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How to Pass Drug Test?

Different Ways to Pass Drug Test:

Drug test is the Techniques of determining and analyzing the inherit Drug Metabolites by particular person. Mostly Sports persons, employees of organizations are going through scanning process: This is to check if particular person specially the sports person use any steroids for performance enhancement and it is mandatory for Employer for screening the drug prohibition ruled under law to test the use of Marijuana, Heroin and Cocaine.

The preparations before the screening of drug test:

Take time to figure-out the date of test and time of drugs you had last. If you find some time for preparation, don't rush or confused, take wise decision. First you use to avoid taking more drugs. If the drug test being administered by employer they will surely provide advance warning, date and time. It will bring you some time, to pay attention and be prepare for the test.
In some of the cases the person should be on probation and the test schedule is surely being pre-stated. Doing preparation in advance is an advantage, so prepare in advance and don’t let the time come.

Find which type of test possibly been administered:

Collect some information, what kind of test you will be going through because if you have advance information it is better to get prepare for the particular test rather than wasting time on others. In general there are four kind of tests; Blood, Urine, Saliva and Hair.

Mostly used test is Urine Drug Test because it easy to take & administered and result comes often and accurate. It clearly emphasis on the parent metabolite of drugs and commonly screening for cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates etc.

Blood Drug Test is administered in case of suspicion of drug intoxication; and if you have taking the drug recently, the chance is pass the test is almost impossible.

Saliva Drug Test is not that sensitive then blood test and most often it is used as the replacement for blood or urine test.

And the last one is the Drug Hair Test and is the most extreme to get clear. Because you cannot make any influence on it and it remains in your hair for 90 Days. The hair drug test are rarely been taken but it clearly report the contamination of time, quantity and specificity of drug because the course of drug inherited and the hair grown on the same period could be detected easily.

Analyze the amount of drugs you have conceived: Figure out the amount of drug you have conceived and it has the direct influence on passing the test because if you have taking casual drugs then it might not be detectable after passing up to 30 days. Chronic users always find as drug positive and should never be passed.

If get chance of choosing the drug test: It never happened always that you get a chance to choose the test imposed on you. But sometimes there could be, and if you have a chance what test will you choose depends on the quantity of consumption of drugs that you had over time.
For instance; if you have drugs for past week and at low quantity then blood test and saliva is the good choice.
If you have drugs for once in a past week then hair test could have been the best choice.
If anyhow you have drugs currently then Urine test could be better choice because it is less sensitive then the blood test.

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The Techniques How to Pass Drug Test:

1) How to pass the Urine Test? Applies the techniques given below:

Never or ever try to Dilute or masking the sample: Test analyzer has knowledge and they know it well how one try to mask the sample by using the chemicals. And if you use some homemade technique like taking vinegar, salt and bleach for tempering the sample then you should also been caught because it could alter the pH level. Or diluting the sample by using water could have been the failure.

What to do? (i) Drink the water as much as you can because it could dilute the sample but if you are heavy drug user then this could not be work.
(ii) Use Becosules (Vitamin B-pill) because it turns the urine yellow and it could confuse the test analyzer.
(iii) You should urinate often so drink water as much you can and urinate as much as possible because it can pump-out metabolites of drugs.
(iv) At first, you needed to pee in the toilet (If you are not being watched) then give the sample because first urine has more drug metabolites.
(v) Your last choice could be substitute urine; If Uric test is not been with the urine test then it is good technique. Another choice is smuggling of urine sample or bribes the test analyzer.

2) Salvia! How to Pass Salvia Drug Test: There are only 4 tricks to pass Salvia drug test, all are unique and each of them carry different risks and challenges.
(i) Wait the time until your body cleans the metabolites itself over time because this is the only way to, safe-guard from the test.
(ii) Trust on your destiny and fate because if you ingest drugs in 2 to 3 days then it is sure to be detected in salvia test and if the time has over 3 days then there is chance of passing the saliva test.
(iii) If you have drugs ingestion during last three days then the only way to get rid of this is to avoid testing.
(iv) Alternately the best way to clean the drugs is quite obvious not to take drugs it just not save you from getting pass but also the lifesaving.

3) How to Pass Blood Test: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) Blood test is positive instantly after few hours of ingestion and it will detect from the blood sample easily. The test is tough enough to pass if you have ingested the drugs and the quantity is high in your system because it takes couple of weeks to clear of the body.
(i) Blood test is impermeably detecting the THC in your system with exact match of quantity inheritance. Only way to get rid of this is avoid the drug as much as you can.
(ii) Blood test is not just perfectly matching your THC but it is good in detection of other as well and could but perfectly matches the other inherited ingestion of drugs.
(iii) Use pre-cleans products to get clean of the blood test.
(iv) Don’t drugging during the period of testing because it confirm your detection.

4) How to Pass Hair Test: It is the sensitive and advance technique to detect the drugs sample from the contaminated hair because during the course of drug ingestion the hair grow during that period get contaminate and easily figuring the amount and type of drugs.
(i) Hair used for sampling are taking from head, face, chest and underarm etc. so the best part is to shave your head and chest, underarm etc. before the test and if you have no hair then you may have asked for other test that are easy to pass then hair.
(ii) If you have been asked for hair sample (since it is require for 1 to 1.5 inches of hair to detect the sampling), waxing the hair (overall) and try pretend swimmer.
(iii) Try to influence them for other test rather than hair test because hair testing can’t spare you if you had drugs during the course.
(iv) Lower down the Toxin level of hair by using Melanin or other hair color.

5) Study your Legal Rights to fight against sampling and other issues: If you passed the drug test then it is fair enough and if you fail in testing then you should be aware what action to take that save you from legal actions. You should be aware of Federal laws, state laws and other legal laws. Each state working on their separate policies and guidelines.
Asked for the second test if get detect because all the time drug test report may vary because during the period it detoxifying from the system.


How to Pass a Drug Test is this beneficial and lots of issues are there to discuss. Drugs are never been good for your health and other issues in life because it hampers your life, have impact on your family, rammed your job and financial resources. It is not good at any aspect of life so I suggest you not to take drugs.
Don’t try any delusion test techniques because they could not save you from detection rather they are dangerous for life as well.
Exercise enough so that your system sweats out the waste from the body and avoid the ingestion of drugs.

Top Issues in the Article:

(1) What are drugs tests and how to pass drug test?
(2) The preparations before the screening of drug test.
(3) Type of Drug test and what possibly been administered.
(4) How to pass the Urine Test?
(5) How to pass the Saliva Test?
(6) How to pass the Blood Test?
(7) How to pass the Hair Test?
(8) Legal Rights of the individual.

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