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How Electricity Is Making the Human Race Lazier, Weaker and Unhealthy

Why our reliance and abuse of modern technology and convenience is doing us more harm than good?

Modern convenience, of course, all began with electricity, which has finally become detrimental to our quality of life. We are now so overly reliant on electricity and modern conveniences that we are hostages—lazier, less healthy, I and far more impatient than seems reasonable in a world where modern convenience [electricity] has been touted as ‘time-saving’ and ‘more productive’ and ‘create free time we did not have in the past’. This began with electricity, and the history of electricity as technology begins where it has had the greatest negative impact: America.

Our overreliance on modern convenience has increasingly become our biggest enemy—we are lazy, weak, unhealthy, unwell, and in some cases, obese.

A Bit of History about Electricity

The term ‘electricity’ was coined in 1600 by William Gilbert in describing static electricity.

The term ‘electricity’ was coined in 1600 by William Gilbert in describing static electricity.

From Industrial Equipment Video Calls, Modern Conveniences Vave Made Our Lives Easier Has Made Us Lazy

Evolution of Our Most Beloved Technology

In the beginning, only businesses had technology. Then some genius discovered the housewife. So we have evolved from electricity as a novel idea to everyday reality. Beginning with lightbulbs and telephones, conveniences began in large cities, then wound its way out to suburbs and rural areas. It might be surprising to know that as late as the 1960s, many people in the U.S. still lived without electricity, meaning they lived with no telephone, TV, indoor plumbing, hot water, central heating, or anything else we think of as modern conveniences. As of 2010, there were still 1.2 billion people across the globe living without electricity. One can imagine that they are probably the most physically fit humans on the planet.

One need only understand the evolution of our modern conveniences to know what we lost when we adopted them. Indoor Stoves, Washboards, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwave Ovens. I’m sure you have some thoughts about this since women used to beat their clothes on river rocks, grind their own grain, and drag all the carpets and bedding out of the house beat the dirt out of them.


We all have at least one car. This is new. Before cars, we walked. All of us in the country knew we had to walk at least a mile to reach a convenience store, a doctor, school, and our friends’ houses. If we needed to go farther, we had bicycles. During petrol shortages, people walked. Some people had horses, but most people did not need for a horse because they walked or cycled everywhere.

"In doing nothing, men learn to do evil." Quote by Roman soldier, senator, and historian Marcus Porciu.

Lifts / Escalators


Since the world's first lift installed in 1885 by the USA inventor Jesse W Reno as a temporary amusement ride at the Old Iron Pier, Coney Island, New York, USA, escalators have killed and injured tens of thousand of people each year worldwide, although there is no reliable and up to date statistics in the actual numbers.

Lifts are perfect for the disabled, but 99.9% of people that use them are not disabled and would be far healthier if they walked instead - with the obvious exception of skyscrapers and any building with more than 100 stairs, then lifts ought to be used — and, using the stairs is safer and environmentally friendlier than using lifts and escalators.

Did you know!? Mexico, Russia, and other countries offered free travel in exchange for performing many squats or exercises to tackle the obesity epidemic.

Video: Why You Should Be Physically Active

From Manual (mechanical) to Electric (lazy)

Gimmicks and sales tactics are designed to make things look cool, and supposedly, make life easier, but it comes at a price. And the price is putting an unnecessary strain on the NHS with obesity and other health-related problems.

For example, humans have always been, and are designed to be able to walk and run. However, manual scooters were invented as a fun thing to do, similar to skateboarding, until someone thought of making them electric. Even young children who are supposed to be physically developing are skating around on tiny scooters, although not electric...yet, Most children don't use them, instead their parents are pulling them along!

If humans enjoy travelling around without effort, why don't they just buy a wheelchair, then at least they'll be able to sit down! But no, that won't look cool unless celebrities start using them first!

Electricity can be just as dangerous when placed inside components. Hundreds of hoverboards have either caught fire and/or exploded! Even the humble wheel has been reinvented as a self-balancing one-wheel electric scooter (unicycle)

And hundreds of electronic vaporisers (which are supposed to be healthier and safer than smoking) have caught fire and exploded, some inside people's pockets.

Electricity in its natural form can be so beautiful, useful, but oh-so deadly


Humans have become so lazy, they're not satisfied with adding wheels to suitcases to make them easier to travel with, now you don't have to even carry or wheel them because manufactures have made 'robotic smart suitcases' which are equipped with Bluetooth technology with a sensor inside the case which can travel automatically alongside its user.

Not only that, inventors have now designed a suitcase you don't have to carry, or wheel along because it automatically follows you. If that was not enough, technology has advanced (unnecessarily) even further, because, you can now 'sit' on your suitcase because it doubles up as an electric go-cart! How lazy do you have to be? Or is it a case (pun intended) of having 'more money than sense'? (video below)

"All we need now is someone to create an electric Yo-Yo which will require no need to flick the wrist!"

"Humans are suffering from a new disease called can't-be-bothered-itus!"

Since smart-home devices such as Amazons Alexa, and Googles home hub, humans don't even need to lift a finger or even bother to press a button to do things or press buttons on their calculator.

"Hey Google, remind me to remind Jack to remember to vacuum the home which the robotic vacuum cleaner failed to pick-up!". "Alexa, what's 9 x 8?

Humans don't need to look-up and study street maps with the invention of Sat-Navs. Scientists at University College London confirmed that Taxi drivers brains had a larger hippocampus from learning their way around the city (the knowledge)

"There are people, who the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves." Quote by English novelist, Jane Austen.


From Manual (Mechanical) Lifestyles to Electric-Loving (Lazy) Gluttons

We are now so adept at using our technology to accomplish three times as much as we did even 15 years ago, we have to schedule physical activity into our days.

Our Future:

If things can be done without electricity and as naturally and organic as possible, the health of the environment and the people would be in a much better place. At what point will we stop requiring everyone or every invention to do everything for us? Will we stop before we have handed over full control of our lives to our robots? Let’s hope not.

We can do this. We have to do something for ourselves, or we really are going to die. The same technologies that have increased life span by decades over only 60 years ago have finally begun to reduce the life span, forcing us to rely on more medications, more medical treatments, more surgeries simply to have a quality of life.


Final Thoughts

We can do this. We have to do something - for the environment and ourselves, or we really are going to die.

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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on May 02, 2020:

I like using stairs but I also like elevators. I just think an old Otis is cool.

I use a washing and drying machines but sometimes hang the clothes to dry.

I disdain weed "whackers" and Roundup stuff. Those blowers instead of sweeping make me crazy.

It will be a cold day in hell before a machine cleans my house. I do use a vacuum though. I hand wash all the dishes - maybe a waste of water?

I do use electronics for stuff.

Hmm. Maybe my life is such that I make time to do things I could do faster.

Great article. It causes reflection. I did see an electric bike that requires you to pedal or it stops. And you made me think about my trekking poles. Too much of an assist when hiking?