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How to Cure Penile Thrush? – Home Remedies

Penile thrush is a common disease among the male population, it is caused by the overgrowth of Candida Albicans (the yeast fungus). Candida Albicans is a micro-organism that grows naturally in most people. Generally, the growth of Candida doesn’t cause any diseases because there are plenty of good bacteria in the human body, these good bacteria help control the growth of Candida albicans. A healthy person has a balance between the yeast and the good bacteria in their bodies, once there is an imbalance between the yeast and the good bacteria, the Candida albicans begin to over grow in the body, a yeast infection occurs. When yeast infection happens near the male genital area, it results in penile thrush.

Yeast infections are common in people who have diabetes, because of their high blood glucose, these people are particularly vulnerable to yeast infections. Yeast often grows in warm and moist places, such as the armpit, the wrinkles of inguinal skin, below the breasts, or in mucous membranes of the mouth, rectum, vagina or penis. Yeast infection can make people very uncomfortable.

The symptoms of yeast infection vary in different places. Yeast infection is called oral thrush if it happens in the mouth. The patients’ tongue and cheek may be covered with a thick layer of white cheese-like substance. The yeast infection is usually red and moist near the mouth.

If the Candida grows in the breast, groin, or perianal skin folds, you will find a bright red spot surrounded by small dots. These small dots often have yellow pustules in the center. Penile thrush or yeast infection is common in diabetic men. If you have a penile yeast infection, you will find a white cheese-like secretion. Skin around infected area is very itchy and has a burning sensation when urinating.

If your yeast infection is recurrent, which is often the case for those with diabetes; the doctor will propose a prevention plan. The plan includes using some anti-fungal powder on the skin, and applying anti-fungal ointment on infected area prevents repeated infection.

People are more susceptible to yeast infection when they are taking antibiotics, especially when they are frequently taking antibiotics for a long time. This is because antibiotics can kill good bacteria in the body too, thereby disrupting the natural microbial ecosystem in the body, causing the local flora.

Treatment of Penile Thrush

In order to cure penile thrush, the most important thing is to keep penile skin dry and clean (because yeast tend to grow in warm, humid environment), so that there is a balance of bacteria and yeast in your body. It is suggested that you should follow these recommendations below, although there is no definite proof that these method can cure penile thrush, but they are quite simple and easy to follow, worth a try:

Wear cotton underwear instead of pantyhose and tight pants, do not wear clothes made of synthetic fibers.

After swimming, please take off the wet bathing suit immediately. If you are sweating a lot after exercise, change your underwear.

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Do not wear underwear while sleeping, so that air can contact your penile skin. If you're uncomfortable to sleep naked, then do not wear pants of your pajamas to allow air to enter easily. Do not take bubble baths, do not use soap, scented laundry detergent and genital cleansing products. Although we are not aware whether these things can cause yeast infections, but they will stimulate the genital skin and make you uncomfortable, so it is best to avoid using them.

Use warm water to gently wash your infected area.

Eat yogurt containing live Lactobacillus. There are different opinions about whether the yogurt can prevent yeast infection, but some people believe it is the right approach. After all, yogurt can also provide high-quality protein and calcium too.

The very important thing to resist any kind of yeast infection is to control your blood sugar level. You should also try to reduce stress and get enough rest, and keep the infected area clean and dry.

You should see a doctor, ask him to prescribe some anti-fungal drugs to kill the yeast. To treat yeast infection in body skin, it is important to keep these parts of the skin clean and dry to prevent bacterial infection.

Penile thrush or yeast infection can be treated with prescription or OTC anti-fungal cream. If your infection is difficult to remove, you may need antifungal oral medicine.

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natural on March 25, 2015:

You can make a paste out of 2 heads of garlic. Use half in a leafy meal or salad, and apply the other half directly to the area. It will burn like crazy but it helps a lot. Then you will run to the shower to wash it off ;)

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