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How to Improve Your Balance

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Improving Balance and Preventing Falls

Why Would You Want To Improve Your Balance?

Improving your balance can help you in so many ways. It could decrease the chance of getting a back strain, improved coordination, posture and athleticism. It could also stop you from falling and getting hurt.

You need balance every day of your life. You may balance on a curb or cross a narrow bridge. You will need balance when there are large animals or small children around you so you do not fall when they bump into you. Even walking on trails and walking up and down stairs requires good balance. You will need balance to do strength training.

If you have improved balance, you will find it easier to walk, run and ride a bicycle. There are some simple exercises you can do each day with barely any effort that will help you improve your balance.

Zumba For Improved Balance!

Strengthen Your Core For Better Balance

Core strength and balance go hand in hand. If you don't have core strength, you will not have very good balance. Your core is where everything meets. It is your middle point.

To start improving your balance, begin by doing core exercises like sit-ups, crunches and Zumba. You could do these at home or at the gym. There are also tons of workout videos that focus on exercising the core area.

Advanced Bird Pose

Bosu Ball For Balance

Stand On One Foot To Improve Your Balance

You could do this exercise anywhere. No exercise equipment is needed. You will just need something sturdy like a wall or table to hold onto when you begin this exercise.

To begin, place your hand on the stable object. Raise one knee to hip level. Hold it up for a minute and then release your foot back down to the ground.

As this exercise gets easier, you will want to try doing them without holding onto anything and increasing the amount of time you have your knee up.

For variation, you could lift your knee to the side or you could keep your leg straight and lift it forward, backward or to the side and keep your leg and foot up for as long as you can.

Once this begins to be too easy, you could try standing on a Bosu ball with one foot and the other foot off the ball and ground. Be careful though because the ball will create an uneven surface.

Once your balance has improved even more, you can start doing exercises like squats (one-legged or 2 legged).

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Improve Balance With Your Eyes Closed

Close Your Eyes To Improve Your Balance

When your eyes are open you can see what is up, down and to the side. When your eyes are closed, you have no idea what direction you are pointed.

Try doing exercises like squats and leg lifts while your eyes are closed to add and extra edge to your balance workout. Your body will compensate by using your core more which will help strengthen your core and improve your balance.

Counting Sheep

Get A Good Night Sleep To Improve Your Balance

When you are tired, your balance gets thrown off. Try to get between six to eight hours of sleep each night. Some people need more sleep than others. Follow your body's signs to tell if you need more or less sleep. Take a break if you are tired.

The more awake you are, the better your balance will be.

To get a better night sleep, turn off electronics within hours of sleeping. Do not eat heavy meals right before you go to sleep. Make your room as comfortable as possible. That includes, bedding, lighting and temperature. A warm glass of milk will also help!

Do Yoga To Improve Your Balance

Yoga strengthens and tones all of your muscles, especially your core. Yoga increases your coordination and balance by strengthening all of your muscles. It also stretches your muscles for increased flexibility.

Try doing planks to work your core muscles and increase your balance. To do a plank, lie flat on your on the floor. Put your hands on the floor like you are getting ready to do a push-up. Now, push your body up like you are doing a push-up.

Stay lifted with your arms extended. The only things that should be touching the floor should be your hands or elbows and your toes. Stay in the raised position for as long as you can. Repeat as often as is possible. You will notice your stomach getting tighter and your core getting stronger!

How To Improve Your Balance

Exercises To Improve Your Balance

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