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How to Diet and Lose Weight Fast like Japanese Girl?

Why Japanese girls look slim, sexy, and lively? Yes mostly Japanese girls are slim and rather skinny. The secret is Japanese girl consume less fat that made them lose weight fast or maintain ideal body. Having ideal body weight is trend in Japan and around the world. How much money had been spending American women to lose weight quickly?

Beauty Japanese girl

Beauty Japanese girl

Overweight and obesity is national problem in modern countries like USA and Europe. USA is the highest percentage of obesity about 34 percent, but Japan is the lowest only 3 percent. Women life expectation is also higher in Japan about 85 years old. The key is they have diet tradition about how to lose weight with Japanese diet style.

Japanese Secret Diet

Japanese people love to eat, but they lose weight fast. So what is their diet secret? Japanese girl did not consume food with high calories like Sushi. Japanese people have strong culture to respect and prioritize fresh and organic food. Spices and flavor are not very important for them. Japanese people love to consume fresh fish, vegetable, and fruits. They are less to eat meat, sugar, coffee, cookies, and snack. Japanese food generally has two tastes: sweet and salty.

How to diet like Japanese girl? Secret answer is eat more fresh food especially fish, vegetable and fruits. Japanese girl loves diet with organic food that make them slim and healthy. In contrary, you should reduce your sugar calories, stop eat junk food and snack, and drink water (not coke or beer). Franchise Japan restaurant is not selling the real Japanese food, but the food had adjusted to foreigner taste. So be careful to consume it either.

Japanese house generally has small kitchen. American and European has bigger kitchen. Small kitchen made them did not bought many foods and more prefer to buy fresh food. American and European love to put much food in refrigerator: ice cream, soda, beer, meat, chicken, etc. That is why American is hardly lose weight.

Sushi Japanese Famous Dish

Sushi Japanese Famous Dish

Japanese girl eats moderately

Japanese girls have slim body because they eat for life. They are not eating as much as they could, but moderately full, so lose weight fast. Japanese girl did not greedy about food and sugar. Generally Japanese consume about 2700 calories, but American 3700 calories per days. Western pattern shown that food consumption tend to increase each years and causes high number of obesity.

Japanese Girl eat moderately

Japanese Girl eat moderately

Zen Philosophy

Zen teaching emphasizes the important value of consuming fresh organic food and cooking with happy heart. Zen did not allow eating with greedy or gluttonous. Eating delicious food should do in good manner as the way to learn its taste and beauty. Cooking is philosophy for Japanese people and tend to be vegetarian. If you want fastest to lose weight, the only is losing weight with vegetarian diet. Its also lower your risk of cancer breast and coronary artery disease.

Walk and Bicycle

Japanese people love to walk and ride bicycle. This is the secret why Japanese girl lose weight quickly. From train station, student and workers usually walking to school and working place. How to lose weight like Japanese girl? They have good natural exercise everyday: walking. It is cheap and save your fitness monthly fee. This culture has been inherited in daily life of Japanese people.

Have a nice diet and lose weight fast like Japanese girl.

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Richard Lindsay from California on April 19, 2016:

Good post, I usually eat more vegetables then meat in my diet.

myawn from Florida on February 08, 2012:

very nice explaining how to eat to lose weight what to eat I eat seafood ,fruit and veggies.

Lets Learn on July 14, 2011:

Hi Esrom Art

Cool! Hope people fighting to lose weight get the message.

Check my Hub - Lets Learn

lacewigseller888 on July 01, 2011:

interesting!eat low calories food moderately,walking i know,Japanese also like eating seafood.It is low calories than fast food and very healthy.just add this opinion as your reference,:)

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