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How the Fitness Gurus Manipulate You.

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In forever, companies have tried to sell products and diets, for weight loss or weight gain, to women who were concerned about their bodies and women who wanted to fit the 'supermodel' idea of her era. For the women who were confident in their bodies, they made up advertisements to convince them otherwise. These last 3 years the companies have gone crazy. Every two months a new diet comes up, the other month is a new regimen, then a new detox, then a new workout, then this, then that, and it is all money and more money spend in vain.


I am not saying the articles are not worth it, because you can find new workouts or new ideas for old workouts, but they are not worth it if you take those words for granted: "If you do these exact workouts, you will get this exact body".

They are designed to keep you constantly change your workout and diet regime, so nothing works, and therefore, you will be manipulated to try and spend money on "fast solutions" that promise weight loss, muscle mass, etc.

You won't! Because every body is different from inside-out and the other way round. So do not focus on those workouts alone, do a mix of workouts. Do different things, try new things once in a while, maybe a brand new discipline.

It is all about knowing your body. Experiment and find what fits you best, what makes you feel better, stronger, healthier, sexier, because that is exactly the workout you need. Otherwise you will hit a plateau which will make things more difficult and doubtful. Exercise to your own strength, goals and needs. Enjoy the process in the mean time.

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One of these is the "Raw Vegan Diet", a diet followed by Beyonce when she wants to lose a fair amount of weight, and other stars too. Even Dr.Lancer, Beyonce's dear dermatologist advices to follow the Vegan Diet. Does it really work though?

I have tried this diet for two weeks. Two whole weeks no diary products coming from animals, no meat, no fish, just raw vegetables and fruits. I felt lighter and my stomach kind of got smaller, but I did not lose weight and on top of that my skin lost its elasticity.

Why? Because your body needs Protein. Protein you get from eating diary products and meat. Without protein your muscles become weak, your skin loses its elasticity, and you lose your overall strength. You do not lose weight either, because protein its the one that builds muscles, and muscles burn more calories than fat. Protein also takes more time to break down and be used as energy, so while trying to break it down, your body uses more calories in the process. That is why a Vegan Diet does not work, instead it will only have a bad impact on your skin, muscles, weight, and all other organs health. Do not fall for this diet. You can follow it for a couple of days, or even more days per week, but you should consume fish, diary and meat as well, at least 2 times per week.


You can pair oats with fruits and peanut butter if you have 10 minutes in the morning. If you have only a couple of minutes you can pour oats in yogurt and enjoy. I do both ways, depending on how I am feeling that day, or what I would enjoy eating most. There are times when I am about to do a smoothie and I think: why not put oats into it too? I blend it all together then. I like it because a smoothie is liquid-y and even though it gives you enough calories for breakfast, yet our bodies absorb the food easier and faster; when you add oats, the liquid becomes a little thicker and the hunger gets postponed for longer. Either way oats are tasty and fulfilling and healthy.

Oats benefits:

  • Oats are naturally processed.
  • Oats are high in soluble fibre.
  • It controls blood sugar.
  • Oats have more antioxidants than broccoli.
  • It reduces bad cholesterol.
  • It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Oats may reduce asthma risk in children.
  • It is believed oats prevent cancer.
  • Oats have high protein content, if you compare it to other grains.

If you do not know what to have for breakfast, when you are getting fit, changing your lifestyle, or it is just an ordinary day, a full bowl of nutrients is your best bet, either for breakfast or dinner.

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