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How to Make your Fitness, Food and Health Goals Work Throughout the Year

I am a lifestyle enthusiast. I believe that with few positive changes in lifestyle we can improve the quality of our life and health.

Make your Fitness, Food and Health Goals Work Throughout the Year

Make your Fitness, Food and Health Goals Work Throughout the Year

Fitness Goals

Planning New Year goals is fun. It gives us a sense of purpose and direction to start the new year with. Though forming new habits can be done anytime, the new year gives a good opportunity to make some lifestyle changes for a healthier and better life. We have to follow up on these goals regularly and with dedication the whole year round and make an assessment on the progress made from time to time. This way we get an opportunity to reflect on the reasons for not keeping up with the goals and make better sustainable goals in the subsequent years.

I spoke to my best friend, who is a Fitness, Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach and she suggested some tips for sticking on to my fitness resolutions, throughout the year. She advised the following:

  • To Not Restrict or Bind yourself to a Goal: Binding yourself to a superficial goal like wanting to lose 10 kgs in a month, is best avoided. Instead, it is better to focus on easily achievable goals like finishing 6000 steps per week, slowly increasing it to 8000 steps in the second week and so on.
  • To Not Let the Weighing Scale, Control your State of Mind: obsessing over one’s weight will never help. Instead of fretting over the scale, one should focus more on inch loss. Not meeting the planned number can be demotivating and makes you to let go completely which is harmful in the long run.
  • Opt for a Work out at Home Rather than the Gym: Fitness experts agree that working out at home is the best way to stay fit nowadays. There are many exercises which can be done at home, without the gym equipment. Also, online workouts are popular now and can be attended from the comfort of the home.
  • Letting Go of Harmful Habits: Addiction is different for everyone. Like addiction to cigarettes, alcohol, junk food or beverages. Fitness experts say there are two ways to tackle this. The first is go cold turkey and vow never to touch the stuff again, or you can reward yourself with your favorite thing say once in a month or a fortnight. In the long run this really helps to stick to the goal consistently.
  • Determination is the Key: for the resolution to stick around for the whole year, one needs to be determined. A mindset that it has to be done and there is no other option, has to be developed.
  • Break the Monotony, Try Different Methods: adding a variety of fun workouts can always help one stick to fitness routines.
  • Learning to Say No: Fitness conscious persons need to know that gluttony is a sin. One needs to learn to say no to every force feeder in the family. Sometimes a single bite or sip can trigger an addiction. It can be a difficult road from there. Knowing to eat the right amount of food is the best thing to do.
  • Train Mentally: Fitness experts reiterate that training the mind is as important as training the body. There are days when you feel that we only live once, so why not enjoy this food. There are days when you feel down especially when others are enjoying your favorite food. A strong mind will not be affected by such things.
  • Never Compare with Others: Often friends discuss new year goals, and by comparing the progress made by others with your own can be a low. So, one should never compare one’s progress with others.
  • Inspiration Comes from Inside: No one can goad you on a regular basis. You have to encourage yourself on a daily basis to follow the plan of achieving the goals. Doing the best, you can, should be the aim.
Healthy Foof for a Healthier You

Healthy Foof for a Healthier You

Eating Habits for a Healthier Life

The pandemic made us aware of the importance of good health and we realized that good eating habits are absolutely essential for good health. My friend the fitness coach, suggested these tips for healthy eating habits:

  • Avoid Cleanses: There are a lot of fads and trends that promise everything but one needs to be wary of them. Drinking cucumber juice or watermelon juice or whatever to lose weight, for a couple of weeks can be detrimental to health.
  • Protein for Good Health: We have been told since our childhood that proteins are essential for building a healthy body. Adding protein to the diet through meat, dairy products, beans and nuts help in improving health.
  • Portion Control: Portion control is essential for a healthier life. It will help you eat more items that you like without the fear of overindulging and causing harm to your body.
  • Commit to a Lifestyle: there are no quick fixes for good health. instead trying to build better habits, adding changes to lifestyle incrementally, makes it easier to sustain.
  • Greens for Good Health: Green veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, and various other ailments.
  • Make Fiber your Friend: Fiber improves gut health, by improving digestion. it keeps you fuller thus avoiding needless snacking on unhealthy and junk food. It also reduces constipation.
  • Reduce Sugar intake: Most of us have a sweet tooth. Though it makes one feel good it is harmful. Processed, refined sugar gives an initial high but later makes one feel low on energy and can also cause headaches. Eliminate sugar from your diet to reduce inflammation in the body.
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Yoga for good health

