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How to Cure a Sore Throat : Quick and Simple Home Remedies and Treatment


Natural ways to cure sore throat

There is no need to resort to pharmacological remedies for a sore throat, just a little patience and some advice from Mother Nature. The grandmothers gave their grandchildren a teaspoon of honey to dissolve in the mouth. In fact, honey is the best known remedy against respiratory diseases. First, it is a natural antibacterial agent, an antiseptic, expectorant and soothing cough.

Causes and Symptoms Of Sore Throat

Here you can read about the causes and symptoms of sore throat.

Sore Throat: Causes Symptoms and Useful Tips to Get Rid of It

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Homeopathy for sore throat

Homeopathic remedies are often effective in treating acute symptoms of strep throat the best known are the following:

•Belladonna: is the most common remedy for the treatment and cure of tonsillitis and strep throat in the early stages.

•Lachesis: When children have a sore throat worse on the left side of the throat, this is often used. The contemporary symptoms are constant tickling or a feeling of a fish bone in the throat or a throat sensitive to touch. Ie the person feels choking on wearing cloth around neck.

•Mercurius: is used as a remedy for sore throat caused by the cold and generates a feeling of suffocation on swallowing, with a lot of redness and swelling in the throat and a burning pain in addition to having a dry throat.

•Apis is used when the throat is inflamed and swollen tonsils are present, with dryness in the throat, burning and stinging.

•Arsenic: is the homeopathic remedy for sore throat with onset of nasal discharge and then into the throat. The pain is usually worse on the right side and may also exhibit general dryness of the throat.

•Phytolacca: is used when the sore throat accompanied by two types of pain during swallowing: stabbing pain in ears and pain at the base of the tongue when protruded

•Lycopodium: sore throat on both sides, which gives the feeling of having something in your mouth that locks and chokes.

•RhusTox: when you have a sore throat and makes it hard to swallow.

•Sulphur: This medicine is useful for children who suffer from Burning throat pain with dryness of the mucous membranes which gets better from drinking warm liquids

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Treatment for sore throat

A targeted therapy for sore throat depends primarily on the cause that generates a sore throat. The causes could be of different types such as excessive use of air conditioners or humidifiers that dry out too much air you breathe or even a temperature change..

Some simple treatments can be followed at home with some practical DIY home remedies such as:

•Try to avoid foods or drinks too hot, so as not to irritate the throat itself, instead opt for more fresh foods and drinks.

•Fruits and vegetables turn out to be a great remedy.

•Sucking candy keeps your throat hydrated.

•Best to avoid smoking and smoky environment.

•To reduce the swelling and pain its effective to gargle mouthwash with warm water and salt, to be carried out regularly

•Use a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the environment

•In case of pain, take acetaminophen or ibuprofen

•The honey is used for a long time as a remedy for sore throat : rich in antibacterial properties, which can increase healing, it also acts as a hyper-tonic osmotic, that brings out the water from inflamed tissues, thus reducing the swelling and discomfort . Add several teaspoons of honey to a cup of hot water or tea to benefit from its effects.

•Drinking a hot lemonade can act in a manner similar to that of honey. By combining the juice of half a lemon to a glass of warm water will be able to relieve the pain. Vitamin C is another partner you can trust in the fight against sore throat . Taking vitamin C three times a day helps your immune system and also reduce the inflammation.

•As for herbs marshmallow root (Althea officinalis) is definitely a healthy option because it contains mucilage which is able to relieve the pain caused by sore throat. What you need to do is add two teaspoons of the dried herb in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes and drink the solution 3-5 times a day.

•Another important herb for sore throat is echinacea, which contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that allow you to speed up healing.

•Finally, zinc and magnesium also turn out to be particularly effective against sore throat. With about 13 milligrams of zinc every two hours one can get rid of sore throat much more rapidly than normal.

•Use a mouthwash

•Gargle using solution of salt and water with the ratio of 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 glass of water

•A glass of cola to be used only to gargle, because the caffeine in cola helps disinfect the throat.

Your own syrup!

A very popular home remedy for sore throat is definitely drinking a nice warm cup of milk and honey, excellent natural disinfectant.

Make your own Syrups for sore throat

•1 tablespoon honey
•1 tablespoon lemon juice

Mix the two ingredients well and there you have your syrup for sore throat

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What to do and not to do with a sore throat.

Do not smoke or use other tobacco products and avoid passive smoke. Avoid alcohol is a must. Take tablets or syrup which helps to soothe the redness precisely due to the sore throat,and they help to keep your throat hydrated,. After a few days if there is no improvement for your sore throat it is wise to do a medical examination.


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