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How to Eat What You Want and Lose Weight Fast Without Dieting


Weight loss diets are popular with people that have trouble losing weight. They count calories and eat less. At first they might lose a little weight but then the weight loss stops. People that are better at getting lean and staying lean are less likely to diet. People that have trouble losing weight often criticize the eating habits of people that are good at losing weight and they often don't understand why they are not getting the results they want.

Dieting is a good way to cause your body to burn fewer calories, lose muscle and store more fat. It is also a good way to increase your junk food cravings. It is not a good way way to lose fat. Generally weight loss diets are better for packing on the pounds. People that go on diets are more likely to become fatter. That is why I do not diet when I want to lose weight. To help me lose weight I eat more food and I eat more frequently.

A lot of people are overweight because they don't eat enough. They eat like they are trying to lose weight but their diet is part of the problem.

I Eat A Lot And I Am Skinny

For my size I eat a lot of food. During meals I eat a lot and in between meals I snack. I eat more than people that are taller and heavier than I am. Some of the people I know have tried eating less to lose weight but non have them have been successful in the long term. People often assume I am lucky. They think I naturally have a fast metabolism. However there is a reason I can eat a lot without having a lot of extra fat. It is a result of my habits.

I do not overeat. Just because I eat a lot does not mean I am overeating. My body needs a lot of food. If I am full I stop eating. If I get hungry between meals I have a snack. Since I snack I do not need to eat extra food during meals to make sure I do not get hungry later. What I eat is also important. I limit the amount of junk foods and drinks I consume. So I have desert but I do not fill up on it. I try to have a wide variety of healthy foods and leave a small amount of room for desert. Often I will eat more of the main meal and less desert than the other people at the table.

The Problem With Eating Less

When people go on a diet to lose weight and they start eating less it slows down their metabolism. Being hungry in between meals can also slow down your metabolism. This causes the body to burn fewer calories. Gaining or losing weight is mostly about the calories you consume versus the calories your burn. Eating less food can also result in a lack of energy. People that feel weak and tired are usually less active.

Eating less means you consume fewer calories but it can cause your body to burn fewer calories. If you do lose weight there is a good chance you will gain it all back. People on strict diets often experience rapid weight gain. To consume fewer calories without slowing down your metabolism and suffering from a lack of energy avoid junk foods and high calorie drinks.

Plate full of food.

Plate full of food.

Eat More And Lose Weight

Food provides your body with energy. Some of the energy is stored as fat so it can be used later. If you eat more often your body will not need to store as much extra fat. When you eat enough food your body will have the energy it needs allowing you to be more active. Being more active increases the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis. If I put on some muscle weight I burn more calories. Exercising makes me hungry. So I eat more food.

If I do not eat enough food I do not feel like exercising. After I am done exercising I often have a snack. Exercising more and eating more go together. If I focus on strength training then I lose fat and gain muscle but my weight may not change very much. Doing a lot of cardio exercises like biking causes me to lose weight if I have extra fat.

Your Ideal Weight

If you are taking good care of your body there is only so much weight you can lose. My body likes to be around 125 pounds. A heathy diet and regular exercise is not going to cause me to weigh less than that. When most of the extra fat is gone and you feel strong and healthy you should be near your ideal body weight. Of course there is nothing wrong with increasing your muscle weight. As long as it is muscle I like gaining 10 pounds.

Pay attention to your body. If you notice yourself putting on some extra fat try exercising more and eating less junk food. One of the reasons people put on weight in the winter is because their bodies are hidden. Take a good look at your body and check for both fat and muscle. People usually eat less when trying to lose weight and it does not usually work. Try eating and exercising more. It works well for me.

Junk Food

High calorie drinks, junk food and some fast food can cause weight gain. They contain a lot of calories and they can stop you from exercising. After eating the food or drinking the drink you don't feel like being active. You consume more calories and burn fewer calories. Boredom, stress, being hungry between meals and a lack of exercise can cause people to crave junk food and high calorie drinks.

