Interesting article. Engaging.

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