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How Regular Orgasms Can Affect Women's Health


The Big O!

Elusive yet attainable...well for most people who are willing to work for it!

Women are often that part of the population, across cultures, who are conditioned to curb their sexual desires and not really have ambitions about achieving orgasms regularly. While media and journalism has been dedicating a lot of thought and space to this particular avenue, especially from a woman’s perspective, it still seems like a distant dream for millions of women.

Even women who are happily married or are in steady sexual relationships have had difficulty achieving regular orgasms through sex. And female masturbation is still frowned upon, mostly by women! But when we are willing to spend hours in the gym and subject ourselves to horrendous diets, just to become healthy; why orgasms are forgotten for maintaining overall health, is beyond me!

It’s probable that many women are not even aware of the health benefits of orgasm, to take it seriously. So here are some genuine and substantial health benefits of orgasm for women, after reading which, I hope that many will begin taking their orgasm seriously and work towards achieving it regularly.

Orgasms help in reducing stress!

Reaching orgasm requires effort and focus. It can not be the by-product of mindless and joyless sexual activity. Therefore, those of us who make it our duty and purpose to achieve orgasm on a regular basis, whether by joint effort with our partner or by self service, also land up taking our mind off of other things and focusing mainly on the ultimate pleasurable sensation.

Research has proven that orgasm leads to release of endorphins in the human body. This happiness hormone is a natural way of reducing stress and anxiety. So, it's not just the process of achieving orgasm that helps manage stress for the most high strung of us, but the final outcome as well that is a natural stress reliever.

Can dramatically improve your mood

If you are not someone who suffers from stress and don’t see much value in putting all that effort and energy towards a mere orgasm, know that it is a great mood uplifter too. The same endorphins are a great way of alleviating depressive feelings and can leave you feeling happy and satisfied with life.

Thus, if you have been feeling moody and cranky, or things are just not feeling right in your life due to any number of inane reasons, then trying to achieve an orgasm can set things straight for you.

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Helps you sleep better

Orgasms can also lead to release of prostaglandins in your body and for some of us that may mean that we can feel incredibly relaxed or drained.

While some people can feel rejuvenated and energized after an orgasm, very much like after a physical work out; others can feel completely relaxed and ready to take a nap. For women suffering from insomnia or similar situations of sleeplessness, having an orgasm before bed-time can prove to be tons better than popping a sleeping pill!

And they are addictive in the most positive and healthy way too...

Great for your skin, nails and hair

Imagine having great sleep on a regular basis, letting go of your anxiety and staying in a positive and happy mood forever. Why wouldn’t your skin, nails and hair be healthy? For women, sexual and psychological wellness can do wonders for overall physical health and attractiveness.

The combination of chemicals produced by your reproductive system, every time you climax can do wonders for your skin complexion and hair luster. Even more so than the organic shampoo you may be using or super healthy diet you may be consuming.

Perfect mini-workout for your pelvic floor

As if all the aforementioned benefits were not enough, the effort of achieving orgasms can also help you get some workout for your pelvic floor. Scientists have conceded, after much research, that majority of women who achieve orgams(s), do so by clitoral stimulation. In order to achieve said stimulation and the happy result of an orgasm, you have to put in the work.

It may mean vigorous and masterful masturbation for some or intercourse with the right partner in the right positions (right means preferred here). In all cases, the muscles in the pelvic floor get activated and receive a decent workout.

The fact that women can achieve multiple orgasms goes to indicate that nature is also aware of the acute emotional and psychological need that women have of this delight. Why should women therefore refrain from achieving what is rightfully theirs?!

Forget the taboo and forget the mess that may be created in the process. Get on the wagon and get off today!

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