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How to Help Individuals with Autism

The photo below is of my daughter Stacy, she is Autistic. She has gone through many challenges and now is stronger in spite of it all.

Helping Individuals with Autism


Autism Can Feel Less Scary

How to Help Autistic Individuals

Autism is a developmental condition that affects how individuals act in social situations. I have walked hand in hand and heart to heart since my one daughter was diagnosed with Autism. Another name for Autism, her doctors told me, was "Pervasive Developmental Disorder." The daughter with this condition is now living in a group home and doing well. However, she went through many emotional battles before she got to a better way of life.

Here are some ideas to consider if someone you know has Autism.

  1. Put yourself in their place in every situation.
  2. Find a counselor
  3. Believe in them
  4. Find a psychiatrist
  5. The right activities
  6. Family support
  7. Read about Autism
  8. Find good housing options, if needed

I will discuss these eight ways and how I, as a mother of an Autistic daughter, fought and won some of the battles of this condition.

1. Try to understand every unique situation. Trying to understand also

having the patience to look at more than just your opinion of the

problem. Talk to the person that has Autism; they are a person first

before the disability. They need to be heard even when the things

they say do not seem to make sense. What they think confuses them

as well as yourself.

Personal Experience-- I went to a seminar once where a man who

has Autism talked about his struggles. He spoke about how it takes

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him longer to understand things even though he went to college.

This man advises others caring for individuals with this condition that

he would finally understand things he had to do, but it took longer.

He was trying to be patient as he advised.

2. Find the right counselor--One that understands Autism and the

support both of you need. My daughter and I have gone to many

counselors before I felt confident in the advice given to us both.

Time will be most beneficial in helping everyone involved in the

person's situation.

3. Believe in them—It will have its demanding situations.

However, faith in each other will prove to help work things out

whenever fear and doubts come face to face.

4. Finding a great psychiatrist--A counselor can help find the right

psychiatrist and any other care the loved one who has Autism may


Personal Experience--A few doctors did not understand my

daughter's condition, which caused her and our family concerns. After many years, she was hospitalized and is now living in a group

home and seeing an excellent doctor.

5. Think about how your loved ones like to spend their time. Then you

can act on that when finding suitable activities to help them occupy

their days with excitement and growth.

Personal Experience—Stacking blocks was a childhood favorite of

my daughter, but her choice was watching the Popple cartoon

repeatedly. Just try not to watch the same thing over and over again

cause it can cause repetitive actions. My daughter loved to

sing and play country music. She got a first place award in high

school, winning singing competitions. Music, I have witnessed how it

helped many people, not just those with Autism. I read once that

music gave life back to an older man who had given up on life.

6. Family support is essential in helping individuals with Autism be

the best they can be in every way.

Personal Experience—Sometimes, my daughter's family support

system was not always like it is now. My daughter learned about

tough love, which has helped keep her on a better path in her life.

Once she said something she should not have, which caused

affliction between her and her sister. She had to prove that she

would not act like that again, and things have been better ever

since. I believe she was on the wrong medications at the time,

which caused her emotions to become aggressive. Her

psychiatrist put her on as few medications as possible, and now she

lives a much better life.

7. Read as much information about Autism as it will help you not feel

so alone.

Personal Experience—I went to libraries for information. I also read

as much as possible on the internet. You can never learn too much

when trying to understand how disabilities can affect individuals

with a disability and their families.

8. The right home—Trying to find the right home for someone with

Autism should be done with extreme care. Sometimes a home can

be living with their actual parents, but sometimes more care outside

of the home needs to be thought about carefully.

Personal Experience—My daughter was hospitalized six years ago

after she suffered delusions due to a specific medication that did

After she came home from the hospital, she was put on proper

medications. A few months later, she had an opportunity to tour a

group home about an hour from our house. The home takes them to

many places, which significantly helps her mood. She made friends

there, so even though I miss her, she needs to be there and grow

and learn like anybody else.

I hope this information has helped all people involved with someone

that has Autism. I can honestly say that the journey I have gone

through with my daughter has taught me patience and

understanding, with love surrounding everyone.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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