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How to Make a Colloidal Silver Generator

Nine Volt Cap

Nine Volt Cap


Colloidal Silver is one of those simple but amazing substances that, in my opinion, belongs in every home. It has been a staple in mine so long that I'm still surprised to learn some people are unfamiliar with its legendary healing properties.

Silver has been used to kill harmful germs for centuries. Ancient cultures placed silver coins in carrying containers to reduce or prevent bacteria in milk. It is routinely used in the eyes of newborn babies to prevent bacterial eye infections that once led to blindness. It is also one of the most effective substances to curb infection in people with severe burns. Silver is an effective inhibitor of many bacteria, viruses and fungi.

An Internet search, will reveal many articles that condemn the use of Colloidal Silver. Particularly prevalent are stories from persons who ingested great quantities of homemade silver and found that their skin turned blue/gray as a result, a condition known as Argyria.

I have personally been using home made Colloidal Silver for seventeen years, and can assure you there is not a speck of blue in my skin. However, I have only used Colloidal Silver medicinally, and have always made it with distilled water, and strained the product before use. It is my opinion that when and only when so called "Colloidal Silver" is made with tap water (which contains impurities) or with salt added to the distilled water to hasten the electrical process, that a primarily grayish liquid is produced (gray from sediment), which may or may not, if enough product is consumed over an extended period of time, result in Argyria.

True Colloidal Silver is golden in color and ALWAYS clear.

Do not ingest any product that is not perfectly clear.

In my family, we have found that two or three tablespoons of homemade colloidal silver product (roughly a shot glass full), taken as needed at the beginning of symptoms of a cold or sore throat is adequate to stop the progression of the symptoms. We retake as needed.

Necessary Items

To create your own Colloidal Silver generator, you will need:

  • 3 - 9 volt battery snap clips
  • 18 inches of 18 inch gauge electrical wire, cut into two parts
  • 2 alligator clips, insulated
  • electrical tape
  • small zip ties
  • 3 - 9 volt batteries
  • glass jar
  • distilled water

The battery snaps and alligator clips can be purchased at Radio Shack, the .999 % pure silver coins from either a coin dealer or jeweler, and everything else at Walmart.

.999% Pure Silver Dollars

.999% Pure Silver Dollars

Instructions for Making a Colloidal Silver Generator

First, take the three 9 volt battery caps, and line them up in a row, left to right. Each will have a black wire, and a red wire.

Next. twist together the stripped ends of the black and red wires, making sure the stripped wire ends make a good connection. Take the red wire from the second cap and twist it together with the black wire from the third cap.

You should have three attached caps, and on the ends, a black wire and a red wire, loose.

Attach an alligator clamp to each loose wire and your assembly is complete.

Cover each of the raw wire connections, by wrapping them with electrical tape. Support these connections with zip ties (cut off at the base).

Attach three 9 volt batteries to the battery caps.

You should be able to produce small sparks when hitting the two alligator clamps together. If this is so, you are ready to begin production of homemade Colloidal Silver.

Simple Homemade Colloidal Silver Generator

Simple Homemade Colloidal Silver Generator

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Instructions for Making Colloidal Silver

Fill a jar with distilled water. (We use a large pickle jar.)

Attach the 9 volt batteries to the alligator clamps, making certain that they spark when touched together.

Make slits in the lid of a paper, plastic, or Styrofoam plate, and attach each alligator clamp to a coin of .999% pure silver. (We use commemorative Santa Claus coins purchased at discount from a jeweler after the commemorative year date had passed, at a great discount. Alas, 17 years later, Santa has largely been erased from the surface of the coins.) Wedge the .999% pure silver coins down into the slots you made on the plate or plastic lid so that they make contact with the water, but not with each other, or with the jar. It is also important that the metal from the alligator clamps NOT make contact with the water, just the silver.

Allow to sit overnight in a quiet place out of the way of direct sunlight.

You will notice first that a thin line of what looks like "smoke" will appear in the distilled water. Depending upon the strength of the batteries, the next day you will have colloidal silver that will range in color from light to very dark in color.

Disconnect the batteries.

Next, strain the Colloidal Silver into a different jar (preferably a jar of tinted glass, or one which you will cover with brown paper to prevent the sun from reaching the finished product (sun seems to degrade finished Colloidal Silver). Use either cheesecloth or paper towels to strain the silver. The sediment to be caught is of a large size and the size of the paper/cloth used to strain is unimportant.

If the silver is very dark, it can be diluted to make additional jars with additional distilled water.

The ideal color of finished Colloidal Silver is a pale golden color, much like urine. (Sorry!) When drunk, it should have a faint metallic taste.

If, over time and with exposure to sunlight, your Colloidal Silver turns gray, simply discard and make more.

In Conclusion

I hope you will profit from these instructions on how to make Colloidal Silver and will experience a greatly diminished number of colds and viruses as a result of using this miraculous product!

Should you desire a diagram of exactly how to create the generator, simply email me; I will be happy to send you one. I purchased it years ago from someone on the Internet, and he asks only that users send $5.00 to his Post Office box in Hawaii.

Stay well!

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Barb Johnson from Alaska's Kenai Peninsula on September 28, 2015:

Great info Brett! I don't make it myself but keep it on hand. Your instructions appear fairly easy. Thanks for sharing with safety in mind!

Rosemary-Green Cottage Industries on January 23, 2012:

I gave my husband Brett's home made Colloidal Silver and he snapped back from a terrible cold in just two days. He's usually down for at least 5, so the stuff really works. Thanks Brett, we love you!!!

Brett Winn (author) from US on January 22, 2012:

It does cost a little to set yourself up to make it in the beginning, but if you buy the Colloidal Silver at the health food store, you'll quickly recover your investment and never look back. We've been using the same two coins for seventeen years ....

Thanks for the support, unvrso and pjpitts!

pjpitts from United States on January 21, 2012:

Wow, I have heard of colloidal silver, but have never tried it and didn't know you could make it yourself, very interesting!

Jose Juan Gutierrez from Mexico City on January 21, 2012:

I found your article very useful. I have always wanted to learn how make colloidal silver. Voted up!

Brett Winn (author) from US on January 21, 2012:

Sidders, thanks for the encouragement!

Sidders from usa on January 21, 2012:

I happened upon your article while hub hopping. So glad I did! Very informative.

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