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How to Identify an Intelligent Person? Part Two.

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They have different views, and will be able to explain why upon request

Most people aren’t super intelligent. So it makes sense that intelligent people would have some different opinions and thoughts on things. There’s always a reason as to why they reached the conclusions they have. Always be VERY wary if you come across someone who says a relatively wild conclusion relatively calmly, and leaves it at that. Because generally there’s an iceberg of a foundation beneath it. This is also where the “ask why” question comes into use, this is like the shovel for uncovering smart people.

They offer alternate views

A lot of people see this as someone just trying to bring them down, but it’s not. If you see someone just responding to you with alternate points of views or circumstances “what if….” or “what would you do if….” type questions is generally the intelligent person having an idea of what would happen, but is trying to probe you into throwing out an answer too, either to compare of just out of curiosity.

They give you a big smile, or their eyes light up when you say something…. normal

This one is easily confused with people who’re really passionate about something. This is what happens when an intelligent person deems you “worthy". It’s a shift in body position, head position, they really lean in, eyes get more focused, they become more engaged overall.
Intelligent people will say those sweeping conclusions that makes no sense, but upon explanation and breaking down that conclusion into the building blocks, it makes sense.
This smile comes when they have heard someone say one of those building blocks (even though the person might be unaware of the rest of the blocks or the conclusion that it will lead to).


They don’t brag or take credit for things they excel at

An intelligent person that wants to hide it gets distressed when people find out about their intelligence…so the best way to combat this is to make sure that the spotlight isn’t on them. If they’re really good at math…it’s because they studied all fucking night. If they did a really good job on that project, it was because they had the support of their friends. Whether it’s true or not, they make sure that they don’t come off as a superhero. Anyone who always diverts compliments into effort and/or help of other people might be trying to hide something.

Calling other people intelligent

This one sounds counter intuitive, but if you think about it, it makes sense. It takes one to know one. It really takes someone who’s skilled at basketball to really assess the skill (or lack of skill) of others.

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If someone calls another person really intelligent (NOT SMART, everyone uses smart. Intelligent is different). Then that means that they know what it means to be intelligent, the traits of someone who’s intelligent. It also means that they’re intelligent and/or intuitive enough to pick up on those traits and signs in someone else.

All you notice is that you understand everything they’re saying. The absence of an issue is somewhat proof / evidence. You won’t notice anything going wrong, you’ll just feel that it’s all going well.


Drawing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas / concepts

Most people already know about this one. It’s when you come across someone who can take two (completely) different things or ideas, and then somehow find the similarities and then find how they’re related, and then even further than, developing a new idea/ concept by looking at some qualities of other ideas and drawing “imaginary lines” with those to a new conclusion. Basically it’s like doing the reverse of finding similarities…instead of taking the big pictures and drawing lines in between, you just draw some lines, then draw a picture, figure out what it’s a picture of.

Everything’s connected, it’s just really hard to find what connects everything. So if we take two random things and think hard enough, we can figure out what they both connect to. The other way is taking conclusions, and then finding out what connects them. What I’m talking about now is finding two “connectors” and thinking about what they connect to.

Explaining things real simply

Goes with that Einstein quote: “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself". They take a complex idea and break it down until it’s so general that anyone can understand it. And as understanding increases, they make it less and less general. Until things are mega ultra specific. But, to be able to even make things general in the first place, the person has to be pretty intelligent.


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Juliette Jones from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada on July 14, 2019:

I enjoyed both your articles. I tend to think of the characteristics you describe as Emotional Intelligence. Being a listener, a need to understand rather than being right, etc, are good traits to have. Perhaps it takes an intelligent person to have those skills.

Lorna Lamon on July 14, 2019:

I found this article really interesting and thought provoking. The really intelligent people I have met in my life have always been extremely humble without the need to prove anything.

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