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How to Not Compromise your Standard?

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They say that the trick to sell and do business, which comes up to be successful, is not to focus much on what you want or need, but to rather focus on what others, your customers, want and need. Can you actually do it without compromising your standards?


A person of values does not stop being an amazing person

The great philosopher Artur Schopenhaur said "At the end of the day, the king will take of his crown, and the queen will set aside her specter, but a great man will also take his greatness with himself, wherever he goes."

Most people, because of the ego feelings of jealousy, insecurity etc, will start playing games, like talking bad about you, not returning texts, being deceiving, etc. This is the way they lower their vibration and standards, and sometimes it gets so out of hands that you can not stand without getting into a fight with them. You have to understand that when you consider fighting them back, you are lowering your vibration to match their already too low vibration, and you are simply better than that.

It is not about how others see you, it is about how you see yourself. Other people, in time, will understand that you made the better possible choice out of a certain situation. You also have to understand that you need to give an example and you have to be the example for others to follow. You, by refusing to give in to a fight and lower vibration energy, you teach others to not cave in this issues too, therefore you are all raising your vibration and you are bettering your standards.

There is always the choice to walk away if someone does not match your standard, and I assure you, you will simply forget about them. You have to figure out who you are, and for that, you need time alone, time to dedicate only to yourself. You need to figure out how to proceed, and you can't do it while dealing with a zillion other issues that other people have created for you, or they have created out of their problems. If you do not determine who you are today, the world determines it for you.


Give value vs taking value

You know the giver has always something to give, while the taker, depends on the giver to live on. I know it is hard, and sometimes you feel like you have nothing more to give, but if you are a giver, you always have more, more for yourself, and more for others, so give it away. The taker, they have nothing really that they can call it their own, so they will always depend on you, to live. The world though, needs its balance. It needs its givers and takers, otherwise, nothing would function properly.

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If you were to close in yourself, and not share what your gifts are, that would be compromising yourself. You are meant to offer what you know, what you do, at a price, or not, that's your decision, but you got to get it out in the world. You, not giving, because you feel like the takers seem to have it always better, ruins your gifts, and blocks your from fulfilling your life purpose, which is to give. In simpler words, you compromise yourself. In the end, your life is only your own, and you won't really care much how much others took from you or not, you will only care of how much you gave, and how much more you can give. The hero will always be you.


Where would compromising your standards get you?

Lets say you do compromise your standards and your beliefs to reach a certain goal or a specific outcome. Where does that leave you?

You see, people learn how to treat you but what you allow and what you stop. People learn how to treat you by seeing how you treat yourself. If you compromise your standards, to make it simpler for someone else to get what you are offering, or to get what they want without putting much effort in, you are teaching them that you can make exceptions.

In fact, you are teaching them that you can always make exceptions. Well, worse than that, you are teaching them that you have no standards at all.

The thing is, that even if you have compromised your standards, do not feel trapped. You can always apply your standards even if you have compromised them for a long time. People have no say on what you should or should not do. You are the only one who decided what standards you want to apply and the past stays in the past.

Bottom line: Do not compromise your standards. Do not put yourself through a storm, you wouldn't walk in otherwise. And if you do, remember, that you always have the power to put them back!

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Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on May 05, 2019:

Hello, HighPriestess, this is very hard to be swallow down by some. But I usually do it at times among little children, boys and girls. But to grown-ups like me, I had to be careful even if I am a sales person. Thanks for sharing.

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