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How Are Happiness and Peace of Mind Prevented by Collective Consciousness

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.


We are the collective creator of our own agony. It is time for re-awakening of consciousness when we recognize the best in ourselves and overcome the worst.

-- Laurence Overmire

When Intuitive Individual Consciousness Gets Polluted by Artificial Collective Consciousness

It is an undeniable, axiomatic truism that the outside world only exists inasmuch as we are giving it some significance -- I mean, we are not experiencing facts, but only our interpretations of them.

When we are aware of that truth, we are operating from individual consciousness, knowing that the ultimate choice in experiencing reality will always be ours. From that mental platform we choose our happiness and our peace of mind -- simply because that intuitively makes more sense than living miserable.

The principle of pleasure is the second strongest principle after the one of survival, so that's what the individual consciousness keeps as its highest priority in life.

For, indeed, folks, what's the point of getting up from bed each morning if it doesn't matter whether we spend the coming day all pissed off or deriving some pleasure from acting and interacting.

But then it becomes so much more complicated for us as our individual consciousness gets terribly hijacked by others' parameters of what is significant. We give up our intuitive guidance in what thoughts, emotions, and actions to choose that we see as life-promoting, surrendering that power of choice to what is "appropriate" to think, feel, and do, according to some social norms of normalcy.

At that point we are nothing but an insignificant particle of a human mass, not only sharing territory, language, laws, and customs, but being an embodiment of a collective mentality, thinking as they do, feeling as they do, acting as they do -- all for that sense of belonging and security.

Our collective consciousness is merely a matter of our collective agreements, based on our efforts to find a common page and somehow bridge our individual differences.

And that, my friends, has nothing to do with our efforts to find happiness and peace of mind. Society, and the whole world, for that matter, is but a grand illusion made up of artificially created concepts that are recognizable by all, and as we are collectively yapping about happiness and peace of mind, those are merely abstractions, void of any experience.

Being used to merely talking in chorus about something that should be our concrete experience, we write books, read books, and become very intellectual about happiness and peace of mind -- still not feeling a shit of it.

Brings to mind an extreme scenario of a couple about to make love, bringing to bed a manual about how to feel orgasmic.

Indeed, collective consciousness has minimized our capacity to choose our experiences -- it's all been chosen for us by our primary caregivers, teachers, doctors, priests, politicians, six-o-clock-news, and Facebook.


At our current evolutionary stage, a mass of people is no more wise than a pack of volves.

-- Abhijt Naskar

Norms of Normalcy Imposed Upon Us

Detachment from collective consciousness -- which I like calling "de-hypnotizing ourselves from suggestive assaults from society" -- has to be cultivated.

We have to become certain that our experiencing stems from our own choices, our own intentions, rather than being a knee-jerk reaction to the conceptual constructs of collective consciousness.

And I mean the "norms of normalcy" that are telling us which circumstances call for feeling pissed and miserable, and which are allowing us to squeeze some joy out of our corrupted hearts.

So I am submitting here that collective consciousness is the one which prevents us from experiencing happiness and peace of mind. Look ahead for some more evidence, but for now just see how estranged we are from our own souls which, by default, spontaneously would keep us happy and at peace.

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Collective consciousness is cramming our mind with those concepts which can never be used in intimate computation of happiness and peace. It's the brain's aberration from normalcy that it operates on so many abstract, useless concepts.

To nurture our individual consciousness, we have to be clear about WHAT IS REAL FOR US.

Indeed, we can't be happy and at peace while dealing with concepts invented by collective consciousness.

Let me give you an example. If your holy book is ordering you to "love thy neighbor as you love thyself", that love is a humanly unattainable thing, as it can't mean what you are truly feeling for that bastard across the fence constantly playing music too loud and allowing his dog to crap on your lawn.

So, what do you do? You keep going to your church, believing in the value of that abstraction called "unconditional love", because it sounds so good, and everybody else is pretending to see some sense in it.

You see, when we are operating from collective consciousness, soon we are lost in a maze of things that are unreal to us, which is royally killing our capacity for happiness and peace of mind.


Happiness is an inside job.

-- William Arthur Ward

There Is Something Divine About Creating Our Own Emotions

"Has it been done? Is it a common knowledge? How come I never saw my miserable father doing it?"

Those would be the typical questions coming from collectively obsessed minds. So, as I am making myself feel happy on a "lousy, rainy day" when most of others are feeling "under the weather" -- it's characterized as weird, and inappropriate, and not normal. Not normal meaning not following some "norms" of how to feel in which situations.

And when I choose to feel happy by simply standing by my balcony window and observing the traffic seven stories down, it must be "insane" -- because there is no outside stimuli to justify such feelings.

The best sarcastic name for that could be "emotional masturbation", but call it what you want -- damn it, it feels powerfully great to be able to create an emotion out of thin air.

It's from such experiences that I am drawing an inspiration to tell you about this freedom to choose our own experiencing, not waiting for the mercy of favorable circumstances.

Think about the "outside stimuli" -- how more can it be pertaining to the collective consciousness. We are so much into the useless concepts created by others, that we need something outside of us to give us a permission to feel happy.

Isn't that why our early childhood had so many moments of genuine happiness -- because our emotional repertoire was still written by our uncorrupted souls.

Stresses that followed once when life started happening to us were caused by the collective consciousness to which we promptly subscribed to give us a manual for appropriate thinking, feeling and doing.

I call "divine" this detachment from the volition of the crowd, because it means "creation". My emotions are my business and my sole responsibility, and so is my happiness and peace of mind.


There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.

-- Epictetus

Living Our Nation's Life Is a Wrong Formula for Happiness and Peace of Mind

Let me shock your habitual way of reasoning by asserting that our nation is just a concept, not our personal reality, simply because we don't "know" our nation in its entirety. It's made of millions of faceless individuals whom we will never know -- and so many of them we wouldn't even want to know.

Furthermore, take the media away and we would know absolutely nothing about anything, and even their narratives are merely selective, one-sided, and insanely incomplete.

So we cherry-pick from all that and call ourselves "informed citizens".

And then, totally absorbed with "life of our nation which we don't know", we are losing ton of nerves over things that are beyond our control. Completely oblivious to the fact that nothing changes in our own prosperity, our health, our happiness, our peace of mind -- whether Republicans or Democrats are in the White house.

We allow our collective mind to run our daily thoughts, our emotions, our conversations with people, our interests...our life.

There is no happiness there. Maybe excitements that we interpret as happiness, but to be excited and to be happy are two different things, because even a depressed dude can get excited while getting laid, but that doesn't spell happiness. Not in my book anyway.

If give-and-take would be an all-inclusive rule to live by, we are giving way much more nerves, taxes, patriotism to our nation -- and in return that big beloved nation doesn't really give a shit when we are in trouble.

If you don't have a medical coverage, you may die like a dog and no one from that majestic crowd will even know it, unless your family has money to make it public in the papers.

And when your country calls you to a non-defensive war, which is only justified by some dubious "national interests", you'll rush to put that uniform on to kill some poor bastard on the battlefield just because he wears a different uniform, not because he was really any threat to you and to your family.

Should I go on with this evidence of how we are living in a bubble of collective consciousness, having forgotten to seek the counsel of our intuitive wisdom.

Well, I hope that at least a sentence or two in this post has scooped a little deeper into your soul where true happiness and true peace of mind were given to you at your birth.

Wouldn't it be worth reviving?

© 2022 Val Karas

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