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How to Choose a Workout Program to Build Muscle

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If you're looking for a workout program to build muscle, it's important to use compound exercises that recruit a greater number of muscle fibers and trigger more growth hormones, testosterone, and insulin-like growth factor. Most experts recommend four to eight reps of major lifts but remember to never train to failure or lift too heavy.


A HIIT workout program to build muscle is a great way to burn calories and increase muscle mass. The principle of this training is to perform high-intensity intervals of work followed by short rest periods. There are five main variables to consider when choosing a HIIT workout program. The work period and rest period are two of the most important. A longer work period can build more endurance, while a shorter one can improve speed and power.

A HIIT workout program for muscle building should include a variety of exercises to work multiple muscle groups. Ideally, your workout should be conducted at 70-85% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). The MHR is the amount of oxygen that your body needs to sustain an oxygenated blood stream.

Circuit training

Circuit training is a workout program that involves doing a series of exercises in a certain order. A typical circuit includes eight to 10 different exercises. The exercises can be performed with a set number of reps or for specific lengths of time. Depending on the length of the workout, you can complete the circuit once, twice, or three times.

Circuit training is an excellent way to build muscle while simultaneously building endurance. It also enables significant strength gains because it targets several energy systems. Because you are working out back-to-back on several exercises, your nervous system, muscles, and aerobic systems are constantly under stress.

Negative sets

When working out, consider doing negative sets as part of your workout program. These are exercises that use your supporting muscles to perform excess work. This will help you get the strongest lift possible and make the most progress. When working out on a bench press, for example, you could do slow negatives on the last 3 reps.

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Negative sets are similar to regular sets except they involve a large shift in focus. Negative sets are particularly beneficial if you are struggling to increase weights or fatigued after completing one or two sets.

Full-body workouts

Choosing the right full-body workout routine is a great way to maximize your muscle-building potential. Unlike isolation exercises, which can only target a few muscle groups, full-body workouts target all major muscle groups and promote cardiovascular health. A full-body workout involves a wide variety of exercises and typically incorporates compound strength exercises. Compound exercises increase your heart rate and pump more blood, which results in increased muscle oxygenation.

Full-body workouts are flexible and allow you to customize them according to your schedule. For instance, you can alternate days of your training, but be sure to leave enough time between workouts. For example, you can alternate Monday-Wednesday, Tuesday-Thursday, Wednesday-Friday, and so on. There are also countless other variations you can try.


If you want to build muscle and strength, an EMOM workout program may be right for you. This workout combines intervals of high-intensity workouts with a short rest period in between sets. It helps build endurance and strength, while allowing you to increase the amount of weight you can lift and the number of reps you can perform in a given amount of time. You can incorporate EMOMs into your regular workout routine to achieve almost any goal.

This workout requires a lot of cardiovascular fitness. A sedentary person might not be able to handle the intense workouts. Also, people with heart conditions should avoid these workouts. They may also cause fatigue. For this reason, people should be sure to consult a doctor before beginning an EMOM workout program.

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