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How to Correct Your Posture at Your Desk

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It's amazing as people sit at desks for 8+ hours a day that don't notice how they are sitting until it's brought to their attention. Imagine days, weeks, and months of 8+ hours a day of not noticing posture. Are you slouching? Are you hunching your shoulders? Are you sitting there tensely?

All of this not noticing or ignoring how you're sitting could take quite a toll on your body and the aches and pains that seem to come on a regular basis. Do you have back pain because of the stress and tension on the vertebrae and discs making up the spine? Do you have tension headaches because of the strain on your neck?

If so, these could be caused by how you're sitting at your desk. Other health issues that could be caused by bad posture are fatigue, circulation and breathing not at optimum performance, lack of balance, and risk of injury because bad posture puts a strain on muscles, joints, and ligaments.

Correct Desk Posture


How To Solve This Problem

How do you call attention to your posture and how it needs to be corrected during the course of the day? Setting an alarm every hour will make you more aware to correct your posture.

Not only does the alarm call attention to correct your sitting posture, but you can take a break to move around or do some stretching as well. There are some sitting and standing stretches you can do at work to alleviate tension and achiness.

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Standing Stretches At Work

If you can stand and stretch, the Standing Cat-Cow stretch, sometimes called the Cat-Dog, would be a help. This makes you aware of your spine and activates different back muscles. Round your shoulders and back with the chest and stomach in like a cat arching its back, then concave your back with the chest and stomach out.

Another good standing stretch is the Shoulder Blade Squeeze stretch. Simply pull your shoulders back as if trying to get your shoulder blades to touch.

Cat-Cow Stretch


Shoulder Blade Squeeze


Sitting Stretches At Work

When the hourly alarm goes off and it's not possible for you to get up and move around or do standing stretches, there are sitting stretches that will be beneficial.

  • Upper Shoulder And Neck stretches that you do by sitting on one hand while tilting your head in the opposite direction.
  • Neck Rotations that are done just by turning your head side to side
  • Sitting Back Extensions or Back Arch are sort of like the Cow position but sitting
  • Shoulder Shrugs which is just shrugging your shoulders up and down
  • Posterior Shoulder Stretch which is crossing your arm in front of your body and pressing in on the elbow.

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