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How Does Bullying Lead to Mental Illness?


Bullying is not a new thing in the world, and neither is it for the people. All this has been going on for centuries. The mighty oppress the weak and rule over them. Like, nowadays, wherever you look, it is happening the same. And where do you think such thinking came from? It is possible that such thinking has come from our own homes. Because since childhood it was not like the same. It means someone must have taught it like this, and our thinking must have been made like this. And we should be known in which way Bullying ruins the mind.

What are the issues with bullying?

Whoever is bullied, at first gets frightened, as the bullying continues, gradually his mental balance starts deteriorating. And later, the victim doesn't consider worthy in any situation. Because, to the bully, it is fun. And later on, it becomes a habit too. In such a situation, with whom it is happening, he breaks up in every way. The symptoms are,

  • Panic attacks.
  • Bad dreams.
  • Less sleep.
  • Unwanted sweating.
  • Feeling hopeless.
  • Irritation.
  • Unexcepted crying.
  • stammering.

How to Rescue from Bullying?

If possible, tell your Guardian, otherwise, to the police. or else avoid such people. It's no use fighting with these Because, as mentioned earlier. The mighty suppress the weak. And it might go on like this. Or we can change it, only, when people want to, Everyone knows that bullying can not be changed in one day, it will take to end this. till then patience is the way.

Spread Awareness

If bullying happens with someone, raise your voice, not keep yourself quiet. By doing this, the bully will get scared. And people who suffered will get the courage to fight them. The more people will raise their voices, the more security for people who suffered. Like this, we can spread awareness. and able to create a world, where only equality lives.

What are the ways people have been trapped by bullying?

In a physical way, can be intimidating, can be intimidated by phone and through the internet. The purpose of bulling people is to harass the people. And nowadays, bullying is happening even for money. Whether it is a bank recovery agent or a salesman. everywhere is happening, and that is why people are suffering from mental illness. Today's generation spends all their time on the internet. and guess what, bullies are there too. for what motive, they do on us.

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How can you bring changes?

As mentioned earlier that in a day nothing can be changed so quickly, it will take time. only you can bring change, to teach children that bullying is wrong, and it creates chaos for people. a small change may create a big effect on this movement. To start a step, home is a better place, afterward schools and later have some conversations with children to revive what you taught them. Day-to-day teaching and discussions with children will improve their ideology so that you may predict changes.


  • If any bullying happens try to be calm first and talk with elders about this.
  • Do not react to this situation quickly, so that bullies will not hurt physically.
  • Do not give so much importance to this and think that all of this is passing clouds.
  • If you feel embarrassed and disturbed totally, quickly go for complaints to a higher authority or anti-bullying cell with the help of any elders.
  • If you're suffering from mental illness with symptoms such, Panic attacks, Less sleeping, unseasonal sweating, and Headaches. Kindly consult with doctors.
  • If you're afraid of being bullied will bring panic attacks so better not to put negative thoughts n you.


If you ever tried bullying, better stop it or if you're facing or faced, spread awareness and stop it. Raise your voice against it. Do not put yourself depressed, there is the law that protects you, and there are people who will stand for you and help to overcome it. If anyone planning anything wrong because of bullying. Let me tell you that, all the bad moments are just passing clouds, they will not stay for long. Bullying is created by us and we have to end it with the correct education for the next generations. This blog is to help people, who were and are suffering from bullying. Help everyone to spread awareness.

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