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How to Neutralise Fear-Based Behaviour

Xavier is a teacher and Hypno-Psychotherapist in Private Practice in the Isle of Man since 2005.

Unconscious Fear


Fear is a Feeling not a Thought

Fear is one of a number of emotions we as human beings feel and express in reaction to certain events or experiences.

Emotions are neither good nor bad, they are part and parcel of what makes us human. When we are in danger fear plays a role in helping us survive and no human being is a stranger to this feeling.

A feeling is not a thought so fear is not something we think, it is felt. A thought can trigger fear but thought is not fear.

When we are in danger the feeling of fear prompts us to take action to survive a threat. The feeling is spontaneous and emanates from the subconscious where all our programs are stored. One such program is the program that keeps our heart beating. We don't have to constantly check if our heart is beating because we have a subconscious program that takes care of that.

Subconscious Programs

We are also born with the ability to add programs to our subconscious mind. This ability can be used for our benefit or our detriment.

When we learn something new, like driving a car, we follow procedures consciously thinking about each step. It is only after many repetitions that the procedure is stored in the subconscious and we perform the steps without having to think about them anymore.

Programs can also be added to the subconscious at times when a person experiences intense emotion in reaction to a completely novel and threatening experience. A person being attacked experiences such intense emotion and can be traumatised by the experience unless they have been previously trained to deal with such an event.

When a person experiences such an event everything that occurs is recorded and saved spontaneously in the subconscious mind. This information from all five senses is saved the way a person might save a number of files on a desktop which on the surface seem unrelated but in fact come from the same experience. An example of this would be the sounds in the vicinity of the attack, like rustling leaves, heavy breathing or even the sound of an aeroplane overhead. Even the smells are recorded such as the smell of freshly cut grass where the attack took place, the smell of after shave or deodorant or sweat. Then there are also the recordings of what was seen, felt and tasted. All of these files remain active on the desktop of the subconscious mind until such time as they are addressed and filed properly.

This kind of unconscious fear is borne out of trauma and can affect a person for the rest of their lives influencing their every decision and so making it impossible to live in the present as long as they are trapped in that past experience which is triggered every time they hear, see, smell, taste or touch anything that reminds them of what happened.

An Imagined Threat is not Real

The fear we experience, which emanates from a trauma stored in the subconscious, does not arise from any real threat in the present. This unconscious compulsion to survive an imminent threat is not real but is in response to a trigger from the past saved on the desktop of the subconscious.

Examples of this could be:

- A child in school smells the after shave of the teacher that reminds him of abuse at the hands of a man who used the same after shave.

- A woman who was raped in a field with freshly cut grass has an asthma attack when she cuts her own lawn.

-A person reacts with rage to the sudden sound of breaking glass which was the sound heard at the time the original trauma occurred.

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Collective Fear and Responsibility

We also are triggered by our collective memory of trauma. Jewish people to this day can be triggered by authoritarian rhetoric from a politician.

People who are told repeatedly of threats to their existence and to the planet itself are primed to act as if these threats are real and act accordingly.

How many of you remember being told by President George W. Bush about weapons of mass destruction being stockpiled by Saddam Hussein in Iraq and that was the pretext he used to go to war with Iraq?

How many of you remember being told about the threat of communism and that being used as a pretext for the United States going to war in Vietnam?

In order to get a population on board those in authority know that fear is the first step. Time and time again we see how any government can pursue their own agenda by first instilling enough fear in the population. A population that is fearful enough then hands over their power to their government and complies with all their dictates regardless of how contradictory they are.

This is exactly what is happening in the world today and it is not being done to just one nation but globally and they are getting away with it again.

After convincing the nation of its urgency to go to war and after all the blood shed in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name a few, the United States withdraws and nothing more is said about it.

This time the price will be paid by the whole of humanity and it is not as if people have not seen the methods used in the past.

What will people say when their children and grandchildren ask - "Why didn't you protect us"?

Anamorphic Illusion


Anamorphic Illusion

When Germans were asked after WWII why they went along with Hitler most said they were just doing what everyone else was doing and they were afraid to rock the boat. When asked if they were aware of the atrocities most said they were completely ignorant of it.

Fear and ignorance are the excuses always given after the fact so before it is too late why can't people simply move their stance even an inch and see the distortion of truth being perpetrated on the world today.

The steps that those in authority have taken to put the world into this trance are the same steps that every government and despot has used throughout history.

Most people have seen the drawings on pavements that give the illusion of something real when looked at from a certain standpoint but from another standpoint the illusion is revealed.

To wake up and take responsibility, all a person has to do is change their standpoint ever so slightly and the lie is revealed.


© 2022 Xavier Nathan

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