People that go on strict diets try to fight their junk food and junk drinks cravings but eventually their willpower fades. Ignoring the cravings does not work. The cravings just get worse unless you do something about it. The trick is to change your food cravings.

How To Change Food Cravings

You can reduce your cravings for junk by eliminating the triggers. Stay active so you are not bored. Relax so you are not stressed. Exercise so you feel good. When you exercise your body releases endorphins. Get enough sleep and meditate or practice tai chi so you don't feel like you need energy drinks. Meditation, tai chi , qigong and yoga can give you an energy boost. Eat slowly and eat until you feel satisfied. If you get hungry between meals have a healthy snack.

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When people do things to reduce their cravings for junk they increase their cravings for healthy food. Junk food is less appealing. They want to eat healthy food and drink healthy drinks. Giving into to their cravings could mean eating fruit. Meditation, tai chi, qigong and yoga are great for fat loss. They make you want to eat well balanced meals, have healthy snacks and do other things that are good for your health.

Lose Weight Without Exercising

People like to try to lose weight without exercising. The goal is to consume fewer calories so they don't need to burn more. It is easier to diet than it is to diet and exercise. Consume fewer calories while burning the same amount of calories and you will lose weight. However skipping the exercise makes it harder to lose the fat.

Dieting does not work. Lifting light weights does not work. Doing easy cardio exercises does not work. Strength training and intense cardio works. If I want to be lean then I need muscle.

Dieting does not work. Lifting light weights does not work. Doing easy cardio exercises does not work. Strength training and intense cardio works. If I want to be lean then I need muscle.

Exercise reduces junk food cravings, it makes you feel good and it helps you burn more calories. It also reduces stress and boredom. Most people need to be muscular to be lean. Losing fat and keeping it off without exercising on a regular basis is nearly impossible for the typical overweight person. It is also very unhealthy. A lack of muscle causes your body to store more fat.

Losing weight and being skinny fat is probably the best result you can get without exercise. People that manage to lose most of the extra fat without exercising tend to look and feel sick. People that exercise to help them lose fat tend to look and feel better.

Eat What You Want to Lose Weight

If you are restricting the amount of food or kind of food while trying to ignore your cravings then you are on a diet. If you are eating whatever you want and as much food as you want then you are not on a diet. Obviously eating what you want does not always work. It does not work if you want cake for breakfast and it does not work if you overeat because you are bored or stressed.

  • Relax
  • Exercise
  • Avoid boredom
  • Eat what you want
  • Lose the fat

Eating what you want to lose weight only works if you want the right food and the right amount. Change your cravings by changing your habits. Then give in to your cravings. If your body wants more food then eat more. Just make sure that you are not eating because you are bored or stressed. I eat what I want to lose weight quickly. Unless you have a rare medical condition It is not you. It is your diet. If dieting does not work for you then try a different approach. Instead of torturing yourself and making it harder than it needs to be have fun and make it easier.

If weight loss is not fun then you are probably doing it wrong.

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Roze Eliza from Bangladesh on September 13, 2021:

Very Helpfull. Thaks

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on August 27, 2015:

Interesting. At one time, I was doing 4 exercise classes a week and was fairly fit but did not start losing weight until I cut out the carbs and increased protein and fat.

North Wind from The World (for now) on August 27, 2015:

Very interesting and well put. I think you have hit the nail on the head because good nutrition equals good health. I do see how exercise benefits. I suppose for some who are behind a desk all the time they might find it hard to designate time to exercise and so turn to a weight loss diet. The weight loss diets are the craze now as well as different gyms and aerobics but I actually think if you incoropate normal activities in your day such as walking, climbing stairs, and playing with pets etc. it could have a serious impact. I like the idea of having fun playing tennis or going on a naure walk much better than standing in a dance class with a bunch of strangers and doing choreographed moves designed to burn calories. A for energy drinks - I have never been very fond of them.

Sensible hub!

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