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How to Flatten Your Tummy and End Food Cravings EFFORTLESSLY

And lose up to 90 pounds!

Despite any experience you might have had previously, it is possible to EFFORTLESSLY end food cravings and flatten your tummy. I'll tell you how right now.

The first bit of good news for you is that the solution to your food cravings does not require any will power whatsoever.

" No will power??"

You're probably not believing that just yet. So at this point I'm just going to ask you not to make any decisions yet...just hang in here with me.

Meanwhile, here's a message that Terri posted, after reading this and trying it:


"I started the supplements on August 5. After three weeks, the yeast was going, I wasn't very hungry. I stopped taking the supplements after five weeks (seven weeks now since I began). In the past four weeks I've lost nine pounds, truly effortlessly. I have been very food-fixated for a long time--thinking about food and my weight too much--knowing what my next meal would be...

"So, I did not "change" my diet--it's changing on its own. I don't eat as much,snack foods rarely appeal to me, and when I do snack, I hardly eat any of it. Sometimes just thinking about food is really unappealing, and this from a woman who used to graze all night after getting home from work!

"Hope you find this helpful. I know when I started I was hoping more people would post results so I could be inspired."


Your cravings aren't your fault!

The other good news is that you can stop beating yourself up for having cravings because they are not your fault. Your cravings are actually an inner wisdom to keep your brain alive. I'll explain why shortly.

I promise you I'm not going to try to sell you any juice, or get you to enroll in a business opportunity. There will be some products you'll need to buy but you can purchase them anywhere you'd like.

Even if you've failed many times before...

This past Wednesday, a customer at my store came in because her friend, Laura, (not her real name) had lost 90 pounds and was able to wear a slinky black dress by doing what I had suggested she do. So I want you to know this stuff works.

She had failed too many times to count previously. She succeeded this time because she was getting to the root of her weight gain.

Another customer who probably weighed 300 pounds, admitted to me that she used to eat "six heavy meals a day" but she still felt empty. But after she followed my advice, she naturally cut back to one or two meals a day without using an ounce of will power.

Another thing, the second woman 'Carly' (not her real name) used to be a really hostile person. Not any more. Now, she's as lively and as fun as can be.

Carly didn't take a course in being sweet and fun...that's just her natural, healthy personality. Yes, those cravings can make you feel incredibly stressed out. But when they vanish...which they will automatically...your stress is going to go way down, too!

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My cravings went poof!

Oh, then there is me. I used to eat a half gallon of ice cream in 24 hours twice a week. Only my shame and embarrassment kept me from eating a lot more.

I used to think about the food I was going to eat while I was at work. The ice cream aisle was my favorite hangout in the grocery store. Sometimes I'd eat ice cream instead of dinner.

You're probably getting the picture.

But today, you could hand me a bowl of Breyers or Haagen Daz ice cream and I wouldn't want it.

Let me tell you, that is not will power, because I have none. The difference is that I know the secret. In a moment, I'm going to tell you all the secrets.

You won't have to buy anything from me. Nothing.

Your cravings could be almost anything...

Now let me just say, your cravings might be a lot different than mine were. That's okay...this works for any sweet or carb craving you might have, including fried chicken (it's the breading!), french fries, cookies, pasta, cake, candy, pizza, chocolate, sub sandwiches, chips, beer, and so on.

Before we get to the things you need to do, first you'll want to understand why they work. Once you know that, it'll empower you like Helen Reddy's "I am woman!" on steroids.

This works for men, too!

By the way, this works for men big time. Men get yeast problems even though it might not be as obvious. They just drink beer to cover it up, instead. ;-)

Remember when I said this isn't your fault? I meant it. The cause of food cravings is caused almost 100% of the time by medications that have killed off your friendly bacteria in your intestines.