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Pregnant in a Dream: What Do Dreams About Pregnancy Mean?

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Interpreting Pregnancy as a Dream Symbol

Pregnancy dreams, when interpreted from a symbolic, rather than a prophetic viewpoint, are typically filled with hope and possibility.

Some pregnancy dreams may not be so obvious but still symbolize the same concept of being filled with new life or fertile with creative ideas. Such dreams include:

Pregnancy dreams indicate that the dreamer feels as though there is an area of life that is renewed, starting afresh, or rife with possibility.

Men as well as women can experience dreams involving pregnancy.

Here are ideas to help inspire dreamers so they may effectively interpret their own dreams involving pregnancy.

The Full Moon Can Symbolize Pregnancy


Forms of Dream Fertility

With the primary meaning of pregnancy dreams being that of fertility, it is worth noting that fertility dreams are not limited to the form of the pregnant female.

Dreams of pregnant animals carry the same being as pregnant women, although they may indicate that the new life or creativity in the dreamer is occurring on a more primal level and may express itself in a less tame waking life.

Less obvious pregnancy related dreams include dreams involving the full moon, rabbits, eggs, nests, or nesting.


Symbols of New Life

While pregnancy dreams may not be prophetic of a literal event in waking life, they do herald something symbolically similar occurring in the psyche.

Dreams that one is pregnant or dreams involving pregnant women can indicate that something similar to new life is gestating in the dreamer.

This new life could be new ideas, new creative conceptions, new ways of relating to waking life after breaking old habits and thought processes.

Pregnancy dreams can mean that embryonic stirrings in the psyche will find expression in waking life via taking on new responsibilities, by entering into more positive relationships after settling for negative ones, by making form out of one's ideas, by finding a better way to navigate the waking world.

Dreams about being pregnant or involving pregnancy can also indicate new spiritual life. If one has been on a spiritual quest, one may find that for which one has been searching is being born within one's own soul.

Pregnancy dreams indicate that something as potent as new life is forming inside the dreamer's psyche. That something will find a physical form in waking life so long as the dreamer remembers that pregnancy is a time of formation and nurture.

Developing waking life must be nourished, nurtured, and protected, similarly, new psychic life must be cared for so it may be carried to term and delivered into the waking world.

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Feelings and Pregnancy Dreams

The Emotional Response to Pregnancy Dreams

Many people believe dreams are prophetic rather than symbolic psychic expressions, especially when they involve situations that could actual occur in waking life.

The proclivity toward looking through a prophetic lens will lend an emotional tenor to pregnancy dreams paralleling one's emotions regarding a waking life pregnancy.

A woman longing to conceive might feel elation over a pregnancy dream believing it to be a happy omen. Similar feelings might occur in a man who dreams of his wife being pregnant or whose dreams involve other pregnant women.

Conversely, a woman with no natal desire might find pregnancy dreams anxiety provoking, especially if there is waking life reason for conception concern.

While a woman who actually is physically pregnant might actually be alerted to this fact via a pregnancy dream, it is more than likely that the dream is just a dream.

As emotionally potent as they are, dreams of conception as still dreams; they are symbolic expressions of the unconscious mind, not phantom prophecies seeking shape in physical form.

Nocturnal Phantom or Potential Prophecy?

A doctor or a strip bought from a store is usually the messenger delivering confirmation of conception. But there are times when a woman's dream bears baby news before either.

While the conscious mind may be unaware of hormonal fluctuations, the unconscious mind may pick up the cues and bring them to consciousness via a dream about pregnancy.

Alternatively, a woman attempting to conceive might just have an intuitive hunch that conception is complete and that intuition might find form in a pregnancy dream.

However, while there is a small chance a pregnancy dream is prophetic, more than likely the dream should be interpreted symbolically rather than literally--which may disappoint those expecting expectancy or elate those fearing fertilization.


Pregnancy Dreams as Symbols of Creativity

A pregnant woman is the very epitome of life at the pinnacle of the creative process.

In her, not only is new life forming, but life that was formed when the essence of a man meets a woman's core and fertilization forms the foundation of physical life.

Life is expressing itself not only within the woman in her fetus, but dynamic changes occur to the woman's body itself. The life force as a creative power is as visibly revealed as it ever will be.

Dreaming about pregnancy indicates similar creative currents running through the dreamer's psyche.

Since waking life pregnancy cannot occur without contributions from both sexes, pregnancy dreams may indicate cooperation between the anima/animus and the waking conscious mind. They may mean that the dynamic dance between the active masculine energies of propulsion and the passive female principles of reception is in full swing.

When the opposing masculine and feminine principles act in harmonious concert, psychic life is renewed and given new life. Women step into their authentic power. Men accept their own intuition and act on their intuitive impulses.

Women with creative thoughts can finally put those thoughts into form by acting on their ideas. Men lacking inspiration suddenly find the mind filled with new ideas, ideas they easily act upon.

Pregnancy and Vivid Dreams

Miscarriage Dreams

If one is pregnancy and is suffering from miscarriage dreams, the reminder that dreams are symbolic rather than prophetic may ease concerns over losing one's baby.

In fact, expectant parents might want to be aware that miscarriage dreams are common during pregnancy with research suggesting that the second and third trimester are the times most likely to provoke miscarriage dreams.

This is probably because pregnancy apprehension grows greater as the delivery date nears.

A pregnant woman or an expectant father dreaming of miscarriages is more than likely experiencing an anxiety dream. Anxiety dreams are simply expressions of waking life concerns via the dream life.

Anxiety dreams are common anytime an important life event is on the horizon. Those with upcoming weddings dream of nuptial nightmares such as being left at the altar, at exam time students find themselves plagued with specters of failing phantom finals. and those soon to bear babies dream of miscarriages.

Conversely, if one is not expecting, then miscarriage dreams are carrying a symbolic message.

The message of a miscarriage dream is that something, something precious to the dreamer is not being fulfilled. They indicate opportunities missed or actions aborted.

Miscarriage dreams ask the dreamer to examine the psyche and waking life to determine why one's most precious hopes and dreams are not being nurtured.

The are psychic demands for giving due attention to the unconscious, to take it seriously, to make a priority of fulfilling life be treating one's hopes as one would a developing child--with love and careful nurture.

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Sonya on October 10, 2015:

I had a vivid dream that I was 9 months pregnant. My dream husband and I were standing outside on a bright sunny day when I looked down and realized I was pregnant in which I then began to rub my belly. I eventually noticed the babies feet were kicking the top of my stomach which I could visibly see as well. Even her little booty was visible and I could also tell that it was a girl. I could also feel the her head in my pelvis so I knew it was time to deliver soon (mind you, I've never been pregnant before). The feelings I had were of excitement and I couldn't wait to meet my baby girl. I looked around and noticed I was at the hospital so I walked inside in search of my delivery room. I found a quiet area within the hospital and looked down to see the babies head. Calmly, I looked over to my best friend and said, "She's ready to come, her head is out". She looked down and said, "I don't see the head but I can see hair from the babies head". The rest of my dream is pretty vague but I believe this dream is very symbolic. I'm about to start a new job overseas and I feel that once I arrive I'll be able to focus on my personal and artistic business that I've been craving to start for years now. I've also been seeking a more spiritual connection in life so the timing for everything is perfect now. My dream was confirmation, in my opinion.

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