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How to Regain and Maintain Your Confidence and Self-Esteem? Answer to That Is Right Here!


Let's imagine a scenario here,

Imagine that someone is pointing a gun to your head and he says this to you.

“In 10 seconds, I will pull the trigger and you will die.”

And you ask him this,

“Do I have any other option?”

he replies,

“Nope, not at all! Now get ready to die.”

What will you do now?

A. Die helplessly.

B. Try to snatch the gun and shoot the shooter with it.

A pessimist will choose option A and will be murdered brutally.

An optimist will choose option B and either one of the 3 things will happen to him.

1.He will succeed in snatching the gun and shoot the shooter down.

2. He will die trying.

3. He will succeed in snatching the gun as well as shoot the shooter but he himself will get partly injured.

Even if he die trying, he himself in the last seconds and the entire world will remember him as a hero, a brave person.

But if he dies helplessly, the entire world will not even talk about him a bit. He will be forgotten as soon as possible.

What you want to become now is entirely up to you. The urge to survive the toughest of situations and emerge victorious will make you mentally strong.

Now consider the picture given at the beginning of this article.

Consider yourself as the person standing in the middle and the guns pointed towards you as the problems and challenges in your life. If you want to emerge victorious from such situation, what you have to do is to snatch one or two guns tops and shoot all the other shooters.

The secret to becoming mentally strong is,

1.Focus on the most important aspects of your life, try a little harder than previous day and keep doing that for the rest of your life. Have the urge to win and a fear to lose and remain mediocre for the rest of your life.Slowly and gradually, you will become mentally strong and your problems will become weak.

2. As you become expert and strong in some of the most important aspects of your life, you will be able to use that expertise in solving other small problems of your life without any difficulty and diversion.

Also, once you become strong mentally, your self esteem and confidence will automatically begin to come back.


After performing the activity given above, how will you proceed further to achieve your goals in studies/work?? For that let's imagine another scenario,

Suppose someone challenges you to impress this very beautiful girl (Pic given above)..

Since you love accepting challenges and also accepted this one. Now, what will be your plan of action to execute the entire thing and win the challenge?

This will be the plan.

1.Studying the nature, likes and dislikes of the girl.

The kind of guys she likes, people she hangs out with, her interests etc. In a nutshell, you will try to scan this girl from inside out.

After properly executing the first step, you will move on to the next step and that is,

2. Asking advice from someone who is experienced in this matter.

Based on the gathered information, you will ask advice from an experienced person on how to make a move on this girl. That person will provide you with necessary information so that you can appear very charming and appealing to this girl. After that, you will practice all the points again and again so that there is no chance of any mistake (as you have limited time) and after that, you will approach the girl.

3. Being Confident and decently dressed.

You will talk to her with confidence and will follow the directions provided by the experienced person. You will be patient and will listen to her side of the story too. You will ask her hobbies and will tempt her to deliberate on it because that is a great way to grab a person’s attention. The only thing that should be in your mind when you are with that girl is her and only her, nothing else. You will bath every day and smell nice so that you could be charming both physically as well as mentally.

4. Asking her out on a date.

After a few days of connecting with her on a mental level, you will ask her out on a date. You will take her out to a very nice place and you will make her feel special.

Finally that girl is yours. Mission accomplished in the most dominant manner.

This is exactly how you excel in studies/work too like a top student/worker do.

Consider that book/work as a beautiful girl you have to woo and then proceed like a topper/best performer. What will toppers/top performers do in such a situation?

1.Firstly, they will scan the books (which are way out of their league initially but they have accepted it like a challenge which they have to win anyhow) from top to down to get an idea of what they are getting into. They will identify the most important and basic aspects of the course to start off with. They have the urge to complete it in minimum possible time.

2. Then they will get additional opinions and directions of experienced persons (teachers) in order to further furnish and modify the information that they collected.

3. Then they will approach the books and start studying. The only thing that they have in their mind is to excel that book, make it their best companion. Love the tough parts of those books so that it doesn’t give them a headache while reading them. Finally, they will be able to become an expert of the subject which they are reading.

4. The final thing is exams (which is equivalent to asking a girl on a date). They will hope that the paper is in their favor which eventually will be. They will write the answers in a very systematized and decent manner and in the way which catches the eye of the examiner.

Finally, they will get appropriate result for their immense efforts and that is, topper of the class/top performer of organisation.

Note: Girls can imagine such a scenario for a handsome guy and proceed appropriately.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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