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How to Get Pregnant with Feng Shui


Fertility with Feng Shui

Since the home is the space we spend most time in and it is the place associated with bringing up a family, here are a few Feng Shui tips for a home filled with positive energy flows that encourages pregnancy;

1. Counteract physical blockages

Blockages will hamper the natural flow of positive energy. The front doorway is the gate where all the energy flows from. When you open the door, there should be an open space. If there is something blocking the doorway, such as a pole or a tree, there is a blockage in energy flow. This bloc

kage may also be causing a blockage in your fertility energy. If removing the obstacle is out of the question, you can hang a wind chime on each side of the door to counteract the blockage.

Mirrors should not be hung near the door. Worse still is hanging a mirror directly reflecting the doorway. Mirrors push out the energy before it has the chance to flow in.

2. Nurture the bedroom

The bedroom is not only the place that you rest and restore your energy in, but it is also the room most associated with fertility. A Feng Shui bedroom aims at balancing the Ying (female energy) and the Yang (male energy). Making the room beautiful in neutral hues is a great way to start. It is also very important to remove anything that disturbs the peace of mind and tranquility of the resting environment. Electronics and books should be segregated to another part of the household.

3. Create space for the baby

De-cluttering your home, and preparing space to welcome the baby in, is important in Feng Shui. While the baby is still not on the way, it is important to symbolically make way for the baby’s arrival.

4. Fertility symbols

Placing fertility symbols around the house creates powerful ‘activators’ of positive and fertile energy. Such symbols include;

i) Figurines of elephants and rabbits (ideally both together) as these symbolize fertility. You should place the number of animal figurines that corresponds to the number of children you would like.

ii) Pomegranate plant, or if this is not possible a picture of a pomegranate as this fruit symbolizes fertility.

iii) A yellow wall in the bedroom, symbolizes children.

iv) An egg shape figurine in the bedroom. Eggs represent new life.

Even if you do not completely understand how Feng Shui works, if you are trying to get pregnant, creating a serene home with positive energy flowing is the way to get there.

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How to Get Pregnant with Feng Shui


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