Yoga for good health

Health Tips for a Healthier You

The pandemic has made us realize that health matters more than anything else and staying healthy is about physical. Mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In this fast-paced world, constantly juggling work, family and social lives, stress becomes our constant companion. Stress has harmful repercussions on our health and productivity. But we cannot completely eliminate stress from our life, we can learn to deal with it and minimize its harmful effects. My friend suggested these easy relaxation techniques to ease stress:

  • Deep Breathing: Proper breathing can not only be relaxing, but also relieve stress. The method is quite simple. Breathing in slowly taking in deep breaths and holding the breath for a while before exhaling makes you feel calm. With practice, holding the breath for longer periods can be done.
  • Yoga: is one of the most effective way to curb stress. A combination of meditation and exercise helps in strengthening the mind and body and also relieves muscle tension.
  • Music: Listening to soothing music helps relieve stress, and alleviate your mood. Sitting back with eyes closed and listening to relaxing music for twenty minutes can work wonders to soothe tensed nerves.
  • Aroma Therapy: lighting scented candles and adding aromatic oils and flowers to the bath, after a long stressful day can soothe both the mind and body.
  • Time with Pets: Pets, whether a dog or cat or fish or turtle, pets are great stress busters. Spending time with your favorite pet will not only make them feel loved but also make you feel calm and at peace. Just watching fish swimming is a calming experience.
  • Short Naps: Taking short naps are a great way to beat stress. Studies have shown that s short nap of fifteen minutes can minimize stress and make one feel energized.
  • Imagery: to let the stressed mind to escape to a calming scenery or situation is a good way to destress. Imagining yourself to be on a beach or in a cool green forest is a great diversion for a stressed mind. It immediately transports one to serene place and invokes relief from stress.
  • Hot Beverages: caffeine being a good stress reliever, a hot cup of coffee or tea helps improve the mood. However, since excess of caffeine is harmful, moderation is advised. A steaming cup of hot chocolate instead of coffee or tea, can definitely cheer one up.

Healthy Mindset for Better Health

My friend, the coach said, ultimately it is all about mindset. The pandemic has taught us how we can shift mindsets and habits, when it is absolutely necessary. Impossible things have been achieved and habits of a lifetime have been broken and new habits formed in the past two years. It just proves that it is not difficult at all to change lifestyle and habits that help us lead better lives.Your mindset predetermines your state of happiness or sorrow, how you respond to challenges or tricky situations and also whether you are prone to fall into depression or negative emotions.

Controlling your mindset and shifting it suitably can benefit you immensely. Ultimately the only thing that matters is keeping your passion and drive going and not depending on others for their approval or opinions. Perfection is not what you dream of but a result of patience, intention and hard work. Once you realize that it is the inner game that drives the outer game, it becomes clear what needs to be changed. Mindset is nothing but our inner beliefs, prejudices, and assumptions.

As time goes, these get internalized and shape our mindset. This defines our character and the trajectory of our lives. So, the steps to steer your mindset towards a good life are as follows. First of all, you have to identify the set beliefs and prejudices that are detrimental to you and change the ones that are an impediment to your growth and happiness. Then start examining how and why these beliefs got embedded in your mind. Then start breaking them one by one, with the help of your intelligence, understanding and determination. Focus on the learning and growing rather than on the obstacles. Looking at every situation from multiple perspectives helps develop a non-judgmental and understanding mindset. Once you realize how the mere change of mindset brings you a lot of calm, and open many doors for you at work and on a personal level, you quickly learn to discard old biases and develop new good habits.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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