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How to Find Your Strength, When the World Seems Crazy

I am a travel writer, who loves adventure. I believe in the overall wellness of living your best life possible.


You Do Not Have to Watch the News

Years ago, I used to watch the news. I thought, it kept me up to date with what was going on in the world. I would watch it for the weather, local news stories, and current events. I noticed something changed from many years ago, and ever since I have stopped looking. I still kept myself informed, but I choose to research what I need to know instead. The news, at least 80% has never affected me. This is only my opinion, and others of course may disagree, and that is completely okay. I do believe that I need to see some positive things happening in the world too, and the news just doesn't report that. In the United States, I see a lot of people on the news, and TV who disagree with each other, but not respectfully. I am sad to see the world change so much since I was young. I grew up in a different world, with no internet, and cell phones. We played outside, rode bikes, built ramps, and got together with friends. We went to the skating rink on Saturdays, and went camping with our families. If anyone had a different belief, or political view, people would agree to disagree, and move on. They wouldn't attack anyone for it, with vulgar, and hateful words.

There is no doubt that mainstream media has changed a lot in a short amount of time. I simply choose not to watch, and its okay for you to make that choice as well. We all figure out what is better to focus on in our own lives. It may not be a popular choice not to watch the news, but it is mine to make. It is a choice for all of us.

Communication is Key, Voice What You Need

Sometimes, we all stay quiet when we shouldn't. It doesn't mean that we have to argue with people, it only matters that we speak up if something is bothering us. How you feel does matter, no matter what anyone says. A lot of times we expect those closest to us to know whats wrong. They cannot read your mind. It may sound harsh, but it is true. Communication is important in any relationship. If you are sad, stressed, or overwhelmed letting your loved ones know is vital. You should confide in people you trust, and if you feel like you have no one. You can always talk to God. Sometimes, we all just need someone to talk to, or someone to hear us. If you do believe, then God is always listening.


Do Not Feel Bad About It

When we do say something about what is bothering us their may be others who think its not important, and try to make us feel guilty for being overly emotional. People who are this way do not deal with their own emotions well, and you cannot expect them to handle yours. Its unfortunate, but it is true. You should never feel bad for how you are feeling. It is a normal reaction for whatever it is that you are currently going threw. Everyone handles things differently, in their own time, and in their own way. So do what feels best for you, and never feel bad about it.


Find Your Own Outlet for Stress

It can be any activity that brings joy, and relaxation. The best thing about this part is you can choose anything you want. I enjoy hiking, walking my dog, and making candles. I have a long list of things I enjoy doing, and you can make your own. You can even get together with friends once a week, and have a movie night. Sign up for a book club, or swim at your local YMCA. Whatever your into is completely fine.

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Schedule in whatever activity you choose, and make sure to do it. You'll be surprised how much of a difference it will make. I found that the ability to manage stress is one of the most important skills you could ever have.

Create a Bedtime for Children, or Time When They do Something on Their Own.

This is a big one for most parents. A lot of my friends are now raising younger children, though mine is well over eighteen. You love your kids, you live for them for the most part, and in many ways it is possible to loose the connection you once had with those around you. It is not wrong to have a consistent bedtime, or a time when your kids do something on their own. You would have to use your own judgement on what would be best for them, and you.


Prioritize Time, and Be the Calm in the Storm

Its always important to remember that you can only control your reaction in any given situation. You cannot control what other people say, or do. You must decide whats is most important, and what you need to make time for in your life. It sometimes helps to make a list of priorities. This will help you better manage the stress in your life. Try not to put energy into negative things, it will only make you feel worse. Focus on compassion for yourself, and those you love. It is possible to stay calm in difficult situations, and completely okay to handle it the best way you how. The only thing you can ever do is try your best, and forgive yourself for mistakes along the way. There is not one person who is perfect, and no logical reason to strive for perfection. You must have faith that you are not alone, many people in the world have similar experiences, and struggles.

Limit Social Media, and Replace it with Physical Activities

It is great when we can bring the family together. I know some of this may be a little stressful when everyone else might not be as enthusiastic. It is worth it though, to go outside, and do something. Many times, we will go camping, fishing, or for walks in nature. We will go to flea markets, and yard sales. Our family has always enjoyed being outdoors, it is different for everyone. There is a lot of things on the internet, and not all of them are good. Limiting the amount of time spent on computers will make a positive difference, and has worked for us.


Finding Your People

There will always be people who test your nerves. This could be people who constantly gossip, lie, and manipulate situations for their own benefit. If you have a kind, and compassionate personality, these are not your people. It could be a situation at work, or even close family members. You may never get them to change their mind, or see them act more civil. Let them be. It is not you they have a problem with, it is themselves. Something that shines in you, bothers them. It is not important for you to waste your time in worrying. It is nothing to loose sleep over. Even if you feel you have no one, you will find your people.

The ones who are your people won't talk down to you. They will encourage you, and support you. They won't use your flaws against you, but they will admit to having flaws of their own. Most importantly, they will understand you. They will be honest, and compassionate. You will not have to dim your light for them, because they will not feel threatened by it.

You may not have found your people yet, but you will. In the end, finding your people is one of the most important things, because no one can get threw everything in life completely alone.

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